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  1. Hellwalker shifter is a true monster. Can heal, debuff, cc the whole screen, dots, burst damage, tank, and is a melee beast. Most versatile multi i have ever played, and he was (very) good on every aspect.
  2. Well, it depend how you play. I usually do all bounty (ship's first then those on land) and some explaration right after port maje so i reach PL9 very rapidly. As SC you can still reach 30 int very easilly, and even more (20 from start with berath blessing, +5 inspiration, + food, + items...) so you are not far behind a dual class monk who easilly reach 35, and you have then shared nightmare on top. A MC monk can't compare at this stade (yes you will have more aoe size from early game to... early mid game). Duration are already long honestly on sc (thanks bonus PL), and only the forbiden
  3. For a CC/debuff oriented cipher i kinda disagree about SC being less effective. Against group, SC beguiler swarm in focus without needing to use weapon allowing you to be permanently casting, so a second ressource pool is not that usefull. Going SC give you much more radius to all your spells (from PL and from shared nightmare) wich allow to CC way more efficiently). A bit less effective vs single opponent but it's not common to face only one foe. The only multiclass i have played who was really great too was the troubadour/psion ( very effective when you face 1foe or megaboss with the p
  4. if you want a very versatile character, try a shifter/XXX (replace XXX by any martial class). Bear form give lot of tankiness (huge universal armor) that you can combine with pala or barbarian bonus AR. Cat form is very nice with monk or rogue for attack speed. Boar form just shred boss or huge health pool ennemy with the RAW dot. You can heal, cast dot, cast burst spell, cc (don't underestimate druid cc power), deal heavy melee damage or tank depending of the situation. All in one.
  5. the thing is, it's not that hard to stay alive if you can crowd control efficiently (have a tank with lot of engage go first is the easiest) shadow dancer can use stealth and invisibility to stay alive and strike when the time is fine. I don't see them as constant damage dealer but as burster
  6. It can work cause you can still generate wound passively with an ability, and you can wait to be hit before casting trickster defensive spells, it will be more of a glass canon except if you invest heavily on RES and deviation stuff. If you want a very hard hitting glass canon, try hellwalker assassin and lvl up arcana. Duald wield sun and moon with sungrazer. You will hit really hard from stealth, can clear room from stealth with some hight lvl scroll (maelstrom for the win). Very dynamic multiclass with lot of way to fight (melee, ranged, scroll...). Need heavy micromanagement. Chanter/
  7. Hello, Napazalca/trickster will work fine cause drug will generate wound passively. Fists will be better in early, and sabers/sword will be better when you unlock unique and upgrade them (fists are better when you pill up +PL wich will not be the case here) Both cipher work, question is how you wznt to play. Ascendant want to stop melee and cast spell when ascended, and soulblade want to pill up focus for heavy melee (you can still cast spell though ) Warcaller and harbringer can off tank well, i will go the skald way for cheap invoc and bonus phrase on crit Bloodmage
  8. Arcane archer maxing arcana can be quite devastating at range. Either solo (death ring melt group) or mc with a bleakwalker (better vs single entity). Very versatile class good for cc, aoe damage or single damage. Hellwalker/furyshaper can be nice too. Lot of lash, and barbaric smash is a very good execute. Hellwalker/assassin is deadly too from pointblank, but much more susceptible to damage. Edit: you can access to the gunhawk class with a mod.
  9. On ennemy with low to medium health pool certainly, on tanks/boss, the raw dot can escalate to absurd lvl out dpsing catform.
  10. How will you rate a hellwalker/devoted with rapiers (squid grasp & rannig wrath) vs a hellwalker/devoted with sabres (probably scordeos edge & Aldrith blade / Grave calling (while fighting vessels))? Rapiers will have better accuracy (so more crits -> more procs of monk free hit), better PEN and immune to flank; while sabres should have better damage, faster attacks and more versatil (way more sabres...). I'm looking for rerolling a melee dualwield MC, inpired from the blade class (without the bard part) from BG2 (an offensive/defensive spin themed melee build).
