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  1. Bigger, though you might need a magnifying glass to tell.
  2. They powered up the lens flair levels to over 9000 and also made the terrible ME3 default femshep face canonical throughout.
  3. Well, Stafford is only going to be 33. He's a far better talent than Goff. Goff's contract gets higher the next few years until it runs out while Stafford's is only more expensive than Goff's this year and far less expensive each successive year after that. The Rams' window for winning a super bowl is only the next few years before they need to renew a bunch of contracts. Honestly, it wasn't a bad trade at all if you look at it from the Rams' win-now perspective. Plus Jared Goff is consistently ranked around 20th best quarterback in the league and had one of the worst contracts in the NFL and
  4. Here's a pretty good breakdown on that:
  5. I'll caution you: when used on a companion the respec doesn't give you back the exact amount of attribute points. There's a slider to determine how many attribute points you get on a reset, but some companions start with more than the respec on highest setting allows for.
  6. I can feel Irene judging me even in screen shots.
  7. To put it this way, player-for-player the Bucs are the best team in the league but most of the season their team chemistry was all over the place. Without Brady to galvanize them it is highly unlikely this scatterbrained group would've made it past a wildcard round.
  8. Great drive by the Packers soured by Rodgers unfollowing St Brown on twitter after the two point conversion drop.
  9. I'm picking Green Bay and the Bills. I feel like the Bills are peaking at the right time so I'm just going with the hot team rather than the proven one.
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