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  1. Cheers for the help. Not much is well explained. So to banish means the card is out of the campaign or just out of that scenario?
  2. So do you mean that there is a deck construction phase only at the start of a new campaign? And could you elaborate as to how the stash works please?
  3. Hi, I played for a bit ages ago but reinstalling it recently I'm looking to start a new campaign and I'm pretty confused. Browsing my cards, how do I trim my characters decks down to ensure I'm likely to draw something useful during the game? Should I/can I do this? Am I meant to trash or sell surplus cards in some way? Cheers
  4. Cheers for the reply, that makes sense I think. So the filter in gallery for "treasure" shows cards above and beyond those that are fixed? And I can only salvage those treasure cards? I do have a few cards such as Menagerie Keeper and Giant Weasel where I have about 16 copies do perhaps I should trim then down a little.
  5. Ah - edit: looks like it was for Legion Armour, Greater Aid and Guardian Blue dice. I have multiple copies of the two cards in the gallery but the dice are not showing up as owned. Those dice ate listed as "Owned x0". If the dice hasn't appeared, I don't know if the cards have either as like I say I have multiple copies off both already. Any ideas?
  6. Flicking through my gallery, I have a lot of cards that I have multiple copies of bit I'm not sure which if any I should salvage. So, does the number of copies impact the likelihood of it dropping into a location deck? And if so, is there any advice about tweaking the card pool to ditch "bad"cards? Cheers.
  7. I've just noticed an option in store to buy a Cleric and Paladin bundle (tools of Faith and Devotion) which I think was for a couple of new cards, some funky dice and 25 chests. My account has been credited with the chests, but i'm not sure I see the dice or cards. Looking at the gallery I don't see any new dice, and I'm not sure what cards were in the bundle, so I can't be sure what I'm looking for in the card gallery either. Does anyone know what I've just bought ?!
  8. Cheers for the help. I don't mind missing out on gold while playing offline but I wouldn't want to miss out on anything else.
  9. Hi, if I'm playing offline I understand I don't receive gold, but does that also mean I don't receive card rewards etc at the end of a scenario or adventure? Do I need to be online for those rewards? Cheers
  10. Cheers for all the excellent and helpful advice. I feel like I'm mostly doing the right things, though I'm still not past this scenario. I'll persevere (I have to - I've bought the Runelords bundle and 100 chests!), and hopefully I'll get over this roadblock soon.
  11. Hi, I'm early on in the game and there is a weapon or two listed within my vault in deck 1 that would perhaps help my party. So if I understand things correctly I could find those weapons in any level 1 scenario that includes weapons in the location deck. However, is there a way of seeing the card list for a scenario before embarking upon the scenario? Once I've started the scenario I see at the top-left a breakdown of the card types at that location, but is there a way of knowing beforehand which scenarios I should grind in order to maximise my chances for particular boons?
  12. Thanks for the excellent advice. I spotted how Meri can evade the first Guard Tower Bandit during my last few attempts and that's helping there. I'll look closely at magic armor cycling and discarding less useful cards. I hadn't thought of that. I've been trying to conserve cards as hit points.
  13. Good stuff, I'll download to my phone then. Regarding syncing; I can't actually find a "exit game" option within the app, so I tend to just toggle out using the device. Am I missing something obvious? Cheers for the help.
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