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  1. Yep, should appear right there. Thank you for checking. @Elric Galadany idea why it may not be working? Files all appear to be in order.
  2. Could somebody please confirm the Typo component of the Community Patch is working? It doesn't seem to work for me. Easiest way to check is verify whether Priest class descriptions include their favored and disfavored dispositions. If not, then it's not working.
  3. The Community Patch mod includes a component that fixes a number of typos in the English language text, and I seem to remember that it used to work, but right now I can't make it work. Rather vexing as I'm collecting more typos to fix as I go and I occasionally run into some I've already fixed because the mod won't work. Any chance someone could have a look? Easiest way is to see whether Priest subclasses include an indication of their favored and disfavored dispositions in their description, as that's an addition from the Community Patch files. What would be the most common reasons why text modifications don't work?
  4. Great stuff. I'll try to build Fassina this way as a Wizard/Chanter in my current playthrough. May finally make sense of her.
  5. @Phenomenum, @MaxQuest, are either of you still active at all? I'm going through the game again and fixing a number of typos as I go. Once I get to the end, I'll have an updated typo component for the Community Patch at the ready, but in your absence I wouldn't be able to upload it to the Nexus. If push comes to shove, would you be willing to include it in your Balance Polishing mod as an update for the Community Patch, @Elric Galad? Also, while we're here—there are two dialogs I'd like to fix but cannot find in the game's files. One is the dialog from your very first meeting with Furrante, where he "lends" you Serafen. The other is the dialog with Oswald right after you save him from the Woedicans and ask him to join your ship crew. If anybody knows which file these dialogs are in and could point me to it, I'd be grateful.
  6. One more thing—is it possible to make the Minoletta's Minor Missiles cast by Spearcaster's Arcane Bolts scale with Power Level?
  7. Helwalker/Streetfighter with Nomad’s Brigandine, Imagined Pain, Riposte and Offensive Parry would be a triple combo fest
  8. @Elric GaladIs there a way to check whether the Torc of the Falcon’s Eyes is part of the random loot list? Or perhaps it should be sold by a merchant but isn’t showing up because bugs? It’s in the game’s resources and has a brand new, spiffy icon that isn’t the same as in the first game—yet it seems nobody’s ever found it since the game released.
  9. Has anybody actually found the Torc, though? I don't recall ever seeing it in any of my playthroughs.
  10. Of course Guess I'll have to use the Unity Console to make it less random, then...
  11. Does anybody know whether it is possible to change equipment models' offsets and how to do that? Cloaks on female models appear to be either too low compared to their shoulders, detached from their shoulders, or both. It would be great if the offsets could be tweaked so the cloaks fit nicely like on male models.
  12. Definitely not normal, but that legacy was created shortly after the game's release. There's a fair chance it won't work with 5.0. It was nothing special, really. Just guaranteed to have the DoC breastplate and BoeTP, Gift From The Machine, and I can't remember exactly which Blood Pool sacrifice.
  13. So, for the sake of a Devoted/Stalker build with the objective of maximizing Accuracy and Penetration combined (while attaining good attack speed and DPH), we could go something like this: Level Fighter Ranger 1 Disciplined Barrage Marked Prey 2 Wounding Shot 3 Resilent Companion 4 Two-Handed Style Vicious Companion 5 Fighter Stances 6 Merciless Companion 7 Disciplined Strikes Marked For The Hunt 8 Accurate Wounding Shot 9 Rapid Recovery 10 Weapon Spec. Stalker's Link 11 Hunter's Claw 12 Penetrating Strike 13 Armored Grace Binding Roots 14 Mob Stance 15 Predator's Sense 16 Improved Critical Survival of the Fittest 17 Hunter's Fang 18 Defensive Bond 19 Weapon Mastery Thorny Roots 20 Uncanny Luck (Not sure what's up with the colors...)
  14. I've been toying with the idea of the Devoted/Stalker build outlined here, and I was wondering—besides Hunter's Claw/Fang and Whirling Strikes, which Ranger abilities work with melee weapons?
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