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  1. Not to go full Dad on this, but I'm not angry, just disappointed. I paid my 25$ on day one of the mobile release, and regardless of what promises were made, I felt like early, full support mattered. I also readily acknowledge that purchasing software on one platform doesn't mean I automatically get access to future platforms. I just don't get... everything. What was the potential of this app? - Easy access to playing this game with friends online - not delivered, may never be - Access to a huge library of scenarios. Even without the 3 base sets beyond RotR there is a library of scenarios for organized play, many of which work with RotR (at least another Aventure Path). Maybe we'll get this? - Class Decks, an additional 40-50 characters maybe? Huge variation. - An infinitely replayable quest mode. Because right now I have no need to replay RotR. I have played it in dead tree and iOS version perhaps 6 times in total. What we got, and didn't get - multiplayer went nowhere, from coming soon to "do you really think it's reasonable to expect that?" - Quest mode died. A huge content block was taken away - 5 goblin scenarios. Not to throw shade on that but it's a poor replacement for quest mode and not a substitute for an adventure path - Many many new cards, some of which were novel, others of which were merely ok. That was nice - Character variants that were very very similar. Let's be clear; in a world where the class decks exist, this is a huge disappointment - Dice. I don't even know where to start. In lieu of content we got dice, many of which were priced in excess of what a set of actual dice from say, Chessex, cost. 30$ for the epic dice. 40$ for the leg. For graphical. Skins. Only. Maybe (surely) I don't understand coding and development. Maybe (surely) I don't understand app monetization. But I do understand value. And I can compare the value for this app to other apps. I can compare what this app offers to what the physical game offers. And I can decide whether my money is better spent on Gloomhaven or Mechs vs Minions or Wonder Woman or Dark Souls 3 or Exit or the Mysterium app or the Potion Explosion app or or or or. And I just can't see why I would buy the game on Steam again, ambassador program or not. So I'm not mad. I'm disappointed. And in large part because I don't understand, looking at where PACG has gone in the physical game, how much content exists in organized play, what other board game apps offer, and what my money could be spent on, I don't understand how Obsidian can be happy with the app and the steam release in its present state.
  2. This is kind of a critical moment... or it feels like it to me. I love the game, and I can see all 4 dead tree PACG sets on my shelves. There is still a limited number of times I'm going to visit this forum in the hopes to see a game I love continuing to reach its full potential. Each time I make the effort to check up and see no meaningful contact from the devs, it makes me wonder why bother? This is a long period of silence and what's especially worrisome to me is that it came right after an announcement for some specifically planned changes. Tonight, I can play some Gloomhaven at my table or some Terra Mystica on my phone. I really do love PACG but I am not particularly inspired to replay the story at this time, I have been told quest mode is just waiting for the executioner to drop his axe, and I can't use the app to play with my friends. I hope the communication picks back up, it's hard not to worry that this is the slow slide into abandonware.
  3. I can't say that I disagree with you about the likelihood of multiplayer but then the devs can't know what their community hopes for unless we communicate with them. I'm not sure multiplayer is so impossible. If you were working on something async, you could create a function where you could highlight cards that other players could elect to play. If you are open to them using a blessing of the Gods out of your hand, you indicate that card can be used at their discretion. I can see where it's not ideal if everyone must complete an encounter... But so what. I have a friend the next state over that would like to play a Pathfinder game with me. To be successful in that case, the multiplayer really needs to be faster than no game at all, which seems doable.
  4. I realize these forums have been a bit dormant as of late. I'm wondering if there is any reason to expect that online play will be coming, and if so in what time frame? This is a major feature lacking in the game and the ability to run through this online with friends would really be a reason to bring this back into a regular play rotation. I hope to see this. I understand why monetization is an important component to the success of the game, but you'd do a lot to promote that same long term health of the game if I could simply play with friends and fellow gamers and have a community of players exist.
  5. I completed 6-1 last night and got the power feat as usual, but I also got a card feat. Just one and I was able to work through it. I see that there is a similar thread about card feats in quest mode. I hope I didn't err but felt this was different enough being a single erroneous card feat in story mode to warrant its own thread.
  6. Since acquiring the iPhone 7, I do not seem to be able to log in to play online. All my parties and such have migrated but I can not get the daily challenges to appear, and clicking on "login" anytime I am prompted has no effect. Naturally I have iOS 10.
