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  1. Hi guys! I will only start playing Pillars 2 and I would like to create some dark multi-class. Such a combination of a character who fights well in close combat with the use of dark magic. Such a dark knight with the magic of Necromancy maybe .. What would you like here to propose a combination of classes? Something with Chanter? With Mage? With Druid? And to what one fighting in melee? Someone so dark who would fight well and at the same time used dark magic well. I would like to receive not one from you but a few suggestions Thank you in advance!
  2. How about the most powerful multiclass for Rogue? Rogue + Wizard or something else?
  3. Hello! Does anyone know of you maybe what is the most powerful build in the game? Do you have any examples? What interests me the most is the multi-class. I am surprised that in general most players from what I see on YouTube choose a one-class, if Obsidian praised and praises the novelty which is the multicyclity that gives more space for skills and combining them! At the moment I created myself a Wizard connected with Druid, which Warlock came out from. You can combine their skills perfectly. Do you know something stronger and more interesting?
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