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  1. Good points. I was disappointed Magistrate's Cudgel wasn't opened to Paladins and Priests when Steel Garrote and Woedica were introduced, considering it is a Woedican weapon, so I figured this would be the best opportunity to implement it.
  2. Thanks for the clarification. I wondered if it would work with Citzal's or WoTEP. As an aside, a Steel Garrote/FF can wield Magistrate's Cudgel for Woedica RP and style: thinking that Sworn Enemy/Brand Enemy/Sworn Rival -> Judgment (+10 ACC versus afflicted opponent; assuming it stacks like Ranger Marks) -> Forbidden Fist -> Garrote would be a spicy combo.
  3. Hope the necro is ok, but had two quick questions for @Boeroerregarding the Community Patch Forbidden Fist ability (now a standard melee attack instead of a quasi-magic demi-melee attack). If FF triggers Swift Strikes/Heartbeat Drumming I'm assuming the extra strikes will come from the weapons and not the temporary Fist effect (go go Rust's Grognards Poignard!). Are there any mainhand weapon effects that will transfer to the Fist? What about offhand? Would something like Scordeo's Trophy apply? (Obviously Tuotilo's Palm works with it.) Asking because I'm wondering if that change makes a dif
  4. Just wanted to add that Eric Galad's awesome Deadfire Balance Polishing Mod makes this build even better with improvements to Carnage, Accurate Carnage, Leap (now applies Stun instead of Daze - gives you some solid breathing room to cast Torrent of Flame after landing), and the Barbaric full attacks. Would recommend it over the Deadfire Balancing Tweaks mentioned in the guide. Yes, the guide was written for 5.0 so it works. Obviously you wouldn't be able to use mods on Xbox as far as I know but it won't make or break the build. Never used the helmet on anything but a Ber
  5. Always dismissed this one but will definitely give it a go on a future playthrough: maybe on a Brute or Brawler. At 30k (legendary by default!) there's no reason not to pick it up. Completing Serafen's quest and skulking around Hanging Sepulchers would be a good way to fund it early.
  6. Checked in game. They do require the mushrooms. Now that sounds brutal. Shame our test dummies are immune to poison. Guessing this is because Nannasin's are ranged and therefore can't be used to engage? Thanks for clearing up that point - couldn't remember if it was a ranged or a reach weapon. Also guessing it's a weird weapon-but-not-weapon in that it has no specialization.
  7. I neglected to mention this character will be in a group so stuff like Chill Fog and Miasma can be handled by Aloth or Tekehu. Looking more into how a Nannasin's Rogue would fit into a party, I think it would make a fine sweeper-type: for example, an Unbroken/Trickster could Terrify with Ryngrim's Enervating Terror (no heals for you) while the snaky Spellblade runs around DoT striking everything. I restarted as a Debonaire but will play more as a flanker than a roamer. Having an Assassin cast Essential Phantom or Living Illusions while managing Invisibility and recovery timers) gummed up th
  8. Thanks for the quick responses. I've decided to go for Assassin for the reasons mentioned (besides, it's not like Debonaire has any unique dialogue options, being a 4.0 subclass). For starting spells, would Wizard's Double and Thrust of Tattered Veils be decent choices? I played around with Eldritch Aim, but the duration is low even at 23 INT (18 + Infuse with Vital Essence) and recasting it will break Invisibility - it is a PL1 spell so it should scale well but Assassinate's Accuracy should be enough against gunners, Druids, and such. (Proud Dire Blessing junkie; feel naked without constant A
  9. Hey gang, After another break from Deadfire (you all keep pulling me back in) I've decided to try out builds and playstyles I haven't touched yet. For my next run, this means playing as a Spellblade, Rogue subclassed as Assassin or Debonair, and a weapon that's not mortars or Citzal's Spirit Lance. I've never used Nannasin's Cobra Strike, either, so why not mix the spaghetti into the ice cream? I have a few hangups and considerations with this plan, so I'd appreciate any feedback or help streamlining it. (I'm playing on a modded difficulty: PoTD spawns and pure upscaling through Dead
  10. Start the game in Normal difficulty no scaling with the level 4, merchant, and fine weapon BBs; solo starting quests for more exp; switch to PoTD and upscaling after encountering Captain Furrante. Slugging it through Port Maje the 47th time gets tedious real quick.
  11. Thanks for your continuing work. Your mod, alongside the Community Patch and Priest Subclasses Rebalanced is really making the game feature complete. Opening up so many more effective build combinations has jump-started the game. (Your Barbarian changes were brilliant - Blood Frenzy is worth taking and Barbarian/Monk is nuts now.)
  12. Slapped together a video on how to ambush in Pillars 2: Deadfire.


  13. You guys keep pulling me back to Deadfire. Ahhh! I want to go outside but Berserker/Nalpazca or Beguiler/Fury Shaper or Helwalker/Skald or Priest of Magran/Fighter or Blood Mage/Troubadour say otherwise.

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