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  1. I've got the same problem but in a slightly different way. I'm on Heroic Into The Eye and I've got Karzoug down to the last card, however, before that I've got to defeat the Enslaved Blue Dragon. Ezren has used lightning bolt successfully and defeated the dragon but after he makes the roll to recharge the card (which is automatically successful due to his high arcane skill) the dragon just sits there and there's no option to do anything. If close down the game and open it up again it brings me back to Ezren's recharge roll with the same outcome. I can't see any other way than to forfeit the ga
  2. Yes I'm logged into Google play and my Asmodee account on both devices. The pfid is the same as well.
  3. I have bought a new phone and downloaded the game but when I logged into my Google play account or link to my asmodee account, my data doesn't transfer. How do I get my game data from one Android device to another? I have seen many threads regarding Android to pc links.
  4. Update: Just tried to use a mass cure to heal both Kyra and Ezren at the same location. It healed Kyra fine but when I went to look at how Ezren was doing it hadn't healed him at all. How can it heal one character but not the other?
  5. Anyone else having trouble with Lyra healing herself using her ability? It asks me to discard the necessary card, I roll the dice for healing which for me is a d4+3 and then it asks if I want to draw a card with the ability or not. But I never heal! This means I'm actually just damaging myself more by discarding a card for no reason. Is this a known issue or a new one?
  6. Yes this has happened to me too but sadly not to my advantage. Found a work around when the dice disappear after the stealth check which involved discarding a blessing to add to the check and then cancelling it. Had to forfeit in the end though when my characters ran out of blessings. The bugs have been progressively getting worse and worse. I never used to encounter anything that couldn't be solved by closing the game down and opening it back up again but recently... it's becoming unplayable.
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