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  1. The problem with St. Ydwen's Redeemer is that there is no in-game model for it in Deadfire. If someone could extract the model from PoE and share it, I would gladly try my hand at it. As for the Steam Workshop, I'm not sure how to do it—and I don't have a Steam account, which might be required?
  2. ICYMI, I released a mod that ports a few items from Pillars of Eternity to Deadfire—with no overlap with @MaxQuest's Spoils of Caed Nua. Here's a link to the Nexus mod page. Enjoy!
  3. ICYMI, I released a mod that turns unique per-rest bonuses into permanent ones so you don't have to be locked into a no-rest run to collect them. Here's the link to the Nexus mod page. Enjoy!
  4. I've just a released a small mod that replaces recycled icons in Deadfire with unused icons from Pillars of Eternity. Screenshots of all new icons are available on the Nexus mod page. Hope you enjoy it!
  5. I've just released a mod called Soul Charged Nautilus: an overpowered trinket for those who tire to do somersaults to get good attack speed and/or those ever-elusive tier-3 Inspirations. The trinket will appear in the player character's inventory upon installing the mod and provide all tier-3 Inspirations at the flick of a finger, as well as a blanket -50% recovery to the whole party all the time. Enjoy the power creep
  6. If you PM Max on the Nexus he'll get an email notification and get back to you. I've been in touch with him yesterday to hand over the updated typo component.
  7. I'm trying to create a trinket which, among other things, give all Tier 3 inspirations to the wearer. Here's a link to what I've got. Essentially, all Tier 3 inspirations work perfectly fine except Intuitive. I can make Intuitive work on its own, but as soon as I had even one other Tier 3 inspiration, Intuitive gets cancelled and cannot be gained again (not even from other abilities like Disciplined Strikes.) Anybody knows why this would be the case?
  8. If you Ring Leader foes, can you Antipathetic Field them as well? Even if they are not on the opposite side of the mob/boss, you can just walk to the side and place yourself on the opposite side. High-level Cipher has some great abilities. If I weren’t so keen on melee single-target DPS, I’d try one.
  9. I’ve had a lot of fun with a melee Ghost Heart / Ascendant build (even though this multiclass combination is more commonly played ranged with Frostseeker.) It can be crazy from a number crunching perspective as well, reaching Accuracy peaks of 192 (!!) with 18 Pen when using an estoc. Devoted / Ascendant, which I’m playing now, sacrifices some Accuracy in exchange for slightly better speed and 20 Pen with estocs. Next up will be Streetfighter / Ascendant, which should be the fastest of the three, with the highest damage numbers (Accuracy similar to Devoted / Ascendant; same Pen as Ghost Heart / Ascendant) One of the perks of playing a Cipher yourself is that you don’t need to take Ydwin or Serafen for the ride in order to do Ancestor’s Memory / SoT shenanigans (which I do in every playthrough without fail.)
  10. I'm quite sure either the Community Patch or @Elric Galad's mod address this, though. Both are heartily recommended
  11. I haven't checked myself, but it shouldn't. Both are a passive bonuses, and passive bonuses in Deadfire always stack. @KaylonSummoned weapons definitely do not scale to Legendary? I seem to recall they did. EDIT: Looks like they do, according to @thelee's guide.
