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  1. We've had some degree of fraud in every election going back to 1824 with John Quincy Adams but it's been a long time since we've seen this much blatant cheating in a presidential election.
  2. He shouldn't've said anything about fracking. That'll haunt him.
  3. I think Biden loses both Michigan and Pennsylvania.
  4. And yet they will count in PA for the next three days.
  5. Footage of Bill Belichick's off season preparation:
  6. Also if the level design and art teams are working from one perspective then the images tend to be clearer on what are traversable planes versus non-traversable.
  7. The story and characters are the weakest part of the game. And that's despite the fact that DA:I is a glorified single player MMO.
  8. They really want to release Cyberpunk 2020 in 2020.
  9. I live in the American south west. My state was one of those hit by that winter storm. I never lost power because I live minutes away from downtown, but I did lose internet for three days. I feel irrationally happy that I can now watch trashy youtube podcasts at home now. The power's still out at my sister's house 'cause they live in a rural part of the state (they've got a generator). I'm hopeful work crews can get power to everyone by early to mid next week.
  10. History repeats itself 'cause if grandma went backwards 100 years before she was born politics looked exactly like it does right now.
  11. Is that a wolf daddy? I might check it out if it ever gets released.
  12. Don't vote for the wealthy? Was the point of this meme to encourage people to not vote?
  13. Yesterday I saw a bumper sticker that said, "Best Damn Car Baby" instead of, "Best Damn Car, Baby".
  14. Bumper sticker: Proud parent of adoptees
  15. Don't know how I missed the announcement of a Eurojank title, but I somehow did.
  16. Not that surprising, but Piranha Bytes announced in a really round about way that Elex 2 is being delayed and from Bjorn's body language he sounds unsure if it will be done by next year.
  17. Like sands from an hourglass, these are the days of our Jet lives. It's obvious that acting owner Chris Johnson wants the team to tank. GM Joe Douglas is reluctantly going along with this--I'm guessing he understands that when you tank in the NFL you then have to purge the roaster because even a coaching change won't win the locker room back. Adam Gase is stupid enough that he thinks he can keep his job as long as he's doing exactly what Chris Johnson wants: loosing (also, making Gase coach the team through the whole season is one hell of a black mark on Gase's career--perhaps even a care
  18. I know nothing about Burisma! Those emails were fabricated!
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