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  1. Loading up a recent save and checking a tavern doesn't yield any sidekicks I'm pretty sure I've recruited? For example I've checked for example the top of the Spire in Sacred Stair and Ydwin isn't there, so I'm assuming I actually _did_ recruit her. All the regular party members are there. I did branch my saves a little, and loading an old save yields the sidekicks. I think this is a bug, perhaps related to mod issues -- I only have one mod and disabling it or removing it doesn't alleviate the issue. It's possible that mods created/loaded after a certain point caused this? Let me know if there's anything to do to debug this further.
  2. Normally since a new patch goes live, I'd update the mod ASAP (especially since it doesn't take very long to do), but since Beast of Winter goes live today, this'll be a little different, since I'm going to treat myself to playing the DLC before I update the mod Especially since BoW introduces a Priest of Rymrgand itself, I've been thinking about how to deal with this. Given that I don't know if the subclass is playable, I think I'm going to plan on releasing two versions of the mod: 1) the mod as-is today, for people who don't want to buy the DLC but still want the subclass, and 2) tweaking the mod such that you can either play the DLC subclass as designed _or_ my subclass. Well, the plan will become clearer once I stick my nose in the files!
  3. Thanks for finding these issues out. I'm going to look into this and make some other changes once my personal life settles down a bit and I get some free time, since I have none right now
  4. > - the Miss to Graze ability you mentioned, did you mean Graze to Miss? You mentioned making him seem more survivable I didn't quite understand No, I mean *your* Misses get upgraded to Grazes. The idea is as you get closer to being knocked out, you'll end up being slightly more effective at potentially finishing an enemy off before it finishes you off. > - how is the frost Holy Radiance AoE working out? I would think vessel only damage would make it worse since many have greater damage resistance to that type than they do to fire do they not? Maybe this could be balanced and made useful by making it vs. all enemies? Seems fine so far. I still need to playtest more, so nothing is really set in stone yet. What I'm thinking about now is that it's a bit cheesy having another healer in your party as a crutch, so I think another passive like % less healing received / % something positive might be in order. I need to think about that more. > here if you want i have translated it to italian Thanks! I appreciate that a lot. There will be potentially some text changes coming to the mod, so I won't incorporate it just yet until I change that text. I wouldn't want to have any text missing in the translations. Do you mind if I PM you once that happens for an updated translation?
  5. I don't know if you can use the new overriding capabilities to selectively override elements in the base progression table. Has someone tried this yet? I haven't had the time. However, if you do what I do in my Rymrgand priest mod and restrict base abilities from priests of that subclass, you need to modify the *base* progression table unlocks anyway. Depending on how clever the partial override system is, then that might work, or it might not...
  6. I interpreted OP's question about how to remove the usage requirements on figurines -- in generic terms, to have an item that grants an ability without restrictions on uses. Of course it's trivial to make your own figurines with the usual usage restrictions. I suspect you have to have some restrictions for something to work (otherwise things don't quite make sense).
  7. I don't think this would be possible as a consumable since the docs say ConsumableGameData should have an ItemComponent and a ConsumableComponent. Even though the fields are both called UsageType they index different enums. What you might want to do instead is look at an item that grants an ability, and then use that -- isn't there a number of weapons that grants Garotte or something? I can't quite remember. ah, that would require the item be Equippable... drat.
  8. Updated for 1.2. Also since the game seems to use the directory mod name in the UI, I've cleaned that up too. Once I hear how to make the mod metadata show up in the UI properly I'll update it again. Finally fixed the autogrant subclass appearance in the UI. Let me know if there are any compatibility or other issues!
