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  1. Agreed. Seoni can automatically recharge without a roll, but so can many other casters if they bother to boost their skills (especially Ezren with his special recharging power). Having to roll to recharge every single time gets old fast. Especially when you're playing Ezren and easily casting over half a dozen spells per round.
  2. That's a problem I've been having as well. Given that you can't cancel a decision once it's been confirmed and you can't reload a save or anything, having the "Confirm" button right next to the "NO I DO NOT WANT TO DO THAT" button is stressful, at the very least.
  3. That happens for all horde traps. I couldn't find a way to read them, so I had to go into the vault to check how it worked.
  4. Yes please. I need that link very often, and having to re-load the map screen to make the switch every time is annoying. Especially since there's already a Party button in the deck management screen, which you'd think would let you go back to party management.
  5. As long as your Inspired Grace doesn't send your one Cure to the discard, Seelah can abuse it all game long on all her rolls. So the upgrade to keep your spells is important. Also, remember that recharging means putting the card on the bottom of the deck, so if you see your Cure going down there, you know exactly how many cards you need to go through before drawing it. If you keep count, you can know when it's back on top and avoid using Inspired Grace until you've drawn it. Her Inspired Grace is amazingly powerful, adding a large bonus to everything. The only drawback is that it might discard a card from your deck, but that's very rarely an issue. As long as you don't get damaged to death, having fewer cards in the deck is not a bad thing. As soon as you have a weapon in hand (and possibly a good armor), you won't care if you send your equipment to the discard. In fact it's a good thing because you'd rather draw a card that gives you bonus explorations (or a spell) rather than a weapon or armor you don't need. Losing allies isn't a good thing since drawing them is never bad, but it's not much of an issue either, it just means you'll draw a Blessing instead. The only real risk is to waste a good spell, but that's why you take the upgrade to save those. Having a larger hand size is an important bonus to take because 4 cards is really not a lot, and more cards in hand helps a lot to cycle your deck in order to find that first weapon she's going to need. And then it helps casting those sweet Divine spells more often. I'm not entirely sure if it's better to increase the hand size or the bonus to Inspired Grace first. If you find Seelah has trouble getting her first weapon (because until you do, abusing Inspired Grace makes it likely you'll end up discarding all your weapon which would be very bad) and her spells don't cycle enough back to her hand, a bigger hand size is the solution. And there's her third power, the Ceaseless Crusade. At first I thought that Crusade was bad, or at least very limited. You want to encounter boons rather than banes! But in practice, it's amazingly useful. Once you have a good deck, there are very few boons that you really need to acquire. Sending all the others to the bottom of the pile to get to the boss faster saves you a ton of time, which is extremely important for large groups. If it is one of these rare boons you have to get, just decide not to close the Location and keep working through the deck (or bring in Meri to Evade something to shuffle the deck), you have effectively scouted a good boon so you can focus your effort on working through the deck with the right character and right gear to grab it without fail. And if Crusade doesn't hide a boon, that means it has successfully scouted a bane. Knowing what you're going to face in advance is extremely useful, making sure you can bring the right person for the job (like calling in Meri if you've found a Barrier that really requires some Disable) but even more importantly spotting the Villain. Once you know where he is and that you can encounter him immediately, you only need to send one character in each other open location to be ready to close them, you don't even have to try to explore them. It means you're ready to win the scenario as soon as you've closed 2 locations. And Ceaseless Crusade gives you twice the exploration and boon skipping/scouting. Then with the upgraded Precise Crusade, you don't even have to scour the entire location deck for that occasional important boon, you can put it under the top card and ready to be grabbed by the right adventurer. So... all of Seelah's powers are very good. Which ones you should get depend mostly on your playstyle. As for Skill and Card feats, that's also very variable. Many Divine spells don't require much to be recharged and Seelah can use Inspired Grace to boost her recharge to Kyra's level, so you don't need to boost Wisdom, even if it's a good choice (especially if you get as many spell slots as you can and grab high level spells). For cards, I would advise getting as many spells as you can, because the more spells & blessing in your deck the more Inspired Grace is used for free and Divine spells are awesome (and 1 base spell is really low), but blessings are similarly awesome. And since Allies tend to be discarded before you get to draw them, more slot for them might be good if you want to rely on them. So yeah. In the end, I very strongly recommend getting the spell recharge power and a spell card slot first, and putting your first skill points either in Strength or Wisdom. After that, it's much more open. Personally, I'd improve Inspired Grace and the hand size (order depending one what limiting her in my experience), while piling on yet more spell card slots.
