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  1. There's a reason Seahawks are scared:
  2. So the Jets beat the Rams. I've known for years that the Rams secretly sucked but this surprised me. It's the most Jets thing ever that we can't even ****ing tank right.
  3. This would be funnier if I didn't know that typos plague the legal industry.
  4. And here I thought they were trying to give the Stick of Truth a run for it's money.
  5. Now I'm getting a bunch of Tim Conway sketches in my youtube recommended feed. I ain't angry, though.
  6. Wouldn't help. Adam Gase would still be the headcoach.
  7. Jets have already missed 3 short fieldgoals in the first half. We should hire this man.
  8. This guy sounds like Dorf to me. That's not exactly a Hollywood Dutch accent, but it is an accent.
  9. I've had problems with Galaxy too. Here's what I've leant from my now 6 years of experience using the platform: 1) Never pre download a game. To unlock the game Galaxy has to verify the game which can take as long as downloading to begin with. 2) They do something similar with patches. The data for the patch downloads first and then they alter the files within the game folder. This can take nearly as long as it would take you to download the game. 3) With a patch or unlocking game, even if the progress bar isn't moving that doesn't mean the game isn't still downloading. 4) Their servers are cr
  10. I'm playing a dude. Tried to run around town naked but they put drawers on me even when I stripped myself naked.
  11. It says 584mb for me on Galaxy, but it's been downloading for 30 minutes.
  12. There's a funny NSFW bug about male genitalia on reddit. Tried to link it but the forum tried to show the pick instead.
  13. Bioware already confirmed that ME4 is going to be about searching for what's left of Shepard. They chose a cannon ending (destroy) and moved from there.
  14. No you can't be 100% non-augged. There's a main quest in the first few hours that requires you to get a few basic upgrades. BUT, it doesn't punish you for using augs either unlike Prey.
  15. Couldn't find my way to a side quest and spent a whole in game day watching ads.
  16. If finally lowered my resolution to 1080 so I got get lock 60fps.
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