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  1. I chose estoc for added Pen as I wanted to max that out too. A Devoted/Ascendant with a Mythic estoc can get up to a whopping (and ridiculously overkill) 20 while under the effects of a MIG inspiration—or to a completely bonkers 26 when under the effects of the Cipher PL9 power that gives +8 Pen (though you'd need a second Cipher in the party for that.) I did upgrade the BotEP with Marking for even more bonkers Accuracy (indirectly via Deflection reduction, as mentioned), though the extra crit damage was pretty attractive considering I already critted a lot in the first place. That said, I tried this build with Firebrand and the extra lash damage was pretty rad. It can't upgrade to Mythic but can scale up to Legendary which would be awesome squared. Just of course it's got lower Pen (then again, it can deal Burn damage so against enemies with lower Burn AR it could equate to an estoc.)
  2. IIRC, if you pledged to Galawain in PoE and broke your promise, he buffs the dragon encounters. I assume if you pledged to him and did right by him, the opposite happens?
  3. Melee, as I too prefer it to ranged. I'll give you the foundations of my build but, as I said, my game is heavily modded (and I'm using all Berath's Blessings along with two god challenges) so I cannot attest to the power or viability of the build in the base game. For attributes, I maxed PER and focused the rest on DEX and MIG in that order—but I'm notoriously an inveterate speed b!tch, so you may prioritize MIG over DEX if that's your preference. For equipment, I picked items that either increase PER or increase DEX/decrease recovery: Helm of the Falcon, DoC breastplate, Blade of the Endless Paths (not Whispers, mind you), Torc of the Flacon's Eyes (it exists in the game but it is placed nowhere, so you need a mod to get it), Chameleon Touch, Boots of the Stone, Cutthroat Cosmo. Rest of the items come either from mods or from exporting characters that have them and hiring them (specifically, Violet Redemption which would otherwise not be available until you literally have no fights left in the game.) For abilities, I made sure to take Borrowed Instinct, Tactical Meld, Recall Agony, and Hammering Thoughts from the Cipher; Marked for the Hunt, Stalker's Link, and Accurate Wounding Shot from the Ranger. I picked the Hunter's Claw/Fang thing too, but ended up never using it. I picked almost all animal companion buffs. The build has very high accuracy, high damage and penetration, and very good speed. Note that the idea comes from posts in this thread—credit where credit is due.
  4. A'ight, so I've got the Firebrand and Torrent of Flames part down. I couldn't make Fire Shield work in any way other than adding it as a spell the wearer could cast at their discretion, like Firebrand and Torrent of Flames. For now, I kept those two and slapped a +3 Might bonus on top, which is similarly in keeping with the original from PoE. I'll publish on the Nexus as soon as I place these items to various vendors. Thank you @Boeroer for all the tips that made this mod possible!
  5. I’m glad you’re enjoying the build. After the initial blanket nerfs that needlessly over-corrected the power creep that was in place on release, I felt the build lost lots of its punch. Rather than adapt it and roll with the punches, I decided to publish a mod that did away with the nerfs I thought were unwarranted and kept those I thought were warranted. That mod is Deadfire Unnerfed, linked in my signature. At that point I could play the build again, experimenting with different equipment, but I couldn’t publish any of that—no point in publishing a build I’ve only tested with a mod not everybody’s gonna be using. That being said, I believe a Ghost Heart / Ascendant (which I’m playing now) is strictly better than a Brawler for DPS. Next playthrough I’ll be trying a Devoted / Ascendant. I won’t publish any of that because my game is heavily modded, but I reckon these builds would fare well in the unmodded game too.
  6. Thanks for the tips, I'm going to look into them For the belt, if I can't make it a soulbound item like in the first game, I might make it a unique belt with just the spells and none of the crazy stat bonuses. I was kind looking forward to those, but if the belt offered all that stuff right off the bat, it would be way too powerful. If it had just the spells, it would be interesting and situationally useful.
  7. That worked like a charm. Thank you, @Boeroer! I've got 3 out of 4 items down. I can't make the Glittering Gauntlets work to save my life; not even by literally copy-pasting a similar ability from, say, Kapana Taga or Spearcaster. I'll give them up for the time being. Now I'm trying to do the Belt of the Royal Deadfire Cannoneer, and I'm having a hard time deciphering the unlock conditions for soulbound items. The part where you add lore to the description and remove/add abilities is pretty straightforward, but the conditions are wildly obscure. If anybody knows how they work, by all means give me a shout.