  12. FWIW, I feel the same as Guest Ontarah. The reveal at the end of PoE matters to the Watcher and their companions in light of their dealings with Thaos and the root cause for the Hollowborn crisis. It would not necessarily bear the same meaning to everybody else, nor would it necessarily entail earth-shattering political or societal upheavals. Philosophically and religiously, sure, it would tip the scales—but does the artificial nature of the gods make them any less real? They still very much exist and they still very much hold a metric ton of power. They still embody their respective portfolios. If people had been satisfied with their faith up until that point, they might as well keep being satisfied afterward. Some people may feel betrayed and abandon their faith; others may even become mouthpieces for atheism and/or liberation from the gods, but it's not like everybody and their dog would automatically follow suit like an Eora-wide hoard of mindless drones. IMO it makes sense for the Watcher to be shocked at the revelation that the gods are artificial. It's kind of a big deal and, as the game shows, has ramifications and implications (not least of which the Leaden Key's overarching plot to hide the fact causing damage like the Hollowborn crisis in the name of the end that justifies the means.) After processing the information, the Watcher may then settle on any of a number of possible stances: I don't care about the gods; I don't care about their artificial nature and will keep my faith; gods are a fraud and should be exposed; the consequences of exposing the gods on a world-scale would be disastrous and it should be kept a secret; etc.. Even then, as has been mentioned, trying to expose the gods as artificial without hard evidence (which, let's face it, the Watcher does not possess at the end of the first game) would likely be dismissed as the ravings of a lunatic (Watchers are driven mad by their Awakening, remember? Go explain everyone that you're different because you're speshul.) And if the endeavor somehow started to catch on, don't you think the gods would take notice and do something about it? The Leaden Key wasn't over after Thaos's death and may still operate to obfuscate that truth (and the Hand Occult happily continues to do so with any truth they stumble upon.) In Deadfire, it is strange that you cannot discuss the matter with your companions—and I certainly agree that it's odd how Pallegina wouldn't rub it in Xoti's and Tekehu's face (but would they heed her words? She clearly has a bone to pick with the gods, so who's to say her hatred hasn't reached paroxysm and she's not just throwing a hissy fit?) Yet it isn't strange for the Watcher not to proselytize about it every chance they get. Go explain Queen Onekaza that the god stomping around in a 7-ft. adra statue is kith-made, see if she gives two damns and a half vis-a-vis the situation she's got on her hands. "Oh, well, why didn't you say so? If he's kith-made then all good. He can stomp around my isles all he wants and suck souls out of my people no problem." The game never said you could stop Eothas. In fact, it makes it plenty clear that you can't when Ondra and Magran try and fail. Surely you would not expect the Watcher to hold more power than two gods combined? You've got Eothas's ear, sure, but I'm still wondering why. You're just a puny mortal like every other. You're a Watcher but you're neither the first, nor the last. You know of the origin of the gods but that doesn't make Eothas beholden to you in any way—it shouldn't come as a surprise that he eventually goes through with his plan regardless of what you say. He's clearly put a lot of thought and effort into it, for better or worse, and he's not going to relent just because a mortal chased him and shook their finger angrily at him. Indeed, your mission was never to stop Eothas; Berath tasked you with finding out what his plans were so that the gods may take action accordingly (which they failed to do, as we now know), and you needed to retrieve your soul in the process for, as it is explained by the Steward at the beginning of the game, the farther away Eothas walked with your soul in him, the weaker and unlikely to wake up the Watcher became. It's already a lot that you can actually make Eothas destroy all life under specific circumstances. I do believe, however, that you can get Wael's titan to crush Eothas and prevent the destruction of the Wheel. I haven't pursued that ending, but I recall seeing ending slides with the titan assaulting Eothas.
  13. Indeed, those are two item mods I'm using as well Under other there's Sated Ravenous Hunger from Engoliero do Espirs, Amira's Blessing, Nature's Resolve, and Aenalys' Boon.
  14. I'm afraid it's not possible without using mods (my character's using items ported over from the first game): Base Berath Item Insp Other Talent Alchemic Total MIG 17 2 6 5 3 1 2 35 CON 8 2 3 2 15 DEX 18 2 4 5 5 1 2 35 PER 19 2 4 5 2 2 2 35 INT 8 2 2 2 14 RES 8 2 2 5 2 2 21
  15. Here's what my fully buffed Ghost Heart / Ascendant looks like at level 20: Damage doesn't show the raw lash from Engoliero do Espirs; Accuracy doesn't show the +10 bonus from Stalker's Link. With Fighting Spirit and the Blinky pet you can get to a whopping 192 (!!) Recovery is down to, if memory serves, 1.2 seconds 1.4 seconds (but that's with Faster Deadfire and Deadfire Unnerfed; it would be significantly slower otherwise; using pet Abraham would probably get me to 1.3, which could be 1.2 with the BotEP—but really, at this point 0.1/0.2 seconds matter nothing.) In the unmodded game numbers may be (in fact, probably will be) lower.
