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  1. I want to copy this guy's Wild Orlan Bleak Walker Pala build but confused about his base stats. My game knowledge is nowhere near being adequate and probably misjudge what I see. Can someone guide me please? I will use it on PoTD but not solo run. Everything what he does is still valid or shutted down by a patch? I never ever get a response at this forum but still keeping my hopes fresh. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_M1PyZuZfEg
  2. Hi everyone, My PC is Lady of Pain build from forums. Aumaua Fighter. PC: Using Hours of Rumbalt currently with W. Focus: Soldier but planning to respec into W. F: Adventurer for Blade of The Endless Paths which I recently got. My team comp is: PC, Aloth, Eder, Durance, Kana, Pallegina. All level 11. Have all expansions. I'll immediately start playing POE 2 after finishing 1 and gonna import my save. I only like Sagani out of my actual team. I have no intention of using Zahua, Caroc, Grieving Mother, Hiravias and Maneha. I will probably sacrifice Maneha at Effigy in my current situation. I don't like Eder even a little bit and want to sacrifice him so much but no one is better tank than him. I don't like handmade adventurers. If I find a way to compensate his absence with Kana / Pallegina, I'll sacrifice him with joy. I want to use Hours of Rumbalt somehow still and most probable candidate looks like Pallegina. I want to use Sabre which came by Maerwald's soul aswell but confused too much. Eder is using this sabre currently. Weapon Focuses are: PC Soldier, Eder & Pallegina Ruffian, Durance nothing, Aloth & Kana Adventurer. I want to maximize my benefits from Kana and Pallegina and got obsessed with them too much. I use Dragon Thrash chant only with Kana. I feel something is wrong with my comp. Even wins are not satisfying. I wished to distribute weapon focus in variety but couldn't gone that way. All look similar. I want to make Kana as tanky as possible and Pallegina as alpha striker as possible. Which talents and abilities should I go: Currently I use: PALLEGINA: 2 Vielo Vidorio 3 Zealous Focus 4 Vulnerable Attack 5 Sworn Enemy 6 Wrath of Five Suns 7 Reviving Exho 8 Gunner 9 Reinforcing Exho 10 Critical Focus 11 Hastening Exhor 12 Wep Focus Ruffian 13 Sacred Immolation 14 Scion of Flame 15 Righteous Soul 16 Marksman KANA 2 But Reny Daret's Ghost + Ancient Memory 3 Come, Come Soft Winds of Death 4 White Worms Writhed in the Bellies of The Dead + Beloved Spirits 5 Sure-Handed 6 At The Sound of His Voice + Marksman 7 Dull The Edge 8 Rejoice, My Comrade + Apprentice's Sneak Attack 9 The Dragon Thrashed 10 Oh But Knock Noton the Door + Wep Focus Adventurer 11 Thick Grew 12 Seven Nights She Waited + Secrets of Rime 13 Aefyllath 14 Their Champion Braved The Horde + Interrupting Blows 15 Mercy and Kindness 16 The Bride Caught their Ruse + Outlander's Frenzy Should I use Pallegina like a gunner like how I am using her right now or turn her into using Hours of Rumbalt? Am I using Kana right? NEED ADVICES.
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