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  1. Let’s just hope.,cause flintlocks and bows cross bows the worlds first dwarf race in an single player rpg not to mention tobacco use prostitution and drugs it has a lot of potential if they stick with it and don’t start over
  2. So josh sawyer is who thank for making a the best apoc game on the market...?. Anyone hear off avowed yet heard it’s gonna be good let’s hope they just make a character creation with it not hero focused
  3. Cmon give us some news I’m sooooo stoked to play it or at least an release date cmon let’s get it!!!!!!
  4. I just hope the world wont end till at least 2025 so i can play all these wonderful games
  5. Finally!!!!!! Obs have made a fat mans dreams come true!!!!! An rpg were i can play a dwarf!!!!!!!! And is open world!!!! So stoked!!!!!!!!
  6. Can we plz get some more boats for poe2 on xbox1 please i love this game so much and a die hard fan off obsidian entertainment
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