  16. Yeah, I believe that was my chief mistake—I was always in range of her spells the whole time. I'll try to stay at the entrance next time to kill the goons and let the lightning sigil kill itself.
  17. All the mods I have actually make the game easier I'm playing PotD with a couple god challenges, neither of which should have any impact on this particular encounter. Everything else is either neutral or in my favor. I'll try my hand at it once more and I'll see if I can use nVidia Shadowthing to record a video and upload it, so you can all see how sloppy I am at this game
  18. Thank you, both. I got Konstanten's Room bonus for the extra 30% reflection, and changed most of my party members' armor to try and increase AR against Shock. I could only improve it by 1-2 points; the sigil has pretty good Pen vs the amount of AR I can get. The heavier armor made my main slower, which made killing the goons slower still so I couldn't down them. Reflection against the lightning sigil was better, but it still downed at least two party members. LOL, I don't know if I can beat this fight. Belranga was so much easier! I'd love to share my save just to see a video of @theleeROFLStomping the encounter with my party, but I'm using so many mods I'm not sure the save would even work in an unmodded game.
  19. What is considered by most as arguably the easiest of the megabosses—Sigilmaster Auranic—is positively kicking my butt. My party comp is: - Watcher (Ghost Heart / Ascendant melee build) - Pallegina (SC Paladin) - Xoti (SC Priest) - Aloth (SC Wizard) - Maia (SC Ranger with Spearcaster) All level 20 with all the equipment bells and whistles (and all the temporary resting bonuses, since I use my mod to make them permanent.) I used Captain's Banquet to make the crew immune to the sigil that terrifies, which is what Auranic starts combat with. In that time, I try to take out her two goons, though I don't always manage to kill both. Then comes the sigil that shots lightning and that's when sh!t hits the fan: Even if I manage to destroy the sigil with a Missile Salvo + Storm of Holy Fire, and even if I protect all my party members with potions of Improved Arcane Reflection, it downs at least two party members if not three (including Xoti so I can't resurrect the others, of course.) If I miraculously survive that sigil, the one that shoots missiles like they rained from the sky follows and we all board the TPK train. How do I handle this?
  20. I've recently published a mod that ports a few items from Pillars of Eternity to Deadfire. LINK One such item is the Glittering Gauntlets, that bestow the Dazed affliction upon scoring or receiving a Critical Hit. The item works perfectly fine in-game, except the ability never shows up in the combat log (although it does appear correctly on the list of afflictions the target is suffering when hovering the mouse cursor over the target.) I tried to look at the code and I can't see anything that would prevent a message from appearing in the combat log when a Critical Hit is received or scored (e.g. "...and hits with additional effects (Dazed for x.x seconds.") On the same mod page I've also made available a fixed version of the Binding Rope from @MaxQuest's Spoils of Caed Nua mod. It works and it does show in the combat log, but weirdly so: It says something like "affects target with Binding (Binding Rope) (Binding (Binding Rope) for x.x seconds.)" It should say "affects target with Binding (Binding Rope) (Immobilized for x.x seconds.) Again, everything appears to be in order in the files, so I'm not sure what gives. It's just cosmetic issues, but any help would be appreciated.
  21. Using the Engoliero in my playthrough now. It seems that the Sated bonus stays on until you rest or the next combat encounter starts. Every time a new fight ensues, the bonus seems to revert to a penalty until your fist kill.
  22. Does anybody know whether the Soul Devourer enchantment (and subsequent upgrades) only works on enemy targets? I was thinking to use a figurine and summon a relatively weak creature at the start of combat to kill it quickly and turn the penalty into a bonus, which would make the Ravenous upgrade totally worth it (even in boss fights.)
  23. Just got to the fight myself. In my run, I set the background as having pledged to Galawain and betrayed him (I always do it on purpose to get him to buff the dragon fights.) Right before the fight ensued, our dude Galawain tugged at my soul to let me know I was about to taste his vengeance and what have you. Jadawhatever then had the "Galawain Wrath" buff. So the name of the buff/debuff is not addressed to the dragon, but to the Watcher (if Galawain is angry with the Watcher, Galawain's Wrath buffs the dragon; if Galawain is pleased with the Watcher, Galawain's Favor weakens the dragon.)
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