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  1. The derpiness of the prospector dwarf makes the entire first game worth playing by itself.
  2. Wow. Washington is destroyed the Cowboys. At this point the NFC East champ might even have 5 wins by the end of the season.
  3. Underrail is great but you want to be careful in your mix of attributes/skills/perks. The biggest downside is there's no fast walk button and getting around takes longer than it should.
  4. Desperados 3 gettin' a new expansion, I see.
  5. I thought the true meaning of Christmas was English authors making subtlety anti-Semitic fiction.
  6. Betrayal at Krondor was 1993 and it's open world.
  7. I know which is why it's so frustrating. The same thing might've happened if Trump won but it was just the talk of a national lockdown that finally scared my bosses into furloughing everyone in production.
  8. I worked in data entry. Its the talk of a national lockdown that is the final straw that broke the industry. Needless to say, I didn't vote Biden.
  9. I knew it was going to happen after the election, but I got furloughed today.
  10. Mass Effect Andromeda: Lets go to Andromeda! How? Who knows? Why? It'll be fun! We'll hint that there's a real story here but who cares.
  11. Pats and Jets are in the pillow fight of the century.
  12. This thread is why I drink.
  13. All I know is the industry standard for remasters is an EMB and a few textures and EA only ever bucks the industry standards in anti-consumer ways.
  14. You realize that it probably going to be a color filter and some minor texture updates, right? Bet I can find a group of mods to make ME1 look better than what they put out for this.
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