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Question about rewards after finishing Black Fang's Dungeon

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I was surprised by the following, maybe someone can shred some light on whether this follows the rules in the physical card game?


I've got a party of 4 playing with perma death in Legendary. I win the 1st scenario but Ezren is killed. Remaining party of 3 picks up new Ezren and then finishes scenarios 2 & 3. The game gives me the reward (+1 skill) for 3 of the characters, but not for new Ezren. I thought new Ezren would get the reward too.


Did PA have a bug here or maybe I'm missing something in the old rulebook. Does the new Ezren have to go through scenario 1 (to catch up) to get the +1 skill reward? If so, how do I do that?

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The skill feat is the reward for completing the adventure path "Perils of the Lost Coast", which is the entire set of 3 'B' scenarios. You have only earned it when you complete all three. The Black Fang's Dungeon scenario has its own separate reward, which is to choose a type of boon other than loot and draw a card of that type from the box. So if it works correctly Ezren should get to choose a card but should not get a skill feat.


If you want to catch him up, just select the first scenario from the map interface and play it through.

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