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Hello all,

I am currently running a party which feels like i lack damage at times and usually runs 4 melee

My current party:

Pc: offensive barbarian

Eder : Tank build

Kana: 2nd tank

Pallegina: starts with blunderbuss but usually ends up with 2handed sword

Durance: backline

Aloth : backline

I am thinking of changing my comp to fit a dedicated ranged damage dealer. Not sure how to do this. Should I change pallegina for grieving mother?


any tips??


Sorry wrong forum probably, can an admin move this to the correct forum? I cant seem to do this myself

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Wrong forum
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Hello, it can depend on many factor (difficulty, average party level, etc.) but Paladins (and Pallegina too) are good tank, you have already tank, off tank and in many situations a barbarian, a priest or a wizard can assume the 2nd off-tank role, so you could swap Pallegin for another kind of character.

GM (and Cypher usually) are good CC and damage dealer, so can be ok as ranged damage dealer but if you wanna a dedicated ranged damage dealer I'd go for Sagani with its bow or/and Persistence. 

My humble opinion, of course :)

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