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  1. I was just about to post this. Darn you. I will have my revenge in this life or the next or my name isn't Sir William Wallace.
  2. Shaggy is the reason for the phrase, "don't smoke what you deal in."
  3. I've been playing a ton of Low Magic Age. I finished the main quest (tutorial) a long time ago and I'm mostly taking my team from dungeon to dungeon adventuring. In more than 30 hours I only had one death. It helps that they're so high level now. I can't wait for the full release of this game though that's probably years away as there's only one guy working on it.
  4. Missed DA2 in there, too. So three directly in a row.
  5. With my Axis Football save gone I will have to begin my plans for league domination anew.
  6. My Jets had a good draft. The two 'safeties' are going to be linebackers in this defense. Joe Douglas might've outsmarted himself with the trade up to 14. True, he really only gave up a 3rd but Minnesota took two really good offensive linemen with 23 and the first 3rd they got from the Jets. They've had a really good offseason which is weird 'cause I'm so used to ripping them for making too many splash moves for players who can't contribute. Meanwhile, I'm pretty sure Aaron Rodgers will at least temporarily retire. I get the impression that he was sufficiently unimpressed with Love in pra
  7. Finally got my PC fixed. I had to wipe one SSD and lost all my save games.
  8. Talk to the NPCs. They have their own lives that go on as you progress the game. It has nothing to do with you, it's something very easy to miss, and yet the creators still wrote thousands of lines that 90%+ of players never see. Also, the world building is pretty great but they don't just dump all of it on you at once. You have to play father into the series.
  9. I could see it being potentially profitable depending on the religion.
  10. Is it worth clicking on this buttplug video?
  11. More sequels to bad 90's movies? Why, Hollywood? When you were doing sequels to 80's movies at least the original movies were good.
  12. I'm holding out hope that Microsoft buys the rights for Tyranny outright. I don't think Paradox will actually use them and I'm not sure how much their bean counters will value the property at. Honestly, I don't think it'd cost them that much, relatively speaking. I think there's plenty of room for Obsidian to make games for two different fantasy franchises especially since they're so stylistically different.
  13. I'm sensing a concerning pattern between this and your description of playing Cult Simulator.
  14. ...I haven't seen the history channel in over 15 years.
  15. Yeah. They even took the spell casting UI almost wholesale from BaK. But, that is why I'm interested. For anyone wondering, there is a closed beta for Call of Saregnar but seeing as that trailer is from 3 years ago and the project's only survived because of Petron support, the game's probably still a long ways off.
  16. I don't think it was originally planed as a trilogy but given that the second game is a direct sequel and it ends in a cliffhanger, everyone, including myself, expects a POE3 to finish up the Watcher's story.
  17. Finished Dragon Age: Inquisition and all it's DLC a few days ago. Just in time for my computer to get repaired. DA:I was alright but I can say that if I ever replay it I'll never play vanilla again.
  18. Japanese, German group mating? Think I saw that one.
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