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  1. US gave Al-Qaeda a start by funding them in the late 80's through the 90's. The Obama admiration did the same thing ISIS. They didn't even exist and until the US gave them weapons.
  2. A new one. And not China. When was the last time we picked a fight with a nation with any real military might? It'll be some smaller nation with little economic or strategic importance, probably populated by brown people that the old warhawks will go after. Also, the Obama era inherited a war and then escalated tension across the middle east. So while no 'new' war, they managed to make the existing one worse--notice that the European immigration crisis has calmed down the last few years.
  3. Whole conversation. Never said anything about 2020 or Biden or Trump or anything.
  4. But it 'eliminated' VP shenanigans by using almost the exact same language. There's no reasonable difference in wording which means there's no reasonable difference in law.
  5. Twice in US history the VP has decided the outcome of a precedential election by picking which electors to certify. John Adams, VP for Washington, ran for president in 1797 and read Georgia (no joke) to himself and won. Thomas Jefferson, his main opponent, returned the favor ('cause he was made VP for Adams) in 1801 by doing the same thing.
  6. Nah. He got drunk at an office Christmas party and started dry humping the hull of his ship to the laughter of his coworkers. That's where the scratch came from.
  7. That's 'cause it only makes sense if you're living in a fumigation tent.
  8. Going into 2015 they fired long time head coach Rex Ryan. You can say what you want about Rex, but his teams always over achieved. Rex's biggest flaw wasn't his foot fetish but the huge number of draft busts he collected over the years. When he left the team had little to no talent because of years of failing in the draft. They then hired Mike Maccagnan (which was a huge mistake) as GM and then tried to marry him to Todd Bowles at owner's orders. Bowles is less than average coach, but I don't think he was as bad as his record with the Jets would indicate. He was mostly hampered by Maccagnan wh
  9. It took two years, the 32nd offense both years, a 9-23 record, and the single worst season in Jets history, but ding-dong, the witch is dead. https://www.newyorkjets.com/news/jets-chairman-and-ceo-christopher-johnson-informs-adam-gase-he-will-not-return One quibble, they screwed over Rex after firing him, they even fired Todd Bowles, who is very well respected by the league, before he even left the stadium. Compared to that, this was very mild despite the fact Gase was both the worst and the most arrogant head coach we've ever had.
  10. Been house/dogsitting for my sister since Tuesday. A storm ran through yesterday early, early morning and her power went out. So there I was in a dark house surrounded by dogs and all of us sleeping in front of the fireplace. Thankfully, the power was restored today and my cabin fever broke.
  11. What's ten inches long and takes up 2/3rds of a queen size bed?
  12. This whole ****ing season:
  13. CDPR has a long history of having NPCs pee in public going all the way back to the first Witcher game.
  14. Played Bard's Tale 4 over the summer. Great game, though buggy and it has no replay value.
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