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  1. I don't know that it matters what size the device is ... there's probably no reason for those buttons to be right on top of one another. If this were intended to be a mouse game, then that sort of thing is (marginally) okay, but this is intended to be a touch game. All day this is all I can think of: https://youtu.be/R_rF4kcqLkI?t=41 When you ask a user if they want to: Vent radioactive gas? ...the Y and N keys are far apart, so that's good, especially if you have fat fingers.
  2. Wow, I did not think this would be controversial. 1 cm? What device are you on? Can you post a screen? Here is a Discard/Recharge screenshot of the iPad 4/Retina, playing a game "purchased" [free game--micro transactions] through the official App Store. There is an entire screen available and those two buttons are--like I said--about 5 pixels apart from each other. I don't see any reason those buttons could not be separated.* http://imgur.com/a/GwBLa Now, here is a screenshot of the Armor. Notice the separation, even though that's a much smaller available space. http://img
  3. Currently most* of the Y/N (do X or do Y) pop-up dialogs are right on top of each other...maybe 5 pixels of space between them? Please separate them so that we don't make the right decision but push the wrong button. I assume everyone knows what I'm talking about...Discard/Recharge is the most common one but that is NOT the only one and many of them are pretty important choices. * With the exception of Armor damage and Reveal/Recharge/Discard/Bury, those options are separated...not sure why they are but the other major choices are not.
  4. The good thing is with a game like this, you don't need to wonder if there is intent behind certain RNG events. Obviously this is already a board game with the same rolls, and it's not really pay to play. It's not free but it's also not one of "those" games.
  5. That button is definitely mislabeled. This is the iOS iPad version of the game. Quit Game does not quit the game...it takes you to the main menu. After trying to find out how to get to the main menu, I literally gave up in frustration and "quit game"...
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