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  1. Huge thanks to everyone here for all your help. I've found like 10 codes on myself - and even the freshest one were at least half an hour late compared to other "hunters"
  2. I've bought Pathfinder Adventures on Steam when it was released. Owned the Android version for some time already, so I've synced my accounts with Android one being the main account. I then redeemed Pathfinder Ambassador rewards on Steam, and everything seemed to be synced perfectly - parties, progress, purchases. The only thing not working properly is the "Rise of the Goblins" campaign. In my Android account it's shown as not bought (price is shown in store, "Buy" button is white). Yet I have access to Goblin skins and characters - same as in my Steam account. I can even start a "Rise of t
  3. After trying to rearrange one of my parties today ran into a really bad glitch. Say I have a Seoni character - completed 6th adventure, has modified stats and deck put together during all this runs. When I try to re-add her to the party (she is in the list as Seoni 3) deck preview shows her advanced deck. But as soon as she's added to the party and I go to the deck management - her deck is reset to basic (characteristics and completion remain the same) and nickname is Seoni. Same happened to Merisiel. Other characters are unaffected (for now, at least) UPD It gets even better. My Harsk cha
  4. Yes, I've forfeited this scenario (a pity, since it was going great - 4 locations closed in 10 or so turns), then replayed it and completed. Was lucky not to get into the same situation, I guess.
  5. Yes, I can read. Screenshot only shows the initial state after roll fail. I then discard the spell - and can't discard anything else. I don't know if this discard should affect the displayed spell as well - and because of some glitch it can't the whole discarding is stuck. I've replayed the sceario, finished it without glitches (damage from Hag worked normally - discarded spell, then another cards from hand, yet there were no spells displayed then, so the situation wasn't repeated exactly).
  6. After a very bad roll I have to discard four cards as damage from Hook Mountain Hag. One of the card in my hand is a spell, so I discard it first - but I can't discard other cards after that. No "Discard" button on them, dragging them to the pile doesn't work either.
  7. My monk fought a Roc and dails to defeat it. I've discarded the damage card, then Roc's card text lit up (move a random open location, then shuffle Roc back), but nothing happens, and clicking the "Next" arrow does nothing. After restarting the game I just land in this situation again. Application version - OS - Android 5.1.1 UPD Forgot to mention htat there are no open locations except for the one (Halls of Wrath) my Monk is in. I'm fighting the Villain, all locations are closed permanently, one (Cathedral) - temporarily.
  8. Same situation Also both Daily and Weekly challenges are still present in the current tab (greyed out), Weekly was removed from the Pickup tab after "redeeming".
  9. Oh, many thanks! I must have missed this thread back in August and could not find it now. Well, good thing is I wasn't grinding it for gold, but rather for Legandary completion of all scenarios
  10. I've manged to accumulate 20K gold to buy the 50 chests bundle - but when I open the store, I see that the chest bundles can only be bought with real money. I'm sure the price was in in-game gold before - has something changed or this is just some glitch/bug? I'm running the game on Android tablet (Samsung Notew 10.1 2014 Edition. Android 5.1.1)
  11. When my characters are eligible for a skill upgrade, I can choose a skill to increase - but no text for the corresponding skill die is shown.
  12. Some button differ in size from the regular ones - they're very big. Font size is also bigger. In some cases the caption doesn't fit into the button (when you are asked for a skill check or banishing Zantus to close locations, for example).
  13. I've tried doing this - no, this way it won't work either. I remeber it working once - before, I think, but can't remember exactly when (and have no screenshot, of course).
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