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  1. Isn’t it kind of hard to trigger Brilliant with a Tactician if playing with a full party? Granted, a Cipher can make all enemies in a mob flanked but keeping your entire party from being flanked is no easy task against numerous foes (and if foes are very spread out, like in most ship fights if you board—which I always do—the Cipher’s power won’t catch all of them.)
  2. How does the Takedown Combo + Disintegration thing work, exactly? I’m planning a Ghost Heart / Ascendant build for my next playthrough and I don’t think I’ve included any of those abilities in my prospective ability tree.
  3. I'm pretty sure there's a mod that lets you do that. Personally I'm glad you can't in the unmodded game. Giving players access to that subclass would cheapen Tekehu by making him less unique.
  4. Tekehu is also an excellent nuker with all Water/Frost keyworded spells, plenty of which are foe-only (in his case) and he gets bonus PL from his starting weapon.
  5. It is, but it's a short one I try to stick to longer spell names that start by the name of the Wizard, like Arkermyr's Capricious Ex, Llengrath's Safeword, and Ninagauth's Throbbing Pillar.
  6. ...and my next ship will be called Citzal's Exciting Amory, to continue in the tradition of lore-consistent soft-core movie titles I've been honoring since my first playthrough.
  7. I'm kinda bummed I missed out on Amira's Blessing for my current play through. Oh well. Will try to get it and keep it next time.
  8. IMO Cipher/Ranger is not about offensive casting. It's about buffing/debuffing and hitting hard either ranged or melee. Druid/Chanter is all about healing and support; I wouldn't use it to cast offensively. SC casters area always going to have an edge on offensive casting because of the higher PL.
  9. Interesting. That would save me a metric ton of time. How would I got about it in Visual Studio?
  10. It does indeed. How do you find these so efficiently? I'd been looking for that one for forever!
  11. Thank you, @Kvellen Would you happen to know the whereabouts of the dialog from your very first encounter with Furrante, when he hands you Serafen?
  12. Anybody know what file hosts King Wingauro's dialog from The Beast of Winter? I can't seem to find it. I also couldn't fine the Steel Garrote class description anywhere.
  13. All right, I got it to work both by itself and in conjunction with other mods (loaded second-to-last, with Enhanced UI loaded last.) The dispositions only show in the ability tree, so I'll find the strings that display during character creation to add them there as well. Last I checked, I couldn't find them in gui.stringtable so they might be elsewhere. * I'll also look into adding favored and disfavored dispositions to Paladin orders. The true test, however, will be whether I run again into a typo I've already fixed. A typo in the text where you recruit Oswald as a crew member is what tipped me off the first time. We'll see. Here's the updated package as it is right now for those interested: CommunityPatchTypos.rar Thanks for checking and helping out, @Aurelio and @Ivanfyodorovich! * EDIT: They're in cyclopedia.stringtable for every deity but Woedica. I'm not sure I want to put dispositions in the cyclopedia entry, though. Thoughts?
  14. No dice. I've tried loading the typo stuff exclusively and still can't get the dispositions to show.
  15. Several, all in the override folder. My files follow the same folder structure as can be seen in those downloaded from the Nexus, as I tried to replicate exactly the originals' directory. I'm loading it close to last; I'd need to check, but I believe only the improved UI mod is loaded after it.
  16. Ah, I see what you mean. I've just downloaded the typo component from the Nexus and it is indeed lacking the dispositions I'd added to abilities.stringtable. I'll add them to gui.stringtable too *, but I don't think that's the (only) problem. I've run into typos I'd already fixed in my current playthrough, which suggests the typo component just isn't working at all—and I have no idea why. * I'd added the text to the class description, whereas gui.stringtable only carries the bonus spells they earn so no modification necessary there.
  17. I'm using my local files, which should equate those available for download at the Nexus as I don't think I added much to them until very recently.
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