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  1. Are you playing on PC? If yes, then you could try the Deadly Deadfire mod. It should make the game more challenging (I don't recall if it also has a component to slow down XP gain; I seem to remember it does.)
  2. Here's my attempt at making these bonuses permanent. Doesn't seem to work for me, even though the files have the correct extension and contain no syntax errors. I double-checked and the directory structure is also accurate. Any ideas as to why it doesn't work would help. Permanent Per Rest Bonuses.rar
  3. Thank you, @Noqn I tried to make a mod that turns per-rest bonuses into permanent bonuses, but it doesn't seem to work. Directory structure is fine; file extension is fine; no syntax errors within the files themselves. I'm attaching it here. Could you try if it works for you? Permanent Per Rest Bonuses.rar
  4. I'm trying to locate the status effect for Amira's Blessing, the per-rest bonus obtained from the burning building scripting interaction in Neketaka. I've tried searching the statuseffects.gamedatabundle file, where all other per-rest bonuses appear to be, for all of "_dex", "boon", "blessing", and "amira" but I couldn't find it. I even tried "building" and, I believe, "burning". No dice. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Do you know whether the attribute bonuses from Nature's Bounty stack with Inspirations? I guess not but figured I'd ask. Also, the description for Nature's Bounty says the potion also heals but the wiki doesn't list any healing properties; don't have the game handy right now. Does it, in fact, heal?
  6. That I know of, in accordance to Deadfire's stacking rules, active speed buffs don't stack with each other—so for example if you play a Barbarian/Monk, the speed buffs from Frenzy and Swift Strikes won't stack. Likewise with the speed buff from Deleterious Alacrity of Motion if you play a Monk/Wizard or Barbarian/Wizard, and speed buffs from consumables as well are considered active AFAIK. Tangentially, Crimson Panoply's Frenzy is a passive effect and its speed bonus will stack with consumables or other active speed buffs.
  7. They are graphically presented as alternative enchantment paths and the last two enchantments of each path are mutually exclusive; it stands to reason that their prerequisite enchantments would also be exclusive.
  8. In Aloth's armor, the Elementally Stable and Known Causality enchantments do not appear to be mutually exclusive. Is this something that can be fixed via scripting?
  9. Hey, thank you for replying—I actually got it to work now, so everything's fine. I fixed a number of extra typos during my current playthrough, so I'll probably link the updated files somewhere once I'm through.
  10. A Priest is enough, as I don’t need Brilliant on the Seer. I always run parties of 5, though. My Seer will be running around with Aloth, Xoti, Maia, and Pallegina. I expect some interesting pillow fights among the girls, except without the pillows and with a lot more verbal abuse
  11. If you plan to build around RNG items, I suggest giving them to you via Unity Console. If that's too on the nose, you can always crate an NPC, give them the items via Unity Console, export them, and hire them in your next playthrough. That way you'd have to at least pay a cost in gold pieces to get them, thus appeasing your conscience. I do that with items that come late in the game too, so I can enjoy them for longer.
  12. I don't want nor need high INT on a melee Seer; MIG, DEX, and PER is where it's at. I always have the Briliant + SoT combo at the ready in my every party, so I don't need INT to extend my buffs—and since my Seer is primarily designed for melee weapon attacks, I don't need high INT to extend debuffs either (besides, in Ascended state—which can be made to last for an entire fight with Brilliant + SoT—you can dish out debuffs like they were raining from the sky.)
  13. Every hit has a chance to increase the duration of existing hostile effects on the target by a flat +10s, kind of like a baleful version of Salvation of Time? More like Damnation of Time, am I rite? Or a relatively high chance per hit to apply an elemental DoT, with elements shuffling periodically like with Kalakoth's Minor Blights.
  14. +10 Deflection for the staff? Raw lash for both weapons in Citzal’s spell? Or maybe they deal Raw damage, but lower?
  15. Likewise in my current playthrough. I also haven’t gotten the Neketaka SI where you help the girl and get the sword.
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