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  1. You bet they're gonna screw this up. I mean, no way they're gonna create BG3 in 2019 (or whatever year they'll release it) and make the old guard happy at the same time.
  2. Sorry, but RPG Codex is the other way you know.
  3. 2? I counted 4... *edit* Or 6 even.
  4. According to Martin there isn't. He stated as much in an interview. So what we saw last night I think will differ extremely much from the books. If there ever will be any more books that is.
  5. Thanks for the analysis, gromnir. I kind of agree with your take. People might wonder why Packers didn't trade down (from #12 pick), cause they pondered that but didn't get any good offers. The reason for that I thnk is that the QB market was really weak and it worked against the Packers this time. Around the internet, I see a lot of people bashing the Rashan Gary pick but Mike Pettine is a good schemer so I hope he can get a lot of good out of Gary. I prefer to see it play out before beginning to whine about it. As for the draft in general, they had four big needs and they addressed all four of them with their first four picks. So at the end of the day, I'm very happy about how it all played out. As for the biggest surprise. Well, certainly Daniel Jones, but Giants seem to make an effort to make silly picks in the first round so in one sense it wasn't a surprise. DK Metcalf is still a big surprise for me though. I know his tape wasn't that good but he was getting massive amount of hype, even being a top 10 pick, and to fall to the last pick of the second round, that is a huge surprise. And rounding off my top three surprises is Jawaan Taylor. For sure there were reasons but I heard nothing about it prior to the draft so it still made a good surprise for me (nice of Jags to snag him in round 2 though, as he was projected by many to the Jaguars in round 1).
  6. Apparently so. I was supersurprised too though. And howabout DK Metcalf? Sheesh, what a drop!
  7. So what do you say about round 1 of the draft? I'm surprised Jawaan Taylor wasn't picked. He was mocked high on a lot of mock drafts and was projected as the best tackle (though it was a close race I think). Very surprising. I liked that the Falcons picked Chris Lindstrom so early. I was hoping he would slide to my Packers down at #30, but that wasn't even close to happening. Two tight ends drafted before any WR. That's really something. Thought some team would trade up into the first round to grab Drew Lock or Will Grier. Surprised me that it didn't happen. As for the Packers, I feel content. I was crossing my fingers for Hockenson or Ed Oliver at #12 but it was a long shot. Rashan Gary has a big upside and we will see how it pans out. I like that they traded up to get the safety they wanted (and dearly needed). Feeling good so far.
  8. The QB class being as thin as it is this year, he will most likely be the first QB off the board this year. I'm not totally sold on Murray but enough hype has been created for him to be coveted in the draft this year.
  9. New deal done for Russel Wilson according to the latest reports. Smart of Seahawks to get this done. Wilson is one of the best and he's only 30. *edit* And Wilson is now the highest paid player in the NFL. *edit 2* http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001026538/article/russell-wilson-seahawks-agree-to-4year-140m-deal
  10. You didn't respond to my point. Snowden could show how innocent civilians got murdered by the US military. They face no charges for that, despite breaking the law. So why should Snowden?
  11. But why should Snowden face the law for "cyber espionage", when the US military murders countless civilian innocents, without ever having to face up to any sort of law? Snowden broke the law, but he did the morally right thing, much like Daniel Ellsberg did for example.
  12. I was only a lurker on the old BIS boards and quite frankly only remember Gromnir from back then. But it's still nice to see this old community of friends coming back and checking up on eachother. I'm experiencing the same thing on another board. It's heart warming.
  13. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. Aaron Rodgers shot back at the Bleacher report article. https://eu.packersnews.com/story/sports/nfl/packers/2019/04/08/packers-rodgers-rips-smear-attack-murphy-quote-defends-mccarthy/3405676002/ I know I'm biased, I love 12, but there was a lot of gossip stuff in the original article and stuff that has been known for quite some time, coming from the same two players as always. Aaron is certainly not easy to deal with all the time, but no one is liked by everyone. There's a lot of people coming to his support too. I'll side with my QB1 on this one.
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