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  1. Just an update on my part, it was a hardware issue with my pc, not PoE. Sorry @devs for that ..
  2. Spot on review by RPGCodex. My conclusion: This game was made by bureaucrats. I lost a little bit of faith in obsidian, I was hoping for something better.
  3. Thats basically the whole game. But for me it's also the artwork. It's well made, but sterile. The environment lacks soul, an artists personal touch. The city feels clean and empty, the people in it are out of place line deliverers. The whole thing doesn't fit together. The world setting doesn't help either, it feels artificial - the guns destroy all mysticism of magic. The architecture and the people living in it are a thousand years apart. It's not a well thought out world, and if it was, it's not an interesting one. In my opinion, it's the designers fault, on all accounts. Not t
  4. I have the same issue when I play PoE, boom - out of the blue - PC restarts.
  5. What's around the corner? Trashmobs. Everywhere. Its tiresome and uninspiring. Feels like mmo grind. What to expect from exploring besides exp and trashmobs? More trashmobs. Stats don't really matter in this game, magic items don't really matter either, makes the whole thing rather bland experience. I don't know why this game is rated a 10/10 by some reviewers. Its a solid 7, an 8 once balanced and bugfixed. I'd buy more of these kind of games from obsidian, but I'm not really impressed with this one.
  6. Can you make it available for download? Put it on some cloud service or let us download it from your servers. Just make it available so GoG users can play over the weekend.
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