  11. well, seeker's fang come quite late, and the two rapier you get before (early) are great on late too. hellwalker/devoted have no real downside when it come to melee : great accuracy, epic pen, ton of damage, lot of crits and epic on crit effects. You are just a whirlwind of blades, with possibly nearly no downtime. Monk/cipher, while very good will have bigger downtime (spell recovery and no armor feat from fighter) and if you just aa, you miss from cipher spells, and if you cast cipher spells you miss great aa effects. It's still a very good MC, don't get me wrong. I will say it depend how yo
  12. Getting ressource back on trash mob should not lead to a positive income in the long run (you usualy use ressource for securing the kill + ressource along that for movement/defense/buff/debuff/etc...) it should just make your ressource pool more durable. Biggest issue of brilliant is with caster for PL8-9 spells (->too powerfull) and some specifics spells (salvation of time, barring death door, wall of draining mostly -> too cheesy). Remove this and it's not an overpowered inspiration anymore (still very good). I totally agree with you about meaningful decision and that lim
  13. I disagree with the needed pre-lv8 refund ressource abilitie. I would much prefer brilliant to not restaure ressource, but just give a fair chunk of +PL (universally usefull, no more question about PL9 spell caster unbalance, etc...). Your ressource pool can easily be played around with : - empower point restauring half of it; - item adding +X ressource for a class (gauntlet mostly for fighter & monk + DoC brestplate), or passive with same effect. To compensate a bit, i would welcome a PL8 passive for fighter ranger and rogue giving ressource back on kill, and for
  14. For a berseker/skald, i would say Myth fir (potent lash) + long night drink (debuff fortitude so it's easier to hit : barbarian can target fortitude instead of deviation). Don't sleep on assassin/bellower, it's a very fun gameplay (well, barbarian/skald too in fact ^^). Empower far from defeated (energized = +5might, +2pen, crit interrupt), swap scimitar for bligthheart, shadowing beyond in the middle of the pack (get your tank to aggro at the start), cast seven night with +6pen, +5pl, +25 accuracy, +50% crit damage. see the spell crit. Watch the ennemy group disapear, sleepers of the a
  15. Empower an invocation with singing scimitar and swap to the soulbound arquebus wich grant 1 phrase/kill. No need to be a troubadour for quick generating phrase with this setup. Berseker, hellwalker or assasin mix well with chanter for max damage invocation. Hellwalker will make your invocation devastating. Berseker and assassin will boost it too (a bit less, except from stealth for assassin) and give you great finisher abilitie to combo with the arquebuse. Bellower is the go to subclass for damaging invocation. Skald will be great too for cheaper invocation but thats all ( if yo
  16. For a rymgrand priest multi, definitely berseker. Come on, dual summoned axe scream for barbarian . And berseker is just great for an offensive spellcaster.
  17. Nearly each time i see a long post from you, i learn some I love this game. PS : so you were talking about arcane archer, i'm interested. Running with one currently. Having lot of fun with watershaper's focus for aoe blasting hordes (with avenging storm on from scroll or cacophony helm) and spearcaster for though boss. Anything else to try?
  18. True, my bad then ^^. For brilliant restoring spell, can you tweak the chance of getting spells back depending of tier? (Something like 40% for tier 1-3, 30% tier 4-5, 20% tier 6-7, 10% tier 8-9). If you don't have used spell of the lvl, the tick do nothing. Can be an alternative...
  19. I'm refering vs vanilla effect. I don't use much mods except community patch. Let's be honest, vanilla version of brilliant is way to good for a pl7. Keeping it away from multiclass cipher will help making it not that easy to get. Constraining party composition can be part of the fun : in all my run i get a chanter/cipher cause it's a nobrainer... Of course, if you nerf brilliant effect then leaving it at pl7 is fine. I would be quite happy if it just add a good chunk of Pl (benefit to martial and caster) or massively reduce cast time (martial would need a counterpart still).
  20. An other way will be to keep brillant as it is but making it a Pl8 or 9 cipher power. Maybe tweaking salvation of time to not add up can work too (you can't benefit it if you are already under one).
  21. As an optionnal option it would be great. It would make the chanter's refund ressource invocation more appealing for spellcaster (who use it actually ? ). No friendly fire is a big bonus for nuker (but situationnal with good combat management), uselless for other, maybe add a little something to make it more appealing as,a t3 inspiration (like reduced cast time, will fit thematically) ? For martial, keep the ressource regen, it will kill tactician otherwise. Edit : if separating brilliant effect for martial/caster is too hard, i will either go : restore a finite amount of ressource
  22. For weapon,you should consider the pike which grant lord of the forest (from biakara bounty, so very early weapon) : +2pl as long as you have woodskin or form of the delemgan on. Easy to trigger as druid, and is universal pl.
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