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  1. Had this happen to me in Hawaii. It was the most memorable thing to happen the whole trip.
  2. EA has handled BioWare with kiddie gloves. Origin Systems wouldn't've lasted 3 years if they'd made half the mistakes BoiWare has.
  3. I always try to remake Power Rangers. Which particular generation and which particular characters depend on the game.
  4. New patch has the game crashing on launch for a lot of people (including me).
  5. I love Larry Niven even though he does have an obsession with BDOs (big dumb objects).
  6. The Outer Worlds does have a simple crafting system.
  7. For crafting I'd rather see something similar to Pillars but with a dash of Gothic. You collect the materials but then have to take them to a specialist who you pay to make/upgrade the weapons and armor. As for player homes, aside from a place to stash crap I don't care for player homes.
  8. I remember watching the BCS National Championship in '05 with Texas and USC. I hate both teams. Mostly I thought, "Hmm. Maybe the stadium can be sucked into a vortex." Watching Apple/Google and Tencent I find myself thinking the exact same thing.
  9. Not nearly as much crossdressing as I expected.
  10. I feel like VtMB2 would work best as a spring or summer release anyway.
  11. As if I don't leave enough digital footprints everyday as it is.
  12. Bought Horizon Zero Dawn for PC. For a game that has two of my favorite things in the world, redheads robots and dinosaurs, it's pretty meh. I don't know how the aiming is with controller, but with keyboard and mouse the drop off of the arrows are so bad that the reticle is basically useless so I've been using melee stealth. There's a fight at the end of the prologue that throws waves of enemies at you. That fight was annoying. So far the best thing about the whole game is getting a robot mount.
  13. Too late. Did ya see the trailer?
  14. Well, they say 'companions' not 'followers' and that they're not like the Outer Worlds. I assume they mean Companions and not bots.
  15. If this leak is to believed, then the game will be party based. https://www.resetera.com/threads/xbox-game-studios-otx-you-had-me-at-halo.246538/page-252#post-40806123 For the record, if the leak is real, I suspect that the information is less substantial than it appears mostly 'cause it looks like an early concept wishlist of features rather than a list of things will absolutely be in the game.
  16. Well, Disney's going through some financial problems. They gotta recoup the cost of running those theme parks some how. Good thing they bought Fox last year.
  17. I just got here to link the exact same article. I thought Vince McMahon did a pretty good job of creating a decent product. Not gonna lie, I'd love to see an XFL/CFL merger.
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