  6. They give you 2 dice, just like they're supposed to, and then the power lets you Recharge it. Unless you encounter the bug that makes this power Banish blessings instead of Recharging them.
  7. I don't know if it's how the rules work, if it's a bug, or just me not using the interface right so I'm asking this here: Ezren's Expanded Spellbook lets him try to draw a spell each time he uses an Arcane spell. But when he uses a spell that's displayed for the turn (like stat boosts or mirror image), it doesn't really work. I think that I sometimes get to use that power when the spell is recharged at the end of his turn (never at the end of someone else's turn). Shouldn't Ezren get to use the Expanded Spellbook when he casts the spell, rather than when it ends? Similarly, if I use an attack spell, I don't get to draw until after the fight is finished and I'm doing the recharging roll, which is a problem when the upcoming card was an Armor spell that I'd have needed.
  8. He's done that already. As for the suggestion, I agree that an Arcane character is most likely the best choice. Not only is it important to close a lot of stuff, that lets you use the Arcane spells that would be wasted otherwise.
  9. This has been a major issue for me. I really do not like spending resources to buy something (be it money or time to grind gold) without being able to tell what it is. There's really no reason the game couldn't show us the cards that aren't unlocked yet. It would also motivate us to make more of the material available.
  10. if you create a new Ezren and use the deck management screen to move the spells you don't want to see appear in scenarios into his inventory, that's 8 spells out of the pool of cards for location decks. And you have 24 character slots, which can be filled with many Ezren holding many spells...
  11. There has been so many bugs since the new update. I tried to use the Spyglass with Ezren while his deck was popping up for his power to draw a card, so I cancelled the action to sort this out. The spyglass disappeared. It was not used, not in the discard, not in the deck, nowhere. Didn't come back after the adventure either. While I was cornering the Villain in 1-3, I had Kyra in another open location that requires beating a Devilspawn to close. So I get her to fight one to temporarily close the location, burning her resources as I do it since it's going to be the last turn. Except that after I kill it, I get asked if I want to close the Location (again). I say yes, just barely manage to defeat this one without a weapon, and then we're back to the closing screen to pick another location to close. Except that Kyra's location was not temporarily closed but permanently closed. Apparently the summoned Henchman she had to beat in order to close the location counted as a real one, triggering a chance to permanently close it. In the same scenario, Ezren used Invisibility to evade a summoned Devilspawn and the game still rolled the dice to burn a card from the Blessing deck (later Meri evaded one without issue...). The illustration for Blessing of the Gods occasionally disappear, leaving an empty area where you can glimpse the graphic for the back of the cards. After using Orik's special effect to pick a boon to draw from the location deck, the line of cards just sort of stayed there. The location was closed and the deck indicated as empty, but the cards that used to be inside were still displayed across the screen. When it got too annoying I quit the game back to the main menu and it was gone when I resumed the scenario. While I was using Seelah's power, the card wouldn't be discarded. The card would be moved there on the screen, but nothing happened. I tried to press Cancel, but nothing happened (the button still reacted, showing it knew when I was pressing it). I tried to quit the game, so I opened the menu, that worked fine. However, when I pressed Quit Game the button would move but nothing would happen. I waited a couple minutes, pressed it a dozen more times, then gave up and decided to close the menu. Except it wouldn't let me, the cross in the upper right corner would react to being pressed, but it did nothing. Same with all other buttons. I had to crash the game to get out. When using Seelah's Inspired Grace, it's easy to lose the card picked from the deck and start moving around another one (like the object that's currently revealed in the middle of the screen). That's just an issue of the ergonomic being badly designed (or designed to be more time-consuming than needed), but the card being moved around could end up staying there when the turn ended, sitting on the side of the board while the other characters take their turn (it usually goes away after a couple turns). And many many others. Like when Augury cast during the fighter's turn ended up rearranging the location deck of the active character, rather than the caster. Or like when... well, you get the idea.
