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  1. MNF against the Lions. Davante offically ruled out. But honestly I'm more worried about Darnelle Savage not playing. We've lost four games in a row against the Lions and I actually think this is the time we break that streak. I've been quite conservative about the projected results this season but after beating the Cowboys on the road I feel a bit more optimistic. With homefield advantage I think we'll give the Lions a beating. And if we are defeated, see this as a perfect jinx.
  2. Watched the Browns vs 49ers. Poor Baker. He seems more or less stressed all game by the pass rush. I'm not a particular fan of him, but I really felt sorry for him in that game. Hard to play well when you get that pressure in your face.
  3. Okay, so the point now seems to be that Baker snubbed a handshake after the coin toss, and did indeed shake hands prior to the coin toss. When I watch games on game pass it almost always starts after the coin toss is already done and over, so I know little about it and how the players greet eachother. Is it normal to shake hands twice, ie both before and after the coin toss? I mean, is snubbing the handshake after the coin toss something unique?
  4. Does anyone know what the deal was with Baker Mayfield? Why he didn't shake hands at the start of the game against the 49ers?
  5. Yeah, I heard he's on the last year of his contract. Would be shocked if the Cowboys doesn't have a new coach for the 2020 season.
  6. I can't belive how the Cowboys wasted this game away. Even though everyone knew how poor the Packers are against the run, and the fact that the Cowboys have the best paid RB in the league, they still decided it was the right call to pass the ball a whole (even in the beginning when they weren't down that much). I mean come on. It's like they wanted to lose. I'll take the win, for sure, I just can't belive how it was handed to us. Lions next. Go Pack Go.
  7. Stop it. You are just trying to un-jinx your own team. Sure you lost your LT but it won't matter much because you will be running the ball a lot. Zeke will gash the Packer D big and when they adjust, Dak throws it to Cooper or Cobb. Add homefield to that. It will be painful to watch.
  8. As for Packers at Cowboys. Note that Davante Adams, Bryan Bulaga and Jamaal Williams are all probably out. That is a huge downside to the offense. Cowboys have Zeke and Amari Cooper. I'm telling you, it won't even be close.
  9. I'm willing to agree. Though Miami have made every attempt to make sure they suck. I still can't belive they traded Minkah away.
  10. Packers D was almost invisible against the Eagles. King and Alexander were good, but other than that... So going up against the Cowboys we will take another loss I'm afraid. The Cowboys are better on all areas compared to the Eagles, except QB, but Dak has been good enough at the start of this season. Sure, the Cowboys got banged up a bit last night, but so are the Packers. Add homefield advantage to Dallas and the Cowboys will win by 21 points. It won't even be close. I hate this. PS. I know it's a shocking thought, but doesn't the Lions look kinda good?
  11. Sorry, but I really want a win against the Cowboys to shut the mouth of Skip Bayless. Not that it will matter I suppose, cause he will regardless find a stat that shows that Dak is outright superior to Rodgers.
  12. Stumbled ourselves to another win, yet again thanks to our D. I can't help feeling there's been a lot of luck to these three Packer wins. The Eagles might be where it all turns sour, we'll see. But for now, I'm super happy we're 3-0. Never saw that coming going into the season.
  13. Going into this week I was super optimistic about beating a 0-2 Broncos with Flacco at the helm. Cause at the beginning of the season I was certain we would be 0-2 ourselves at this point and here we are, top of the north and 2-0. But then by midweek I got thinking that the poison called "over confident" might strike against the Broncos, who themselves probably want vengeance after being robbed last week. Von Miller haven't had a sack yet and he probably wanna show up big on Sunday. Still Tugboat Flacco at the helm though. I'm currently cautiously optimistic.
  14. I thought the exact same thing. But then they started stumbling again. But it's okay. A new O takes time to get going and gel. I actuelly assumed we would be 0-2 by this week, so this is just a pleasant surprise. Go Pack Go! Saints without Brees is not a "real test". Fins trading away Minkah is just stupid. Even if they are tanking and want to start over with Tua next season, they still need some semblance of a core to get anywhere. Minkah should have been part of that core.
  15. So after the Packers upset the Bears last week I felt full of confidence and thought the Vikings at home would be a breeze. Then I saw the Vikings manhandle the Falcons and now I'm all nervous again and feel like a loss is coming our way. The defence looked good of course but Rodgers and the rest of the offence were really bad, and the Viking's defence will be at par with the Bears.
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