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  1. My bad, you were talking about disengagement attack and I talked about break engagement only. When I use it, I got wounds for Parting Sorrow. It breaks engagement, but doesn’t trigger disengagement attack. Or I may just confused it all and be wrong.
  2. For me is pointless to do a melee sorcerer and don’t use spiritshift. The Druid doesn’t have any martial ability that worths this combination.
  3. I started a solo run with a shifter/BM, it’s a great combo. If you want to go melee, you can cast your Wizard buffs, and then shift. As a shifter, you can shift 5 times per fight, so even if you still didn’t get Wall of Draining it’s a good time. And there is no penalty if you don’t shift. If you want to cast spells while shifted, take a look at the Thundercat build
  4. After the “Things @Boeroerlikes”, lest go with the Things @Not So Clever Hound Likes: Wall of Draining
  5. Played a bit with this Tempest, and I don’t know what I think for sure. It’s a good build, cleared the digsite without problem, but I think he can’t be a main tank. Tomorrow I will play more and see how it performs.
  6. I will try a Furyshaper/Shifter. I guess will be better low a bit RES instead CON to put more points into MIG. DEX with the ward and frenzy buffs I guess won’t be a problem.
  7. Thanks for the good answers as always. The fighter was my first choice mostly because the engagement slots, I am not used to tank in a group an I was afraid of letting go the enemies, the engagement system is a bit confuse to me. I never thought about a barb to do a tank, I will take a look at it. Another class that I am considering is a Stalker.
  8. Some questions: The Animal form doesn’t have good defenses, is worth I max resolve it is better if I put more points into MIG? Since the Fighter has armored grace and is able to reduce the armor recovery time, isn’t wasted the animal form? I mean, there is no advantage in take this combination ? Paladins could be a better choice due to his increased AR like @Boeroer said, but they can’t engage enemies enough to be a main tank.
  9. Hello. I gave a break on the solo run and will try go with the party for now. I did an Unbroken/Shifter because the engagement bonus from the fighter (Unbroken + Stance), and this is the stats: MIG 5. CON 19. DEX 10. PER 15. INT 20. RES 21. Is a pure tank, but able to cast some buffs/debuffs with the Druid before shift. What do you think about it?
  10. I played a bit more with the Shifter Bloodmage. I agree with @Boeroer that he misses more martial abilities, but in the end of the day he is with more pros than cons. It is a very well balanced build, good healing, and offer me the flexibility to choose how I want to deal with the encounters. Question: Spirit Shiels stacks with Woodskin?
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