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  1. I've never watched the movie V for Vendetta. Was it set that far into the future? The comic was set in 1997.
  2. It's funny. Through being a Jets fan I've more than learnt the sting of consistent defeat and through being a University of Oklahoma fan I've learnt the condescension of knowing you're going to win the conference every year.
  3. Looks like I'm gonna be 2-2. I felt like the Browns had the game if they could only get their sh*t together. Interesting to note that both the running quarterbacks this weekend were taking out of the game with injuries at one point. I wonder if teams next season will reconsider designed run plays with quarterbacks as a result; especially if the Mahomes can't play next week and miss out on the superbowl because of it.
  4. Yeah but it's the same thing with Covid testing.
  5. Browns offense is struggling. The Chiefs keep blitzing them and Baker's having a heard time completing underneath passes. Eventually they're going to have to go deep to loosen up that defense.
  6. ^ Those are ball boys to catch the ball if it goes over or to the sides of the net on a field goal. They are kicking a field goal there. You can tell because the net is raised.
  7. Knew I shoulda picked the Bills.
  8. Packers spanked the Rams like I thought they might. I'll give them credit as not nearly as many of the Rams players were wearing long-sleeved as I thought would see.
  9. I forgot how much Enter the Dragon's plot mimicked a typical James Bond plot. Take out the kung-fu and replace it with a poker tournament and you basically have Casino Royale.
  10. Packers, Bucs, Ravens (Not super sold on this.), Browns (It's been 3 weeks since Patrich Mahomes has played. I'm bettin' he comes out rusty and it takes him well into the second half to get going.)
  11. Woah, woah, woah. Let's not over reac--VILLIAN!
  12. Robert Saleh is the new Jets head coach. This was the guy I was hoping for. The only real downside is I can see him trying to keep Sam Darnold 'cause he's a defensive guy and imo we'd be better off trading Sam and starting over.
  13. I don't blame Microsoft for pulling the plug on Scalebound. Platinum basically took their money and chilled for 2.5 years and the only thing they had to show for it was a bad tech demo.
  14. First quarter almost done and Browns up 14 and driving. I'm exited to see how they screw things up.
  15. The only Sony console I've ever owned was a PSP and the tech was good but the games I got were terrible.
  16. RPGs with real-time-with-pause combat Old: The Baldur's Gate series The Icewind Dales series The Neverwinter Nights series Arcanum of Steamworks and Magick Obscura Dragon Age series Star Wars the Knights of the Old Republic series Recent: Pathfinder Kingmaker Serpent in the Stanglands Ember Towers of Time Kenshi Greedfall Sword Coast Legend (no longer available digitally)
  17. I've talked with several current and past Obsidian employees, all of which started out in QA which is crunch central, and they all confirmed that Obs doesn't do crunch.
  18. I agree but I don't think Hairbrained is going to be making a Shadowrun game any time soon.
  19. Didn't Arkane say they were done with the Dishonored franchise 'cause it didn't sell well? I thought that's why they made 'Dishonored 3' a standalone expansion rather than a full game.
  20. I play offline which makes the game world weirdly empty.
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