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  1. I have to agree with the sentiment that Fallout New Vegas is the most underrated Fallout game. And i would like to see Another Obsidian made Fallout game.
  2. Funny thing you should mention Dark Souls, Wenn! The combat is apparently inspired by it. They said so in a Devstream last year.
  3. Thats why is important to use a new save when playing the updates and are giving feedback.
  4. You can go really far using a Zip Line. You just have to build a tower (and get A LOT of web).
  5. WIth the Dandelion and the Zip lines we basically have a hang glider. Altho with the zip line you can transport stems etc. I do want one but at the same time i dont. I do like the ide of one, but the map feals to small for a Hang Glider, a Zip Line, and a Dandelion.
  6. The game is FULL Cross-Play, Steem, Win10 (and Win11 i think), Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S. She can play with you. You need to be her friend on Xbox (Xbox app on PC). Either of you will have to start the game as a Multiplayer > Host Online Game. The other one of you will have to join a multiplayer game. Note that ALL Save files can switch between MP and SIngle player.
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