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  1. I did not know about this until very recently and I wish I'd known earlier. Probably put like 200 hours into this game without knowing that lol
  2. I had some high ranked cannoneers but it still didn't seem to happen super often for me. Or not as often as I'd hoped. Yeah it didn't seem to hurt the enemy accuracy much. My strategy was to put a flamethrower on my aft cannon and get within 100m and shoot/dance away if they tried to board, but even that close the enemy still bombarded me easily. Yeah I was using the 0-75m one. I would just rush towards the enemy and then turn my ship and start burning them with the cannon, but they would just shoot me back and kill me faster than I could them. Being close to them didn't seem to hurt their accuracy enough for the strat to work. I haven't tried that. Might have to give this a shot some time. The only effective strategy I've seen so far for myself is to load up on double bronzers and just blast the enemy to bits lol. I wish I had the finesse to pull off something else, but so far that is the only thing that has consistently worked across my many playthroughs (apart from boarding ofc).
  3. I've been playing this game for a while and one thing I've never fully grasped is alternative ship combat strategies. My strat has always been to load up on double bronzers and blast enemy ships into dust. Jibe-->wait-->blast--->repeat has always been my strat and it's always worked. I take some hits but the double bronzers usually out dps the enemy ship's cannons regardless of what ship I use. On this current run I decided to try and mix it up and use the Voyager with a flame cannon on the aft but even when I went to within 100 meters and tried burning them I found two things: 1) the flame cannon did OK dps but didn't generate a ton of events and 2) the enemy ships still blasted me to bits even when I was within a range where they should have been taking huge accuracy penalties Now I am using Ondra's challenge which I think buffs enemy ship captains so maybe that's why, but is there any good strat aside from the double bronzer bombardment? I don't mind that strategy - it works super well - but I wouldn't mind trying other ship combat strats if there are any that work well. But every time I go away from the double bronzers I struggle lol. There really just isn't much more efficient than blasting with those it seems. Or maybe I just don't understand alternative strats well enough to execute them well. But unfortunately the Voyager was a massive bust for me this run so I upgraded to a Dhow and my usual double bronzer strat and it is still dominating like it always does. But like I said I wouldn't mind trying other strats if I can figure out how to make them work. I know you can also just board too but I'm using Berath's Challenge this run so I've been avoiding boarding because I think my party members that I'm not using can die permanently in those fights so it's not worth the risk/micro to keep them alive during those fights.
  4. Any kind of Blood Mage comes to mind. As long as you can keep your defenses up you can just spam forever and use corrosive siphon to get health back. The best version of this would be with Steel Garrote but you said no Paladin. I think a Stalker/Blood Mage would very good solo. Survivable thanks to the pet + armor bonus + spells, and can spam, and can summon a phantom with CDT and beat up anything it targets.
  5. Since it's a shield and a weapon I think it also benefits from the two weapon fighting talent as well as the shield talent. So if you're using it it may be to your benefit to take both.
  6. Bleakwalker/Arcane Archer is good. Skill up Arcane a lot and use Spearcaster. You'll hit pretty hard and accurately, and it's a weapon you can buy pretty much immediately too which is always nice. As a single target dpser you'll hit hard and safely (from range).
  7. Are they necessarily obsolete though? Drug crash penalties are pretty severe. You can rest or just take more drugs, but there's a cost there to both compared to a potion which has no downsides other than the action economy of drinking it during combat instead of doing something else. Being able to use drugs pre combat is admittedly super nice and one of the main benefits imo. That said you can rest any time or obviously take more drugs and neither is that big of a thing to deal with unless you're playing with Rymrgand's challenge. Losing high cost food bonuses can be annoying but you get so much money over the course of the game that by mid/late game it's not too big a deal to use food again. Early on it definitely sucks to lose a Razor Skewers bonus or whatever though.
