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  1. I'll give it a try, because it would also be a nice change from my last run. Any advice on the build except pick shock spells? I just started and made a Shattered Pillar Monk (stats are maybe a bit too powergaming). Pale Elf - White that Wends - Laborer Might 18 Constitution 10 Left this as is (dont know if this is gonna bite me in the *** later on.) Dexterity 19 Perception 21 Intellect 6 Resolve 5
  2. Thanks for your comment, I think i'll take Tekehu and see how it goes. I normally use light armors on Tekehu. Deltro's cage seems a heavy armor, doesnt that mean that his recovery is way longer?
  3. Thank you, just read the notes and installed the mod. I created my character before and after the mod install en saw a difference already if i saw it right. I just started a new game and have Eder and Xoti in my party and following @Boeroer's example and going for Xoti and Aloth SC and Eder as a swashbuckler. Last partymember still on debate Is Tekehu not a little bit of the same with Xoti and Aloth as SC's ?
  4. Thank you all for your advice. I did some reading in to the monk class (never played one, not even in other games), how does a SC monk Shattered Pillar sound? Stil thinking about replacement for Tekehu. My main reason not to take him is that I had him in my last playthrough. But he does fit perfectly in the SC party. But then again Eder is Multi so... Pallegina was a Herald in my previous game. I'd like to avoid doing the same thing again. Difficult choice. EDIT: I just read that Shattered Pillar was nerfed. Is this still a good subclass to choose?
  5. I am currently finishing my run with the previous party , my MC was a Witch. I am finishing Forgotten Sanctum and all the DLC's are done. I am thinking about this party, but wanted to ask what MC would fill out this party? And are there some other companions I could replace Tekehu with?
  6. thats quite a lot! thanks I will try you comp next time, its quite different from melee oriented, i should give it a try. Regarding MC , I am currently making a Trancendent and a Witch. - The trancendent (Soulblade/no sub monk) is a Moon godlike but i am not sure how to equip het regarding weapons, I chose Two handed weapons (Fextralife guide) but would prefer dual wielding something. - The Witch i am not sure about. I would like to make a Souldblade/Berserker but im worried about the confussion part , especially early game. Could I make a Soulblade/no sub barb? And what weapons
  7. Ik was thinking about a dual wield build for my MC ? Nice to have one. Ik already have Eder do the shield and sword. Pallegrina do the two handen weapons. What would be good for dual wield? Witch OR trancendent? Both seem quote fun. I can use Both arbalest and arquebus with Maia? PS my playstyle is normale more melee based, i love melee characters, in Baldurs gate I usually play dual wielding characters. I want to get my party early, are there any consequenses for getting those party members early? In BG you could level up them early tot your wishes.
  8. I like the Cypher multi with a martial class. So what would be good? Cypher/Paladin Great Swords? Cypher/Monk barehanded? Cypher/Barbarian not sure which weapons to use. Eder needs the Sabres with shields Pallegrina needs the two handen weapons? Any tips? Tekehu uses Wand Maia uses the arquebus.
  9. Ok maybe I answer my own question but what about this party? Eder Swashbuckler (TANK) Pallegrina Herald Tekehu Druid Maia That only leaves my MC to be decided. What would fit here?
  10. Hello All, After a few hours playing with a custom party I realized that I really love the have compagnions in my party and a custom party really takes away the fun of the game. So I am planning my next playthrough. I will first list the companions I would like to have in my party: - Eder (probably) Swashbuckler? - Maia (certainly) - Pallegrina (Maybe) Herald? - Tekehu (Centainly) Pure Druid? - Aloth (Maybe) Batle mage? Companions I dont want : Xoti, Serafen, Never had any sidekicks in my party. Based on this list could you Give so
  11. Im sorry but you can disregard my question, I already invested some time in a game with these characters and must say i dont like it with a almost full custom party, I really mis the interuptions and quests you get from you compagnions. I will make a new topic for some advice for a full party and PC build
  12. Do you think that the original builds from sin ter are stille viable??? I would like to try them. And are there some guides on these classes? I'll summarize: * Nature godlike druid/monk. Fury/Helwalker. Buildguide: fate testarossa?? * Death godlike Paladin/Cypher Bleakwalker/Soulblade. * Fire godlike Barbarisme/Chanter Bezerker/Skald. * Moon godlike Fighter/Paladin Devoted/Bleakwalker and which two compagnons would be good to add to this party? Thanks!!
  13. Ps Is 2 melee focused enough? Pallegina and Mc. Maia gonna use rifles and Vatnir and Teheku mostly spells
  14. That sounds great! I just have to keep Xoti till I can get Vatnir. One fight in particular is kinda hard.
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