  12. Lini and Seelah are very good characters that can shine at pretty much everything, so they can help any party. Lini is harder to play (having significant difficulty handling combat if not handled right) and really needs to level up some to really shine, so I'd advise Seelah. But given your current party, you should seriously consider Valeros or Harsk. You don't have anyone that handles weapons well and can reliably clean house through the game (Seoni is close, but might have to burn cards to do that). Valeros is extremely good at beating things to death (high Melee and can recharge his many weapons to get plenty of dice) and jumping headlong into danger (can kill all the monsters and can bury armors in case a trap gets him), additionally he can give a strong bonus to combat to anyone at the same location, for free (and that applies regardless of how they fight, Seoni's fireball get the same support as Meri's daggers). Harsk is a decent killer with a ranged weapon and he never has to jump headlong into danger thanks to his scouting power (it's not just to avoid nasties, you can spot the villain for a coordinated takedown or get a friend to grab an awesome boon that would have been a shame to miss). But where he really shines is support, he can give the same combat bonus as Valeros but to characters in other Locations (at the cost of recharging) and he has quite a few Blessings. Your current team should be plenty good enough to close everything as it is, so using your fourth slot for a combat specialist who can use the card types you're neglecting is not a bad idea.
  13. When I started Quest Mode, I got my assed handed out to me 3 times in a row (mostly by the same boss as you, actually). But each time I was defeated, I ended up with better cards for my adventurers. Now I've played a bunch more quests and haven't lost once in Normal or Heroic (not that it's easy either, I won too many scenarios on the very last turn to feel ****y). Also, getting a third character helps a lot. An Arcane caster like Ezren or Seoni is a very good match for the starting characters and only costs 1500 golds. Wow, I didn't know about that. How do you see that gold bonus?
  14. Your characters are stuck at low level in story mode as long as you don't get new adventures. However playing with the same team over and over again can get tiresome. If you love the dynamic of your current party and don't really want to try something new, save for the next adventure. Otherwise, pick a character you think you'll like since that costs half of the adventure (or less). There are a few. You can start the story mode again with a new party and earn gold rewards again for beating the normal difficulty. You could play normal missions to improve your character's decks and practice your skill until you can beat Legendary. Or you could go for Quest Mode. In there you can play an infinite number of Normal scenarios and get full gold reward for them each time. In addition, the level of your characters isn't limited based on the adventures you've purchased in that mode. If you do go for the Quest Mode, you should probably get a new character or two, though, because Gold rewards there grow with the size of your party.
  15. The patch is now live. Since you get less money than before with a 3 adventurers party, there isn't much reason not to take a 4th person along. Teams of 4 are about as good at clearing things fast than teams of 3 (it should even be better than a team of 2 for many players). I don't think that going for 5 or 6 would be ideal, because that's where things get considerably more difficult. Team 1: Back to Basics The basic idea with this team is to take the very best at closing the most common locations, and we had to put a Charisma-based arcane spellcaster to cover 2 areas with the third and last slot. Now that the goal is to make a team of 4, we can just put Ezren in charge of Intelligence and Seoni or Lem in charge of Diplomacy. Once again Seoni edges out Lem for her ability to burn through a location deck solo. Team 2: Triple Threat upgraded Seelah is still awesome at quickly closing most locations (as soon as she manages to draw a weapon, that is), but her access to the powerful Divine support spells is limited while her Wisdom is not outstanding (which is a problem given how important it is). Kyra is the ideal companion to compensate for those, although Lini would also work well. Team 3: Double Dream Duo Lini and Seoni can handle anything on their own, even if they tire quickly. They don't need more people to close their gaps. But there's another duo that works amazingly well: Lem and Valeros. Lem's main weakness is that he doesn't have much fighting power while Valeros gives a free combat bonus to his companions, and Valeros's main weakness is that he's not very good outside of combat but Lem can support him for all these miscellaneous tasks. They need to stick together to make the most of their abilities, so they make this third team work slightly differently from the other ones. But as long as it works well, that's not a problem.
