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  1. I'm having the same problem. I quit playing for a few weeks, as I don't want any botched quests, but I came back to the game today and the bug is still there. I'm close to being done with this; it's been long enough that I'm starting to forget parts of the plot and in truth, I just don't have the same enthusiasm for the game as I did when I first encountered the bug.
  2. First, I am well aware of how incredibly complex the design and execution of a game like this can be, and I certainly don't mean to be pushy. I know the folks at Obsidian work very hard, and I very much like The Outer Worlds; it's one of only a few games in recent months that has captivated me so. I am currently playing The Outer Worlds on the PS4, and I am dealing with two bugs: The first is the Parvati side mission; she disappears as soon as I get to a certain stage in the mission, and I have stopped trying to make it work. The second is the Ellie mission where I am to meet her parents. During my conversation with Ellie on board the ship, the mission is tagged as 'botched' before the mission becomes available to complete. I have stopped playing, as I don't wish to proceed further without being able to complete these missions, and I am just wondering if a patch might be coming soon. I would very much like to continue the game, as I am quite enjoying it, but I don't want to proceed further into the narrative without tying up these missions. If anybody knows anything about possible work being done to rectify these (somewhat common by my reading) issues, I would be most grateful. In the meantime, I'll continue to wait until the issues have been resolved before continuing my game. Thank you all for your time.
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