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  1. Axis Football Diaries: Week 9 vs Montreal Terrapins: You Had Me Goin' For a Minute I'm using my 'Ohio State' unies for this game. James hops on the bandwagon. I think these are actually the names of the devs. This is McGee's first interception this year. Took almost 200 attempts for the first one. They get the ball and go down to kick a field goal. They've got a great run game. Makes me feel like crap. First Quarter: 0 - 3 They throw an interception of their own here. RB/FB Hill fumbles and gives it right back. They put together a short d
  2. Companion: "Thanks for going with me to see my long lost son. It meant a lot to me." Main Character: "What's a parole officer for?"
  3. If the death of humanity is conjugal love, Grim Dawn is an orgy of deep and meaningful romance.
  4. Axis Football Diaries: Week 8 vs Cleveland Coyotes: Now in HD! Gotta pick the right helmet, jersey, pants combo for each game. That's how we started this win streak. The 'experts' don't believe in San Fran Magic. We force a 3 and out on their first possession and then go right down the field. Scored on this pass to my RB/FB Hill. They immediately fumble on their next offensive series. McGee throws a nice pass here for our second score. Busted coverage. I don't even know what they were trying to do. This was a conversion on a 3r
  5. Just saw Dak dislocate his foot live.
  6. Axis Football Diaries: Week 7 Tennessee Bloodhounds: Do not. Blitz. The Corners! Axis struggles with coding defensive movement. Pass completions were too high so as a band aid fix they lowered QB accuracy and WR catching because that's far easier than recoding the whole defense position by position. Anyway, both teams struggle in the first quarter. Quite a few yards but no points. First Quarter: 0 - 0 Both teams finally come to life in the second half. I score a touchdown and a field goal and they kick a field goal. The Bloodhounds have a solid run game. I'm jealous. I get
  7. Axis Football Diaries: Week 6 vs Vancouver Mallards: Wherefore art thou, Running Game? We get the ball first and go three and out. It isn't until midway through the quarter that either one of us get on the scoreboard. I kicked a field goal. Later in the quarter Sharks finally get into the endzone. First Quarter: 10 - 0 Their offense is doing terrible. Luckily for them their defense forces a fumble inside my 40 yard line. After a short drive they score. We get into the endzone once more before half. Aside from the fumble everything seems to be going our way. Second Quarter:
  8. Axis Football Diaries: Week 5 vs Washington Senators: Our Butt Fumble Game I'm not sure, but I think the Senators are from supposed to be from the state of Washington and not DC. Either way, it was raining hard all game. They jumped out to a 10 point lead helped by Hill my FB-turned-RB-turned-FB-turned-RB fumbling. Last time shifted him from ballcarrier to blocker was after another fumble. Thing is, he's a better runner than the actual RB. I thought I'd give him another shot 'cause my ground game is so bad. First Quarter: 0 - 10 They score again and at this point I'm thinking we
  9. Axis Football Diaries: Week 4 vs Winnipeg Devilcats: My First Win Streak The Devilcats and Sharks are evenly matched on paper but this quickly turned into a blowout. First drive we practically sail down field for a touchdown. I'm still not sure why the were in goal line defense but I'm not complaining. They go three and out and we get the ball back and score again. First Quarter: 15 - 0 The Devilcats put together a couple of little drives but both times have to kick field goals. My guys score twice once more and both times I go for two. I'm a little two point happy since lose to
  10. Axis Football Diaries: Week 3 vs Miami Warriors: You, Me, and Dupree I played this game a few hours after the week 2 game. I drank quite a bit in-between the two (not related to losing--I had fried chicken for dinner and every Southerner knows you can't have fried chicken with out alcohol). Not using this for as an excuse for my amazing playcalling but rather as an excuse for my temper tantrum of roaster changes after the game. Miami isn't a particularly good team. Feeling I'd learned my less from last game I decide to open up the playbook earlier. On my first possession I went right
  11. Axis Football Diaries: Week 2 vs. St. Louse Racers: Are We the Cowboys Now? This one is long because the game was easily the most fun and most challenging sim football game I've played in a long time. This game was tough. After winning the coin toss I elected to kick and get the ball to start the second half. That was probably the best coaching decision I made all night. They promptly took the ball right down the field. Made my defense look like the warm winds beneath their wings--there to lift them up rather than hold them back. Got all the way into the redzone and then threw a pick
  12. I think they're a five man team. I recently joined their discord.
  13. Not yet though the devs say that is a goal some time in the future. I don't know if they meant they were going to patching in to AF20 or if its a plan for future games. If I were to guess I'd say future games.
  14. Axis Football Diaries: Week One vs. New York Barons This was a test case for my new ugly-yet-effective gameplan. I went into this game knowing that I was going to ground it out and then take my shots in the air. My QB is a highly talented guy but because of his accuracy problems he's not someone I trust at this point to be the focal point of the offense. First quarter is ugly 0 - 0. QB has a high completion percentage and high yards per-attempt but few attempts. Meanwhile my FB-turned-RB already has something like 15 carries in one quarter but only 30-some odd yards and one fumble. S
  15. Axis Football Diaries: Preseason I took over for the San Francisco Sharks. They are among 5 of the worst teams in the league. I chose them because I didn't plan on keeping any of their top five players. First up, I replaced one scout with a new guy who was better at evaluating. Then hired a few new position coaches that were better as developing players. Next I bought a nationwide scouting report and began looking for players who fit the Shark way. My biggest targets are offensive linemen and defensive backs. Found a really good DB early on. Hopefully I'll be able to pick him up in the dr
  16. I'm playing Axis Football 20. I was a huge fan of the 05 - 07 Madden games. Those were easily the deepest franchise modes in simulation football. Madden since has slowly stripped away features down to the sad franchise mode they have now which is nothing more than asset flips with minimum features--they treat it like a loss leader for ultimate team builder microtransaction mini-game. Axis Football is an indie football simulation series made in unity that focuses on franchise mode. Many of the features in past Madden games are available in AF20. On top of the normal signing, trading, and d
  17. This was from back in May so I don't know if it was posted before, but it's new to me.
  18. That's better than the Jets who are just curling up into a ball and hoping they don't get hurt.
  19. Whelp. Since we lost to the Broncos I guess the season's over. If anyone needs me I'll be under the bar.
  20. Spent the day catching up on Days of Our Lives and then you just had to go and make a new thread.
  21. They came forth. Three wisemen and one green midget. And it was good.
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