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  1. Yeah, I don't need stats or anything. But, a list with vague references to what the cars do would be pretty handy. Also, something to look at and think, "Wow. I need to get more chests". Now, admittedly, I'm ignorant of such issues. But, how would posting cards that Obsidian created for the game be against The Paizo Guidelines?
  2. So, I have seen some vague hints at rare and legendary cards. Is there like a list somewhere with these? Searching isn't really turning anything up for me. I dropped some gold on some chests yesterday, and I think I got one fancy orange border card. Thanks
  3. I am encountering this same error in quest mode on my ASUS TF701T tablet which is running Android version 4.4.2 In my game Merisiel is closing the location. Only character there.
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