  16. I've read that list already, but a simple list of name with no information on what the cards do is not very useful.
  17. I've decided that I'm going to focus on doing a lot of Quest mode, trying to get a party to max level quickly and blast through these random scenarios quickly and reliably. I've worked on the best general approach, and then tried looked into what sort of team could get that job done. More characters lets you temporarily close more locations when you find the villain, and a bigger party has more versatility. On the other side of the coin, a bigger party is slower to manage and has less turns to work with. A party of 3 is a good choice, enough to cover everything you need to do without creating too many Locations (or spreading the Blessing deck too thin). I've found that with a compact team, the best quick strategy is to spread out to close a couple locations as fast as possible before occupying the last 3. That means a team that can close everything reliably and where everyone can churn through the location decks on their own. I've spent time analyzing the closing requirements, and ignoring the things everyone can handle (fights, banish a card, etc...) what's needed is mostly Dexterity (Acrobatics and Stealth, Disable might help) and Wisdom (Divine, Survival, and occasionally Perception). Intelligence is close, though (mostly Arcane with some Knowledge, Craft rarely pops up). Then Charisma (Diplomacy), which is generally useful on its own. Finally there's Constitution (always Fortitude), and Strength in last place. First team: back to basics It just so happens that the starting characters, Merisiel and Kyra, are the best at Dexterity and Wisdom. Meri even has all the useful skills. With those two as the basis, you can also handle Strength (Meri with a crowbar is very handy) and Constitution (Kyra only has a D6, but with Fortitude +3 she's one of the best to close with that stat). That leaves Intelligence and Charisma, which are both rather important. Ezren is the only character in the game with more than a D6 in Intelligence, but he's no better at Charisma than those two ladies. Thankfully you can handle Arcane with Charisma by using Seoni or Lem. Lem and Lini are the only ones who have a Knowledge skill to add to their D6. That makes Lem the best choice to round out our closing abilities. However, a bard isn't the best at working solo and Seoni already covers most of what we need with some of the very best Arcane and Diplomacy in the game. Overall, Seoni works much better than Lem for that tactic, being a good explorer with lots of killing power. She can even enjoy the occasional heal from Kyra. That makes Merisiel, Kyra, and Seoni a very good and straightforward team to blitz through random Quests. Final verdict: Merisiel's skills makes her exceptionally good at handling obstacles while her backstabbing prowess lets her slaughter monsters when going solo. Her main weakness is that she doesn't have much to accelerate the exploration. If worse comes to worse, she can Evade a bad encounter. Kyra isn't usually outstanding in battle, but her Melee skill and spells and many blessings means she can handle herself just fine. Obstacles can be a problem but Detect Traps can help a lot. She has plenty of blessing to accelerate exploration, too. If things turn sour, she can usually soak up damage very well with armor or heal herself enough to go back into the fray. Finally Seoni kicks ass (as long as she has cards to burn) and has a ton of cards to accelerate exploration. Second Team: Triple Threat If we decide to start by finding the best character for this tactic, we're pretty much guaranteed to build around Seelah. For starters, she has at least a D8 in most stats and can a D6 to any check, and a D6+D8 is roughly on par with a D12+2, which is pretty much the highest someone can be at the start. But the kicker is her Crusade power which makes her amazingly good at rushing through a location deck to find the Henchman (or maybe even the Villain). On top of that she has a lot of cards to explore often and access to the important Divine skill. The areas her teammates need to cover are Intelligence and Dexterity. Ezren handles Intelligence like no one else, and once again Meri is the best at Dexterity (and is generally great at working solo). Final verdict: Seelah is a powerhouse that can nearly solo the game, and here's she's assisted by the best specialist in each of her two weak areas (Dexterity & traps, Intelligence & Arcane). That's amazingly powerful. However, Seelah is rather bad at dealing with Obstacles and cannot take a single set of Masterwork Tools or Mattock or any of these items good at handling these things. Thankfully Meri can bring a bunch of these and Ezren can use spells like Stride to deliver the package without wasting a single exploration. Third Team: Dream Duo So what if you don't think Seelah is the best at quickly closing a random Location? That's probably because you're thinking of Lini. Her Animal Trick is not as powerful and available as Seelah's Inspiration but it's still really good. Her stats aren't as generally high, but her Beast Form more than make up for that. She can get to D10+D4 on half the stats (on par with Seelah), and D8+D4 on two other (still pretty good), leaving her weakest area Intelligence where she's very skilled in Knowledge. That makes her somewhere between decent to very good at closing everything but Arcane (and her Charisma is quite good but maybe not enough for how important it is). Seoni is thus her perfect match. The two of them can close pretty much anything in the game with ease. Their main problem is probably that they have issues fighting without burning cards. Also of note, the most common type of closing (Dex) requires Lini to burn a card. Overall, their least strong area is Fortitude. With Harsk as support, they get a much needed boost to their base fighting power and the very best character at Fortitude, and they can all roll at least D8 on Dex. Final verdict: Lini and Seoni can handle everything and kick all kinds of ass. However, they both burn through cards rather quickly (good thing the druid can pack a few Cures). They have options for the third member of their team, depending how what you find the most troublesome to handle, Harsk is merely the best answer to the most obvious issue.
