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  1. Any ideas on attribute spread? I'm asking because of TB, I heard Dexterity works radically different and so should be... Average? And how much defensive stats do I need with Sage or Arcane Knight?
  2. Wow, thank you for the detailed responses! Very good explanations and breakdowns. A couple of last questions, about Forbidden Fist, there's a Community Patch that fixes the weapon attack question, correct? Is there a reason not to download it? Also, I get confused how exactly the interaction between FF, Instruments of Pain and Lance works. From what I understand FF does work ith IoP, right? And Lance works with it as well? It's a little confusing, to be honest. Shame about the Loremaster, and that a Summoner character seems to not really be that viable. Oh well. Mind you, I'm probably
  3. Hey, I just did a playthrough of POE1 and would like to recreate my character in POE2, but with a twist. The basic concept I did was in the first game was a Lovecraftian-inspired Dwarf Wizard with a Scientist background. I liked summoning tentacles, dropping huge AoE spells damage and/or CC spells, and then Spirit Shield myself, and wade into the fray with my faithful Spirit Lance. Although I wasn't the primary tank (that was Éder), I was pretty hard to kill in combat thanks to heavy armor, Spirit Shield and Arcane Veil. I also loved spells like Tayn's Chaotic Orb, and Wall of Many Colors (
  4. ...Bump? Is this the correct way to request support?
  5. Hi, I'm currently doing a 2nd playthrough siding with the Board, and as far as I'm aware Percival is supposed to sell you some unique items in addition to normal ones. I am currently level 23 and have 100/0 Positive Rep with the Board, but he sells me only normal items, no special items of any kind, not even with a "locked" (restricted stock) symbol. I really wanted some Board unique items before I embark on the final stretch of the game. Any help would be appreciated!
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