  7. This is happening when Lini has major cure and casts it, during Lem's turn, the spell being cast on either Lini or Lem. After the spell is fully resolved it is now Linis turn, not Lem's
  8. I did get Black Magga as the villain in quest mode, with Nightbelly Boas as henchmen. Defeating Black Magga with nowhere for it to escape did not end the scenario. I was able to win by closing every location by going through cards (was very close). BM is still a villain though, so if he is defeated and can't escape that should be it. Also why are we getting such a lack of diversity in quest mode locations (level 37 at the moment.)? Is that possibly working as intended?
  9. Unless I am missing something, beating Iesha Foxglove does not give one the option to then search another location for The Skinsaw Man.
  10. Your arm-chairing is adorable! Such a pessimistic cloud hangs over you, and not even an objective one. Just a blanket of alienation and assumptions that paint you in a pretty ugly, yet oddly cute, light. You may want to see a doctor if you're actually hurt by the fluidity of release dates or the existence of bugs in the programs you use, that sounds like an interesting new disorder and it might need to be studied clinically for future generations! I'll never understand the position of gamers who suppose to understand the inner workings of development and universally apply it. Especially when those suppositions always revolve around deception and incompetence, something that apparently exists within every single development process! It couldn't just be an symptom of programming, no! It's the evil of the creators, withholding from the users and doing everything in their power to inconvenience the innocent little gamer underclass. All they want is content, but all they'll ever be is victim to tyranny! The vanity is staggering, and really depressing. I understand your point about armchairing and doomsaying, but in counter, there is always the threat of vaporware. The chances of this happening are vanishingly small, it's a relatively high profile project as far as iOS board games go, people are getting hands on with a beta build, etc. By the same token, repeated delays add up and hurt confidence. When I read the news regarding the March delay, I took it in stride. If we get to April 21st and get another delay, that's going to cause a pretty substantial amount of concern. Regardless of whether they set the release date deadline or someone else does, the ability to complete projects in a timely way matters, even when its entertainment. It doesn't have to be high drama to be disappointing, and that's a dangerous emotion pre-release.
  11. Now one thing they did mention was that there will be a season pass at a discount, which includes all characters and all adventures. So, if that comes in at 20-25, then that might be more cost effective. I don't think they did say how much the season pass would be, which would be nice to know, I wish I could have made the AMA myself and asked. The season pass also comes with all promo cards. So between the play to unlock and the season pass, you have some options.
  12. Well there are a couple different things we are talking about. One, is having an intermediate currency. If we have to spend dollars or euros on "gold coins" or something similar that we then use to buy product. This is always inevitably a scam because I have never ever seen a scenario where you purchase the intermediate currency only in the amounts you need to spend it. Two is the freemium, model where the game has a difficulty curve that basically spikes without the purchase, again of an intermediate currency. But that currency is required not just to, say unlock an adventure pack, but to literally meet the difficulty curve. It would be like if you wanted to acquire an elite card in Pathfinder Adventures, and you both needed to make your die roll and then spend 1 "gem" or whatever else that intermediate currency was. If Obsidian were to do the former, I would be irritated. If the latter were to happen, I will just be very glad I have all three base sets in dead tree form at home, because it will rule the app out entirely. I do not predict the latter will happen; I would be shocked if it did. The former? Well, I'd very much like them to comment on that.
  13. Would you be willing to get into the nitty gritty a bit? I still wake up with night terrors from the debacle that was the Dominion app. If I was going to be able to play through the entire RotR campaign and have access to the character pack, what should I expect to spend on that? If you can't share that, could you at least share if we will be able to buy content with actual currency, and not through a fakey intermediate currency (ducats, e.g.)? I'm very excited for the announcement though, that's really great news.
  14. Is there any information about the pricing for the app, and the IAP for it that will be available, or would the developers be willing to share such? I'd be interested to know both the price of the base app, and what it would cost to unlock what you would have to complete the RotR set (so all additional adventure packs and the character add-on pack). I was thinking about this as I was considering last week's release of another app that was ill received given expansion pricing (among other things). Will any in-app purchases be available to purchase with direct real world currency, or will we need to purchase some fake intermediate currency ("coins", "gems", whatever)? If the latter, will you be able to purchase only what you need or will you need to purchase an excess that gets wasted? Thanks, and I'm looking forward to the release.
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