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  1. This is extremely cool. Thank you for taking the time to respond.
  2. Can anyone familiar with the modding capabilities in this game let me know if there might be a way to mod it so that anytime a character goes to 0 hp that there's a chance they die regardless of injury level or apply injuries based on when they reach a certain injury level I'm trying to adjust the game to give it a more of a rogue-like feel and one of the things I'd like to do is make it so characters accrue injuries anytime they drop to Near Death and when hitting 0 they have a chance of dying based on their current constitution and number of injuries. Thanks
  3. I think either Ydwin or Rekke have the most potential to be interesting companions. Fassina and Konstanten are just kinda there and don't interest me much, though I love Konstanten's laugh in battle. Mirke is a joke character... I'd love to see her get *more* interactions but I'm not sure she needs to be super fully expanded.
  4. Just wanted to post here to let you know I'm about 20 hours into a game with your mod and I'm having a TON of fun that I was missing playing vanilla. Lots of really tough fights. Sometimes the balance gets a bit wonky... I picked up a quest in the main city that caused me to get ambushed by pirates that had double my party's defense and were casting high level spells but besides that everything's felt pretty good and tense. It's definitely a good stop-gap till Obsidian's own changes.
  5. Huh. Interesting that two subclasses that directly serve woedica (priest of woedica and steel garrote) are in the game but not available for the player. I wonder if those will be expanded upon in a DLC.
  6. I've gone ahead and added a stat roll for funsies. The randomization is based on the median of 12.5 which is what point buy would get you if you spread your points evenly however you're going to see characters way above and below the average (randomization is random like that).
  7. Hmm... I could add a random stat roll to this for funsies. I'm not sure if it's possible to change your stats through a console menu or something currently though I have no doubt a save editor will come out some day.
  8. I kinda miss stat rolling too. Good memories of spending an hour on the stat roll screen in BG. Would be interesting if PoE2 had an option for stat rolling instead of point buy.
  9. Good suggestion! All subclass names have had their base class appended in parenthesis to them.
  10. Honestly you shouldn't even. It's too perfect for her. If anything you should add an extra dialogue if you talk to her while naked where she mumbles drunkenly asking where she left her pants.
  11. I love my new happy and perpetually-drunk orlan pirate friend who has utter contempt for undergarments. RP-wise her rogue subclass is Streetfighter which I think makes a lot of sense for her when you multi to a monk/rogue.
  12. If you're looking to spice up your game or just can't figure out what kind of character you want to play, I made a character generator in google sheets that can be used to draw up a character randomly. It'll generate a random sex, race, culture, background, and class (50% chance of single class and 50% multiclass) for a character. No guarantees that every multi-class character will be viable but they might lead to some interesting results. You can access the randomizer by clicking here. This will also give you a random spread of attributes but it will require save editing or console comman
  13. Custom weapon/armor models seems very doable even in the early rudimentary stage of modding the game is at now.
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