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  1. Any ideas on attribute spread? I'm asking because of TB, I heard Dexterity works radically different and so should be... Average? And how much defensive stats do I need with Sage or Arcane Knight?
  2. Wow, thank you for the detailed responses! Very good explanations and breakdowns. A couple of last questions, about Forbidden Fist, there's a Community Patch that fixes the weapon attack question, correct? Is there a reason not to download it? Also, I get confused how exactly the interaction between FF, Instruments of Pain and Lance works. From what I understand FF does work ith IoP, right? And Lance works with it as well? It's a little confusing, to be honest. Shame about the Loremaster, and that a Summoner character seems to not really be that viable. Oh well. Mind you, I'm probably going Arcane Knight anyway, just for the RP flavor of being REALLY pissed off about being disintegrated and having my home blown up. Guess I'm determined to never get ****ed with again, and the mechanical synergies look very nice and straightforward.
  3. Hey, I just did a playthrough of POE1 and would like to recreate my character in POE2, but with a twist. The basic concept I did was in the first game was a Lovecraftian-inspired Dwarf Wizard with a Scientist background. I liked summoning tentacles, dropping huge AoE spells damage and/or CC spells, and then Spirit Shield myself, and wade into the fray with my faithful Spirit Lance. Although I wasn't the primary tank (that was Éder), I was pretty hard to kill in combat thanks to heavy armor, Spirit Shield and Arcane Veil. I also loved spells like Tayn's Chaotic Orb, and Wall of Many Colors (which btw made the Adra Dragon fight a piece of cake). Now, as I said, I'd like a twist, and that comes in the form of Multiclassing. I looked at plenty of builds and related stuff here and on Reddit, but a lot of stuff gets outdated quickly, as patches and expansions change so much. So, I'd like build advice on building a Sage, an Arcane Knight or a Loremaster (TB Mode, Veteran difficulty, companions as RP dictates, but either a full party or close to it probably). For Sage I was looking at the synergies with my beloved Spirit Lance, and it seems that Shattered Pillar works very well with this. However, I've seen very few comments on the synergies between Forbidden Fist, Blood Mage and the plethora of bizarre AoE debuffs the Wizard has. That last concept interests me greatly, if it's viable. I like the concept behind the Nalpazca as well and greatly enjoyed Zahua as a companion, but the drugs thing maybe involves a little more crafting and bookkeeping than I'd like. For Arcane Knight I thought about Bleakwalker. I like their fluff, and my run-in with then in a quest in the first game ended with a lot of mutual respect (they killed Cevestin for me, let the kid go and lauded my behavior). Plus, it would be an interesting RP twist as well, but I'm not sure about the mechanics. FoD would synergize well with conjured weapons? I assume it doesn't work if I summon a Phantom? Steel Garotte also seems mechanically awesome, but I hate Woedica and her minions. Not gonna make the same mistake as my past self. For Loremaster, I thought about going more heavily into the "otherworldy summons" aspect, and going for Conjurer + Beckoner, thus having a Familiar, a conjured weapon-armed Phantom and some minions plus Chanter bonuses. Not too sold on the RP aspect though. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated
  4. ...Bump? Is this the correct way to request support?
  5. Hi, I'm currently doing a 2nd playthrough siding with the Board, and as far as I'm aware Percival is supposed to sell you some unique items in addition to normal ones. I am currently level 23 and have 100/0 Positive Rep with the Board, but he sells me only normal items, no special items of any kind, not even with a "locked" (restricted stock) symbol. I really wanted some Board unique items before I embark on the final stretch of the game. Any help would be appreciated!
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