  8. One of the simplest things you can do to be effective is to have a tanking character and load that character up with abilities/items that improve their defenses and grant engagement. So with Eder for example if you have him as a Fighter or Fighter/Rogue and have him use Defender stance and wear a shield and the best armor you can give him, then he can keep opponents on him via engagement and he won't easily die. What you then want to do is open combats with everybody except Eder stealthed. It doesn't matter if your characters have points in stealth or not. Then, when the enemies mob Eder (who is the only one they see to start combat), he will engage them. At that point you can unstealth your party members and begin combat. Why is this an advantage? Because enemies will not be able to easily disengage Eder to attack your squishier party members. And if they do, Eder will get a free disengagement attack on them. But a lot of times the AI doesn't like to disengage so they will stay on him. This leaves your other party members free to position themselves to do damage/buff/etc without worrying as much about getting mobbed by enemies and cut to pieces. This strategy isn't bullet proof. Rogue NPCs will use escape to target your backline. Ranged attackers will still switch and shoot your squishier party members. But this strategy will at least ensure that a lot of the initial melee enemies in a combat will be on Eder instead of your backline. And if he has enough engagement slots (from defender stance + shield + any other gear/talents that improve that) then he will keep them there. Imo this strategy is so effective that it's one of the number one things I'd recommend to a new or veteran player alike to have an easier time with combat.
  9. I believe it will echo any Priest spell, but it's going to be more useful for an offensive spell typically. If you echo say devotions for the faithful, that's not terribly useful because that's just going to recast a buff you already just cast aka what's the point. If you echo a damaging spell, that might actually be pretty impactful.
  10. Empower is really strong with powerful offensive abilities imo. Empower like a Maelstrom or Missile Salvo or something like that and watch the havoc that ability wreaks. Empowering is raising PL which could be raising pen/accuracy/damage/duration etc. Or if it's a melee ability it's raising pen which could help a lot. I do generally hold my empowers in reserve to regenerate resources but there are times where empowering a powerful ability can make a big difference. Marux Amanth - Echo recasts a spell you just cast. So imagine like Two Cleansing Flames going off or Two Pillars of Holy Fire, etc. You can see how this might be pretty strong with the right spell.
  11. Finally started this up. It's been fun so far. I've had some accuracy issues early at times. I guess better gear/levels/devotions will solve that later on. I ended up not going with BPM nerfs and just regular CP/BPM because I didn't want to stress too hard about managing Streetfighter bonuses given it's my first time actually trying the kit despite having a good chunk of hours in this game. Is there an easy way to manage Sparkcrackers materials as the game progresses? It seems like you use a lot of them with this build potentially but I don't know how easy they are to mass produce/get more materials for them. It is neat that I am surviving just fine even in a Robe. I will die if I get surrounded and I suspect I'll need more levels and abilities (and BDD) before I rely too much on diving in, but I do have very little trouble surviving against smaller groups of enemies right now, so as long as I don't run out of spells. And escape is nifty for repositioning as well as the deflection bonus and because my recovery is so insane I can usually back out of dangerous situations as needed (or use smoke grenade if I cannot). It's definitely fun to play.
  12. I noticed this using it on Xoti my last run. I think CP limits it to 25 stacks/enemy before you have to release it though, so sadly didn't see any huge spikes like that. But was still pretty devastating.
  13. Some sort of Bilestomper type build Paladin/Wizard build would be cool I think. @Boeroer Like a Pale Elf with Righteous Soul who sits inside Chill Fogs and Venomblooms. Buff up to have high deflection but also be immune to poison effects and resistant to elemental damages.
  14. Do you think it's worth even dropping Resolve a little bit lower than 5? Especially if I use the Berath +2 stat blessing I suppose it might make sense to go all the way to 3 off char creation since the +2 would still put me at 5 base anyways. I know that tanks deflection a little bit but I'd assume it shouldn't be too noticeable with Wael buff + hatchet modal + devotions/debuffs etc. Good call on explosives. Probably does make sense to just all in that if I'm not able to use BB modal.