  8. I'm trying to port a number of items from the first game to Deadfire, but I can't seem to get past the most basic things. I can make the items grant bonuses to defenses and attributes, or action speed. Even action speed in a 5m radius. But I hit a wall as soon as I try to do anything more complex. Ring Of Thorns is supposed to grant a bonus to all defenses while Prone or Stunned. I tried to set conditions for both and all it does is making the wearer immune to Stun all the time. I don't even know what the code for immunity is, for Christ's sake. Marked Amulet should give an action speed bonus to allies within a 5m radius on unconscious. I can make it give a bonus to action speed within a 5m radius all the time, but if I try to add a conditional for unconscious, a) I lose the ability to set a radius, and b) it doesn't work anyway, to the point that the game no longer recognizes the item as existing. If a kind soul could guide me through this more "advanced" coding, I might be able to get the items done. After spending hours to try and do the Marked Amulet to no avail, I don't think I'll be trying anymore otherwise.
  9. By the by, would you happen to know where keywords are stored? I'd like to know which GUID number corresponds to which Keyword.
  10. I do believe the error is in the filter. I used the Guardian Plate as a template but that was keyworded for mental and physical afflictions in general, which isn’t the same thing. If/when you get a chance to see code, perhaps you’ll be able to spot where the error is. I tried to figure it out all day to no avail. I’m quite sure I’m not getting the bonus against attacks as that would require additional coding. When I attack the wearer with a stunning attack, the combat log downright says the wearer is immune.
  11. All right, I've got that down. Problem now is, instead of granting +50 to all defenses while prone or stunned, my item makes the wearer immune to stun (and Stunned doesn't seem to get its description when hovering the mouse on it, while Prone somehow does.) I've checked my code and it looks sound, there is no immunity anywhere. Appreciate if more experienced modders could tell me what I did wrong. Tagging @Elric Galad as I know he's active and knowledgeable item_ring_ring_of_thorns.gamedatabundle
  12. Thank you! The stacking thing is (part of) what I meant when I said the power creep is real. In PoE you got higher bonuses cause you couldn't stack them, so the same items in Deadfire will be much more powerful. Then again, they were pretty cool items so why not?
  13. Sup fellow modders, I'm trying to make a mod that ports a few items from the first game to Deadfire. I'm using @MaxQuest's Spoils Of Caed Nua as a comparison to get the basics down, but I've run into a bit of a conundrum with my first item, the Ring Of Thorns. Its "Preservation" ability provides a bonus to Deflection while prone or stunned (or both, I figure, as rare an happenstance that can be.) Problem is, I can't find in the game files how to apply a condition to an ability/effect.
  14. Quick q: the wiki says that Ring Of Thorns gives +50 little shield while Prone or Stunned. The little shield links to "defenses", as though it referred to all four of them. I seem to remember it was only Deflection though. Could anyone confirm?
  15. Looking at these items, I must say the first game had much more powerful stuff than Deadfire on average. I'll try to reproduce the items as faithfully as possible, but power creep will have a field day with them
  16. Hello, everyone. I'm looking at a bunch of items from Pillars of Eternity and expansions that I would like to port to Deadfire via a mod. I seem to remember a much coveted ring from The White March part II that gave +3 INT, but I can't seem to find it on the wiki. Does anybody remember the name, icon, description, and gameplay mechanics of the ring (provided that it did anything besides the INT bonus)? Additionally, were there any other accessories in The White March I & II that were particularly good or sought after? My memory's fuzzy as I haven't played the game in a long time, and the fact that this ring is not on the wiki makes me think other items might be missing as well. Thanks!
  17. ...aaaaand it is published: Permanent Per-Rest Bonuses Including, of course, a component for the skill bonus from adra potions
  18. Thank you, @Noqn! I’ll test this tomorrow and look into including the adra potion as well.
  19. I'm trying to make a mod that turns per-rest bonuses like "Amira's Blessing" and "Nature's Resolve" into permanent bonuses. I've located the relevant entries in statuseffects.gamedatabundle and switched the ClearOnRest and ClearOnFoodRest flags to "false", but it doesn't seem to work. I've double-checked the folder structure for my mod against that in the game files and it matches. My files have the correct extension and no syntax errors. What am I doing wrong? Attached is the mod in its current (non-working) state. Permanent Per Rest Bonuses.rar
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