  9. How do we update the compatible Deadfire versions and mod version numbers in the manager Ui?
  10. Right, there is a way to link things together. Take the object and look for incoming references. It doesn't really make sense to require the JSON to have reverse references as a mere convenience. What we really need are ways to dynamically extend things. Loot lists are the obvious example: they, like everything else, build top-down. Containers (or people) have references to their loot lists, which means that if we want to add objects to the container, we need to override the container, which means that different mods that override the container will conflict. It would be ideal if we could add ConditionalCalls on loot lists that would essentially mark which container they would belong to, so containers can dynamically load all loot lists that are marked as belonging to that container. This does require extra work of the game's resource manager -- it can't just merely treat the entire bundle as a lookup table indexed by UUID any more if that were the case, and can't necessarily just lazily load an object's data and its dependents when the object is referenced -- but a single pass through all LootList objects and building another lookup table alongside would mitigate that.
  11. > Could be nice to have a "create your own custom item" tool that write the gamedata files. Not so far, actually. As I've mentioned elsewhere, jq will process the gamedata files for you. You can do things like copying an existing item and patching it with the changes you want, or you can work out a blank item JSON and merge your own changes into it. The technology exists already.
  12. Ah, you have a list already. FWIW, if you want to compare: $ sed -e 's/\[,,*/[/g' statuseffects.gamedatabundle | \ jq '.. | try select(.StatusEffectType) | .StatusEffectType' | sort | uniq "AOEDamageMultiplier" "AOEDefense" "AbilityPowerPoolMaximum" "AccuracyAgainstRace" "AddEmpowerPoints" "AddFocus" "AddInjury" "AddPhrases" "AddResource" "AddWounds" "AdjustDurationOfBeneficialEffects" "AdjustDurationOfHostileEffects" "AdjustMaxEmpowerPoints" "AdjustSoulboundProgress" "AfflictionImmunity" "AfflictionResistance" "AfflictionTypeDurationAdjustment" "AfflictionTypeDurationMult" "AllAccuracy" "AllDefense" "AllDefenseExceptDeflection" "AoEMult" "ApplyStatusEffectOnEvent" "ApplyStatusEffectOnEventWithChance" "ApplyStatusEffectToEnemyByDamageDealt" "ApplyStatusEffectToEnemyByDamageRecieved" "ApplyStatusEffectToEnemyOnEvent" "ApplyStatusEffectToEnemyOnEventWithChance" "ApplyStatusEffectToSelfByDamageDealt" "ApplyStatusEffectToSelfByDamageRecieved" "ApplyStatusEffectToSelfByDamageTypeReceived" "ArmorRating" "ArmorSpeedFactorAdj" "AttackEnemyOnEvent" "AttackEnemyOnEventWithChance" "AttackReflectChance" "AttackResistance" "AttackSpeedMultiplier" "AttackTargetOnEvent" "AttacksCanGraze" "AttacksInterrupt" "AttacksInterruptOnCrit" "AttacksTargetAll" "BackstabAccuracy" "BeneficialEffectDurationMultiplier" "BonusAccuracyForNearestAllyOnSameEnemy" "BonusCritToHitChance" "BonusDamageProc" "BonusGrazeToHitChance" "BonusGrazeToHitChanceMeleeOneHand" "BonusGrazeToMissChance" "BonusHealMult" "BonusHealingGivenMult" "Bonu****ToCritChance" "Bonu****ToCritChanceEnemyDistance" "Bonu****ToCritChanceEnemyHealth" "Bonu****ToGrazeChance" "BonusMeleeDamage" "BonusMissToGrazeChance" "BonusPotionEffectOrDurationPercent" "BonusQuickSlots" "BonusRangedWeaponCloseEnemyDamageMult" "BonusShieldDeflection" "BonusUnarmedDamage" "BonusWeaponSets" "BreakAllEngagement" "CannotEngage" "CannotEquipOffhand" "CannotEquipShields" "CannotMove" "CannotUseFoodDrinkDrugs" "CannotUsePotions" "CannotUseScrolls" "ChangeForm" "ChanterPhraseAoEMult" "Concentration" "Constitution" "ConvertDamageToHealing" "CriticalDamageMultiplier" "DOTTickMult" "Damage" "DamageMinimum" "DamageMultiplier" "DamageMultiplierByRace" "DamagePlusStatusEffect" "DamageShield" "Deflection" "DelayUnconsciousness" "Destroy" "Dexterity" "DisableActiveAbilities" "DisableHostileAbilities" "DisableKeywordAbilities" "DisableModalAbilities" "DisableSpellcasting" "DisengagementAccuracy" "DisengagementDamage" "DisengagementDefense" "DistantEnemyBonus" "DistantEnemyWeaponAccuracyBonus" "DualWieldWeaponRecoveryMultiplier" "EnemiesNeededToFlankAdj" "EnemyCritToHitChance" "EnemyCriticalDamageMultiplier" "EnemyDamageMultiplier" "EnemyDeflectReflexHitToGrazeChance" "EnemyFortitudeWillHitToGrazeChance" "EnemyGrazeToMissChance" "EnemyHitToCritChance" "EnemyHitToGrazeChance" "EnemyReflexGrazeToMissChance" "EngagementLimit" "EngagementRadius" "ExtraStraightBounces" "FinishingBlowDamageMult" "FocusGainMult" "ForceWalk" "Fortitude" "FrenzyDurationMult" "GrimoireCooldownBonus" "Health" "HealthRechargeRate" "HealthRechargeRateMultiplier" "HidesHealth" "HostileEffectDurationMultiplier" "Immunity" "InjuryMaxHealthMultiplier" "Intellect" "InverseKeywordImmunity" "Invisible" "KnockedDown" "MarkedPrey" "MaxFocus" "MaxHealth" "MaxHealthMultiplier" "MeleeAccuracy" "MeleeAttackDistanceMultiplier" "MeleeDamageMultiplier" "MeleeWeaponDamageMultiplier" "MeleeWeaponRecoveryMultiplier" "Might" "MinimumWeaponDamageMultiplier" "ModifyResourceCost" "ModifyResourceCostMult" "MovementRate" "MovementRateMult" "NegMoveTickMult" "NegateNextRecovery" "NonEngageable" "NonEngageableByLowerLevel" "NonTargetable" "None" "OutgoingAfflictionTypeDurationMult" "Paralyzed" "PenetrationMult" "PenetrationRating" "Perception" "PhraseLingerMultiplier" "PhraseRateMultiplier" "PowerLevel" "PreventDeath" "PreventInterrupts" "ProjectileCountMult" "Push" "PushDefense" "PushImmune" "QuickItemRecoveryMult" "RangedAccuracy" "RangedAttackDistanceMultiplier" "RangedMovingRecoverySpeedMultiplier" "RangedWeaponDamageMultiplier" "RangedWeaponRecoveryMultiplier" "RecoveryTimeMultiplier" "RedirectMeleeAttacks" "Reflex" "ReloadTimeMultiplier" "RepeatAttacks" "Resolve" "ReviveAndAddHealth" "ScaleMultiplier" "ScriptEvent" "SetAnimationStatus" "SharedDefense" "ShieldDeflectionExtendToReflex" "SingleWeaponRecoveryMultiplier" "SkewDamageRangeUp" "Skill" "SkillAll" "SpellCastBonus" "SpellSteal" "StalkersLinkDamageMult" "StatusEffectDefense" "StatusEffectDurationAdjustment" "StatusEffectDurationMultiplier" "Stunned" "SummonConsumable" "SummonWeaponPrimarySlot" "SummonWeaponSecondarySlot" "SuspendBeneficialEffects" "SuspendHostileEffects" "TakeControl" "Terrified" "TransferDamageReceivedToOwner" "TransitionOVS" "TrapAccuracy" "TrapBonusDamageOrDurationPercentMult" "TwoHandedDeflectionBonus" "UnadjustedDamageBonus" "UnarmedAccuracy" "VeilDeflection" "VerticalLaunch" "WeaponProficiency" "WeaponSwitchCooldownBonus" "WhileKnockedDownDefense" "WhileStunnedDefense" "WildstrikeDamageMult" "Will" "WoundDelay" "ZealousAuraAoEMult"
  13. This is just a simple stringable global change, but note that the system won't do the nice tooltips for you automatically any more (though I think in theory, you can link them back in).
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