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  1. Well, I hope the next backtory adventure will feature a character not in the game currently, like Damiel (alchemist), or Seltyiel (magus). From the current roster I would choose Amiri, Lini or Ezren.
  2. Hi, Sorry for the late answer. PFID : 33DE9FEEA51A0075 I tried both the PC and the Android version. I encountered several cards during Fighter's Tale gameplay (for example Master of Arms) which I can't find anywhere in collection.
  3. Hi, I encountered a few problems with the DLC : - New cards doesn't show up in collection. I only know about their existence, because I encountered them during gameplay. - scenairos don't give the loot reward from their reward tab (on normal difficulty). On the other hand, they are available for any new Valeros. (even those, which scenairos are didn't completed) Also, I ask for some clarifications : - Could I encounter the new non-ownered cards outside of the Fighter's Tale scenairos ? - Should I receive the Loot cards as scenairo rewards, or is it working as designed ? Thank you.
  4. Valeros can choose the owner-ed cards from the expansion if you start a new Valeros. Even if you didn't finished the scenairos. But you don't get the cards when you finish the scenairo as reward in my experience.... strange.
  5. And that's the crux of the story. I would *never* have spent money on the mobile version if I wasn't assured that I'd be able to use that on the PC version as well. Which, technically, I am, because I'd pay *again* for it. So F that. The mobile version was nothing more than a way to see what it looked like, and a short hold over that turned into a year hold over. And after they've said that the content will only have to be bought once, they screw us over. Actually, this is my position too. But, for me the Ambrassador Orgram deal is : for $18 I will get the Obsidian Edition, which include many character alts I don't unlocked yet, treasure cards, goblin themed things, some consumables, promos and 5000 gold. It's OK I guess, but still, this whole thing leaves a bad taste for me.
  6. Hi, I just read the AMA, and huh. With all respect, why it is surprising that players want multiplayer supported for a cooperative boardgame? You would think that it is a basic need, especially when many boardgames on Steam already support it. I have a few questions : 1. - Do you play any cross promotion/thematic bundles with the other upcoming digital Pathfinder projects ? (PF Kingmaker CRPG and the PF Duels CCG) It would be nice to see the Kingmaker campaign's companions as allies or characters, (but I guess the later is too much to ask) for example. 2. - When we will see the first part of Rise of the Goblins in the game? Is it weeks, months, next year? 3. - Are there any other currently unrevealed content updates planned for the near future? 4. - Is there any plans to ever bring back quest mode, or do something similar ?
  7. This. Pathfinder definitely needs multiplayer to have a bright future. (or a future at all) It's supposed to be a cooperative boardgame after all.
  8. So, if I bought the full game on mobile I have to buy it again on Steam/GoG ? That is not how it was originally marketed. I think for now I'll wait for more details, but now I feel very disappointed. I'm definitely not willing to shell out another $25+ for the game.
  9. So... let me get it straight : There is no playable content on the horizon - except new characters, but playing Poison Pill the 100th time don't interest me - AND quest mode will be removed most likely permanently. Wow. I almost purchased one of the Valentine Day specials (the bigger Valeros bundle), but I don't want to support decreasing content. At least I can keep the money.
  10. I also want quest mode to stay with us, but it could definitely use some improvement.
  11. I don't agree, as if you want to buy chests, you already have options for that. And I don't buy chests with money, as that's the only thing I can spend my gold on anyway. If bundles wouldn't have oversized chest component to increase the price and there would be at least a partial return for already purchased items I would have purchased both this and possibly several earlier bundles. Yes, then it would be small amounts of money/bundle, but this way I purchased exactly nothing.
  12. For me, it would be great if bundles like this would include some kind of discount, compensation or something extra for those who already have the "you can't have multiples" part of the content, like characters. In this case some gold or additinal chests to replace a "2nd" Amiri would suffice.
  13. I completely agree with Borissimo on every point, I just want to add why I think Mummy's Mask should be the next set : - Skulls & Shackles had some innovations, but the ship mechanic was very hit/miss based on who you ask. I personally hated it, as it was very abstract and not very fun. Also, ships would need unique mechanics implemented into the game, which are only usefull for S&S - Wrath has many negative responses, thanks to it's sometimes very random difficulty spikes, up to unwinnable scenairos due to luck. As a personal note, I also think the heroes vs. demons theme was done to death in games. Because Wrath characters are different in power level (better boons, mythic charges etc) than n other sets, they would interact badly with some of the phone release functions, like moving characters between parties. (if it will be enabled between sets mid-campaign). - and now we have Mummy's Mask. It's the best received set since RotR, and introduces mechanics which could benefit other parts of the Pathfinder App, like curses, triggers and traders could really spice up quest mode. Traders could make finding treasure cards easier, and triggers give exploration powers a well deserved risk aspect. Also, interest for MM currently is high with people playing the physical game.
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