  15. Half tempted to try the nerfs anyways because I'm a glutton for punishment lol. I suppose if I do end up trying it, I could just lean a little harder into getting flanked/bloodied and using sparkcrackers. I suppose that'd be risky early on like you said. Maybe early on just chill fog would be my best bet until I can more reliably survive getting flanked or bloodied. I had thought about having a character use Squid's Grasp pre combat for the Sparkcrackers to make them hit more reliably but I think that just lowers vs intellect afflictions so not sure it actually would work on Sparkcrackers. If it did, minus 50 would be huge, but I dont think so.
  16. I had Xoti using Mohora Tanga as a Monk in my recent run and she never crashed the game. To be honest though I never used Avenging Storm or Entropy with her so maybe that's why? She definitely got some huge crit chains and was devastating. She carried me through Forgotten Sanctum.
  17. Makes sense. I was thinking of not installing that component for that reason, but was curious if anyone had tried a streetfighter with that enabled. If it's doable and doesn't kill the build I'd consider it, but it sounds like I might be in for a rough time if I do. I know you can eventually get the White Void Helm and Focused Flame Ring to get +20 accuracy to bombs so I was wondering if that might be enough to do alright without the modal. Obviously the helm comes late though.
  18. Sorry to necro an older one here but was thinking of playing your build soon @thelee but also wanted to try BPM. I noticed one of the BPM nerfs makes the Blunderbuss modal just do -10 accuracy instead of distracted. I know I could just not install that part of the component but I'm curious if you think that would much affect this build. Would that change anything in terms of how you'd approach this build? I guess I can just rely on firecrackers and getting flanked/bloodied. Are the wisps (plus distract upgrade) worth thinking about as well? I know in the guide you mentioned mostly using Blunderbuss modal earlier and not relying so much on it late.
  19. Barbarians and Paladins have ways to regain rage/zeal. And any class can regain power source through brilliant (if applied by a Cipher or otherwise) Blood Mage (wizard kit) can regain spells at will. I forget if any other classes have native ways to do it. Probably missing something here.
  20. Imo Ranger is pretty good as well. Ranger/Wizard with Willbreaker + Phantom (or CDT + Phantom) or Saru Sichr + Phantom + Pet (Saru Sichr would unlock extra pet dps via Predator's Sense). Morningstar modal of course helps spells too, and Willbreaker also debuffs will. I specifically like Stalker with this combo for extra tankiness for you + pet. And of course, Ranger gets bonus accuracy which helps spells and Takedown combo can be used to hit very hard with spells if you micro it. I once played a Ranger like this and it was pretty fun and good. edit: I saw @Boeroerliked this post. Boeroer, I believe this was originally your idea for a build. Or at least, I once got inspired because of your ideas around this. Shoulda gave you a shoutout earlier in this post . In any case, can confirm it works well.
  21. Never tried the sneaking route so couldn't say, but you can just talk your way through almost everything. Only required fights are the monks in the basement when you open the loud door and then Kaoto after you drown (or free) the monks in the basement.
  22. On subsequent runs I figured out you could be mostly peaceful and avoid most fights there. My first time through I think I battled my way through and lord was it tough lol. But you can be peaceful mostly and only fight Kaoto and a few of the Monks in the basement
  23. If memory serves the Librarians have nasty offensive abilities but aren't particularly resistant to melee damage. I think on my most recent run I just tried to burn them down quickly before they could bring their nasty offensive abilities to the forefront. Xoti using Mohora Tanga plus Whispers Of The Wind/Heartbeat Drumming really helped clear a lot of those encounters for me. So pretty much what @Fab3686said lol. Wotw + Mohora Tanga is nasty and solves a lot of problems
  24. Lol I hadn't even thought of using Clear Out with a ranged weapon. That's pretty funny. And potentially pretty decent because of high Fighter accuracy.
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