  18. I was hoping to get a more detailed discussion on deck C going. From what I've understood, you can never get the cards of Deck C without buying that add-on, but if you spend the 10000 golds to get it, anything spent on the characters before then is wasted. So if you're going to get it, you should get it first. That means that just for this Deck C you not only pay 2000 more gold than what's needed for the characters, but you have to wait until you've gathered a LOT of gold. Is it worth it? It's not possible to see what you'd be buying in the game, so I don't know precisely what it contains. From what I've seen, the overwhelming majority of the cards are already in the game, and there's little that's actually useful. There's the Deathbane Crossbow, and ... I don't know. There are some animals Allies that could be pretty useful to Lini. Given that the 3 characters I want to get the most right now are in this pack which costs nearly 3 times all the gold I've earned in the game so far, waiting to get it would be very annoying. On the other hand, if I eventually want the cards and I have to pay 10000 golds just for them, that might be painful. is there anything really amazing in there?
  19. Thanks, that's very helpful. I was really wondering about that. That's what I've been doing so far. I was also thinking of earning most of the gold to unlock adventures in Quest Mode so that my characters get to keep advancing as I play. It feels much better to play to strengthen your team rather than just to grind gold.
  20. So if I understand this correctly, this "limited time offer" is not part of a series of discounts but just a bait to get people into the game. Is it really a bad idea to expect the other adventures to be on a discount in the coming months? Maybe, but I don't have quite that much time to grind everything. If I play well to finish replaying Legendary maps quickly, I can make about 500 golds an hour (about 30mn to do it once give me that much in the end). That would mean 16 hours to unlock the 2 other adventures currently available and access new content. If I want to get the character pack, that'd be 20 hours. And that's mostly re-doing the same scenario over and over with a team made to work fast without taking much time to think, rather than having fun doing whatever I feel like with the game. Are there farming methods that work faster?
  21. Speaking of hand size, I'm wondering if I should favor that or the recharge power for Ezren. With so many spells, it's relatively easy to unload all of your non-spells from your deck (putting them either in your hand or the discard after using them); that guarantees a 100% chance of being able to re-draw after casting a spell, which I find amusing to do. Getting a better hand size would help with that, letting me "store" another card there and cycle through the deck more quickly. But being able to recharge all these spells more reliably (or the occasional item) is very useful to him too! Even if it's effectively a more limited +1 to Intelligence... What do you think?
  22. I've started playing the game this week, and been pleasantly surprised so far. I saw a limited time offer 80% discount on the Burnt Offerings adventure right after unlocking it by finishing the previous adventure. So I marathoned the game until I had enough gold (connection issues made that difficult but not impossible) to buy it and move on in the game. I thought that unlocking an adventure was what triggered the discount, but apparently not since nothing happened after finishing Burnt Offering. Can I expect (or trigger, or find) similar discounts on the following adventures, or am I going to have to pay tens of thousands of gold to go through what's currently available of story mode? I'm seriously considering buying some gold, but being unemployed my entertainment budget is very limited, so I'd like to know what I'd be able to get with that money.
  23. Glad to see several of the issues I've been having mentioned here. Also, nice to see a solution for the Goblin Warchanter/Hag problem; but the way it works now is really counter-intuitive. A problem I've been having repeatedly that isn't mentioned there (but is discussed here) is that Enemy Lore: Undead doesn't work properly. It does add the D8 properly, but the Magic trait isn't added to Wisdom/Divine rolls to banish undead monster that can only be defeated with Magic (and allow such a roll instead of combat). After trying 5 times, it always failed (over 3 different scenarios). Each time I've used a non-magic weapon to kill such an undead (3 times this week, IIRC), they've been defeated properly.
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