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  1. I'm pretty sure Peter Parker has the highest body count out of all three.
  2. So I'm the only poor bastard who played Mass Effect Andromeda? That whole team. Complete crap. 1) You couldn't direct them to use there powers in combat 2) You can't equip them with the items you want them to use 3) They have dead-end skill tree options 4) They're all annoying as hell 5) You have to have two of these idiots with you at all times. They make the pawns in Dragon's Dogma look thoughtful and fleshed out as personalities.
  3. Looks down right fridget compare to my Jets.
  4. Jets over/under 10 wins for this and the next two seasons total? I'm going just over at 11 but 0 for this season.
  5. Crimson acid is probably what the artist who designed those sprites was on when he made them. He must have an arm fetish.
  6. Id's still in the car pretending not to be drunk.
  7. "Look what the Watcher gave me, Eder! Isn't pretty?" It suits you for sure.
  8. I prefer to forge my overwhelming disappointment into cheap observations no one cares about. My like to comment ratio reflects this.
  9. Where'd you get this footage of Google?
  10. Never thought they'd pull it out. By the 2nd quarter I thought the Falcons were gonna roll.
  11. Less than a minute after kickoff and the 49ers already scored. On their first play. 80 rushing touchdown. Can we fire Adam Gase now, Chris Johnson?
  12. Go with the green. You don't live in the States but everyone knows green is the official color of money.
  13. It's Tuesday and Adam Gase is still the Jets head coach.
  14. It started back in 2008 when they started to rewrite the dictionary.
  15. I was already going to wait until some DLC clans came out and try to buy the game + DLC on discount, but after seeing that they split the campaign and sandbox missions I'll probably stick with Mordheim until/unless they fix this later.
  16. It'd be the same as a soccer game that ends tied 0-0 with each coach having to appeal to the court of public opinion that they actually won.
  17. ^Dodos make a honking sound that ends with a death gurgle.
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