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  1. I thought it was kinda weird how almost every single disposition seems to be in opposition to another one, while you can still get a high level on both. I cannot for the life of me understand how someone who is both very Cruel and very Benevolent would act, or someone who is both very Shady and very Honest. I suggest that all dispositions should be put in a binary dichotomy where increasing your reputation in one disposition would slightly decrease your reputation with the opposing disposition. Cruel vs. Benevolent, Aggressive vs. Diplomatic, Honest vs. Shady, Rational vs. Passionate and Stoic vs. Clever. My idea is that your character can still develop reputation for both dispositions at the same time, but at a much slower rate than usual, and doing one or two things that raise your reputation in a disposition that you don't want (the bane of paladins and priests across all of Eora) can be fixed with enough effort. I Also feel like it's kinda odd that there are no dispositions for how religious your character may be, considering the fact that the gods of Eora are a pretty big deal in both games. So something like Pious vs. Irreverent could be added as well I think. Any thoughts on this?
  2. They're going to have to do all of that anyways right? Pretty much everyone expects to get new companions in the expansions, and they will need all the voice actors back for that, so why not expand upon Ydwin rather than make a new companion?
  3. I'm the kind of guy who only uses the companions in my party rather than any self-made mercenaries, even when it makes the game harder. When I first encountered Ydwin she ticked all the right boxes for me and would definitely have been a mainstay in all my playthroughs after that, I loved that introductory conversation so much. So when I remembered that she was a sidekick without relationships with either the watcher or any other companions I got very disappointed. I'd wager that other people feel the same about at least one sidekick as well. Does anyone know if there are any plans to flesh out sidekicks and make them companions in the expansion packs? Because if there are it would make my next three months.
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