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  1. Agx-17 I respect your opinion but re problem is I don't know how to make a mod there are no mod making 101s around, and also did you not here when I said I know, there is no reason to continue arguing about it when we agree on the same thing okidokie? I recently played the game again and beat every ending (except Caesars I truly contempt him) and when I beat the ncr ending I realized why people say they are soooooo corrupt as general lee Oliver at the end says (SPOILER ALERT) sometimes the ncr losses track while trying to follow its instincts until people like the courier come along and put it back on track, one more thing when I disconnected mr house, I wanted to see if the ncr actually kills him, so before the battle of Hoover Dam I went to the lucky 38 to see if he was still alive, in fact he was which must of meant that they forgot to kill him or they do it after the battle but idk because it never says it in the endings
  2. I realize that know, the ncr needs to stop running over people, like Marcus the mutant said that they will regret t, its how revolution starts. I wonder if thats a hint of what may happen in the next fallout game?
  3. Cantousent what I'm trying to say is why would it be bad for yes man to work under mr house? Yes man does whatever you tell him to do, I also think that obsidian did a great job with their endings and such but what I'm trying to say is that it ticked me off that there was no diplomatic solution for the ncr and mr house
  4. If there is a mod out there which fits to my needs someone let me know
  5. Well if obsidian is not working on Vegas anymore, then there should at least be some sort of mod to fit people's needs of how they think things should have gone and when I said yes man should work for mr. House I meant as his litennaunt, and it was stated the yes man does whatever anyone tells him, how is that a problem for mr. House? He could help mr. House without any back talk and for the BoS it was actually suppose to be added in the game where mr house could leave the BoS alone but was never added to the final version of the game( there is mod for their alliance though) but I think me. House should have been a representative of New Vegas so both sides could agree, or Covince the ncr to leave mr. House alone, a dimplomatic solution of sort. But if obsidian is not working on NV anymore then maybe they should add them to fallout 4
  6. I guess the closets possible thing to NOT killing Mr. House is disabling him, but what i don't like is that you lose karma for disabling him or disconnecting him. But still I think there should be a choice, unless Obsisian Entertainment adds him in Fallout 4 if you didn't kill him or something of that nature.
  7. Dear Obsidian entertainment, I was recently playing fallout new vegas and I think a few changes nees to be made 1. for The House Always Wins V quest you should add it were the Mr. House ignores the BoS, it kinda ticked me off that you had to destroy the brotherhood of steel 2. for the quest For the Republic Part 2, the NCR and Mr. house should be able to have some kind of diplomatic solution so both sides are happy, because I really liked both factions and I wanted them to work together 3.There should be a choice in he game where some major factions are able to join sides for example Yes Man is able to work under Mr House command or NCR and Mr.House are able to have a treaty, There should be more diplomatic solutions in the game.
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