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  1. I have every character finish the game and I'm 6 scenarios away from finishing the entire story on heroic. There's not much left for me to do afterwards. I mean, I can just farm 6-4 over and over again to get the card rewards from completing each adventure on Heroic, but why would I need them right now? To play the story once again on Heroic? To farm gold over and over to buy more chests? I'm at the point where I'm trying to improvise my own fun to extend this game's life, and that in itself is questionable. I'm hoping Rise of the Goblins, or whatever future content they might push out, has some sort of repeatable endgame. Right now, this lack of emergent gameplay is completely contradictory to what card games are all about.
  2. Nvidia Shield Tablet K1, Android 7.0 This happens with any character in any scenario.
  3. Hey so I was one of the guys that posted about my characters being deleted after 6-1. It turns out the issue was actually about renaming my characters. For some reason, renaming your characters after creating them prompted character deletion. It had nothing to do with the bugged card feat. The nickname deletion but should have been fixed a couple weeks ago.
  4. Acid Blast just doesn't show up on the Power Feat screen, which is weird because according to her character sheet, Acid Blast is an available skill regardless of whether her role is a Celestial Sorcerer or an Abyssal Sorcerer. Yet, I can't choose that power feat at any point in the game where you gain a Power Feat after choosing your role card (3-5, 4-1, 5-3, and 6-1). It's not linked to any other Power Feat like Arcane Blast and Fire Resistance. So what's up with that?
  5. After starting all over with new versions of the same four characters, I played all the way to the end of 6-1 and again I find myself with the same issue. On the victory screen, my characters are both gaining a power feat and a card feat after completing 6-1. Now I'm scared that, after spending another four hours for the past two days, this issue will corrupt and delete my characters once more. What am I supposed to do now? Here's the relevant info from the reporting issues thread: Platform: Android OS: 7.0 Device: Nvidia Shield K1 PFID: B3056B99B00138C2 Permadeath: Off Characters (in order): Merisel, Erzen, Valeros, Lini Difficulty: Normal
  6. So I was using my party of four: Lini, Valeros, Erzen, and Merisel, I completed 6-1 (Cabin in the Snow). Each character gained a skill power feat, but somehow the game forced each character to also gain their final card feat, which is not supposed to happen until after completing 6-5 (Into the Eye). I attempted closing the app, reopening it, and continued where I left off, but the same issue happened again. I went ahead and chose their card feats and completed 6-2 (The Road through Xin-Shalast). The issue occurred as I was managing and sorting inventory between my characters outside of my party of four: Kyra, Harsk, Lem, Seoni, Amiri, and Seelah. I took out my original party of four and added the other six to rearrange inventory between them and my stash through the "Manage Decks" icon in the same party select screen. I then switched back to the original party of four and went through the same Manage Decks icon and this is what happened. Lini, Valeros, and Erzen are missing from this image because I didn't take a screenshot when the issue occurred, but I could recreate the issue when pressing the Manage Decks icon (again from the party select screen) after force closing and reopening the app. By then, I could not retrieve Lini, Valeros, and Erzen. I assume those characters are now corrupted and/or deleted from my account. Oddly enough, Merisel is still available, so I only chose her for the party, replayed B-1 to see if the game still works, and completed it. That character can still function, but she still has that final card feat that she wasn't supposed to earn until after 6-5. So... Yeah. This is a bummer.
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