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  1. This is disappointing. Good luck to the devs, and I hope the game makes money. But, I mean, is this meant for fans of Obsidian? Or is it a shift in priority after acquisition by Microsoft? I was hopeful when Obs got picked up, because I read somewhere Microsoft wanted to widen their RPG catalogue. Not sure cartoony, co-op survival game will attract RPG fans. But, I guess time will tell.
  2. baldurs gate handles characters better- the returning cast (minsc, Imoen, Jaheria) all have a personal stake in the finding Irenicus. By killing off Dynahier and Khalid, and giving Imoen a prominent role in the story, these characters become a key part of the story, if you so choose. viconia and Edwin less so, but they also fit well in how they are introduced. In PoE II, Eder, Pallegina, and Aloth are just kind of added. They could just as easily been subbed out for any of the other characters in the first game, because they are added to the story and not part of that tapestry. their com
  3. So i really like this one hat-- the broad-brimmed hat. This is a hat with no practical use besides looking cool, and I'd love to be able to put the bonuses from one item onto the other. in fact, I'd like to be able to do that for all items, to be honest. Would there be any way for devs or modders to create this? Long shot, I know, but I think it is something people would enjoy.
  4. respectfully disagree here-- a frame narrative is Chaucer's storytellers gathered at the tavern. Eothas is a god who has walked from the Dyrwood to Deadfire to literally destroy the underlying metaphysical foundations of Eora. In a situation like that, all factions squabbles and exploitation and side quests are rendered meaningless because, again, a god is going to forever alter kith existence. however-- I do agree that the faction content is where the bulk of narrative focus is placed ( and consequently where the story is strongest).
  5. so I've looked on nexus and seen some stuff, and while I know we're not looking at quantities like the Bethesda games generate, do we think there will be any custom weapon/armor model stuff? thanks.
  6. the problems with the factions and narrative structure is this: there aren't enough points where the main narrative intersects with the faction gameplay. In a game where the risen avatar of a dead god is going to alter forever the world space by meddling with the metaphysics it adheres to, everything (either directly or indirectly) must push towards resolving that conflict. If you don't keep that focus, you end up with Skyrim--an unfocused sandbox. It is a great game, but not a particularly compelling story. Deadfire falls into that all to familiar rut of a static feeling world. Eotha
  7. I always like the later playthroughs . When, like you say, I know how to order the quests so they make sense from a narrative perspective, and I don't have the nagging suspicion I'm going to miss something, since I already know what is out there.
  8. Black jacket, hands down. 1: you can get to ascended quickly while letting tank grab aggro 2: you can use all those awesome unique firearms and affects 3: once ascended, you can adapt to the fight: if you need to tank, use borrowed instinct and body attunment, if you just need damage, mind blades the entire field 4: and once you’ve done all that, you wade in with dual wield, penetrating attack, which will generally get you back to full focus in two rounds
  9. Blade jacket/ ascendant is awesome. 3 ranged sets to build full focus while tank grabs engagement- then build yourself into a tank and charge in w/ dual melee
  10. I’ve been liking black jacket/ ascendant. It has a little more range than you seem to be wanting, but once you get penetrating stike, you can wade in beside the tank. Open with arquebus then pistols to hit ascendant Use cipher stuff- I usually mind blades the world Draw swords when you lose focus One full attack is usually enough to get you back into usable focus Caveat is that I’ve only hit 9
  11. I ran this build last night with a black jacket/ascendant. arquebus/dual blunderbusses/dual pistols/dual sabers-- in 4 weapons slots. I almost never had any trouble building to ascendant state by the time I reached the pistols, even after I started opening with mental binding, then running through the guns-- only fight I had trouble getting to max focus was the titan. what I did have problems with early on was finding a good spell to utilize ascendant state. early on, you don't have enough damage spells to really use ascendant. At least I didn't.
  12. I had planned on streetfighter rogue/ wizard, but I went through beta today with black jacket/ ascendant; that was fun and I’ll think I’ll go that way first.
  13. multi with black jacket, spam blunderbuss shots with the disciplined strikes to convert to hits, you have a bump to switch time, so you should be able to hit your focus within the first few seconds of a fight. watch the scott Lufkin black jacket preview on YouTube, just imagine going to cipher skills after first volley. caveat being that early on you may have trouble getting pistols or blunderbusses to dual wield.
  14. I know this is a little different from what you're asking, but: black jacket/ ascendant seems to have good synergy. look at the testing video scott Lufkin does. you cycle through blunderbuss/pistol shots to get to ascendant state, then spam your cipher abilities. that'll be my second playthrough MC.
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