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  1. I am almost done with my Psion/Troubadour playthrough and it's a fun multiclass. The bread and butter for me early on was spamming the Killers Froze Stiff and then hitting enemies with Soul Shock. A lot of enemies are vulnerable to lightning damage it feels like so the combo of crowd control + damage felt very nice early on. Later I also took the Ogre Summon and some charm spells and got good mileage out of those as well. Recently now that I am higher level I still spam the paralyze invocation a lot but now after doing so my go-to tends to be to either cast Ancestor's Memory on my casters (to let them spam high PL things like Missile Salvo etc) or I buff myself with Borrowed Instinct and then spam Disintegration onto enemies. Having party members that can apply the morningstar fort debuff or club modal will debuff can be very nice to help you land your offensive spells as well. A wizard who hits enemies with miasma and arkemyrs torment and such things can be really nice to help you with that as well. As far as chants go I pretty much just spammed the skeleton summon chant once I got it because popping out a skeleton every 3 seconds is really strong. I did also pick up the resistance chants and made a song that just casts those because sometimes that can be really clutch against enemies that like to hit you with debilitating afflictions. Having each resistance chant go off every 3 seconds means I can clear my party of hostile effects rapidly. All in all it has been one of the stronger characters I've played. It's so versatile. The offense is actually quite strong once you get Pl6 Cipher spells because Disintegrate is one of the best offensive spells in the game. But even before that Paralyze invocation + Soul Shock will get you through a lot of the earlier content, and you can use charms and summons and things too. This character could truly do it all too depending on how you want to build it. Heal? Take Ancestor's Memory and the + heal effectiveness chant. Take the Cipher spells that heal. Summon? You got all kinds of summon invocations to choose from. I like the Ogres because they hit hard and have lots of health. Charm? Both Chanters and Ciphers can do that. Dps? Disintegrate, Soulshock, Soul Ignition, etc. Crowd control? Paralyze, charm, etc. I dunno. It's fun
  2. I can't really speak to solo play to be honest with you. I've never tried it in this series. Lifegiver is certainly very strong in a party. Strong Aoe heals, aoe damage. It's great.
  3. Yeah I try to avoid total gamebreaking stuff. Salvation of time + BDD is something I no longer do really. I used it on occasion to beat megabosses but it felt cheesy so I don't even do that any more, and generally just avoid mega bosses unless I really feel like grinding it out or have a build that is especially suited for them.
  4. I do think it is important to realize that a Lifegiver can still dish out respectable damage with Druid spells like you said. People might see the name and assume healbot. Yes it can heal exceptionally well but the offense is surprisingly good too. Druids are just a really strong class. One of the best.
  5. That makes sense. Yeah I've been using the weaken/interrupt chants a lot. I also have a song setup to blitz through all the resistance chants. That one is nice on fights where afflictions are irritating as I can quickly clear out (or at least reduce) all negative effects. I haven't quite gotten to the level to do Many Lives yet but I'm looking forward to trying it out. I have been using summons more than I thought I might. The Ogre summon is just so good sometimes. However my go-to is still killers froze stiff/soul shock. If the enemy is resistant to dex afflictions I'll use summons or charms at that point. Still, those Ogres hit so damned hard on crush vuln enemies that they're nice sometimes. It's kinda nutty how versatile this class combo is. I feel like I have tools for most any enemy type.
  6. I've been playing a Troubadour/Psion. It's pretty fun! Summons, charms, and the old reliable killers/soul shock spam. One thing I'm still kinda struggling with is when to use Brisk Recitation versus when not to. To be honest I've been using it almost all the time. When I have afflictions it lets me clear those faster if I play those songs and if I just want an all purpose chant it lets me build invocations quickly. But with how quickly the chants elapse I wonder if certain ones are even worth it if using brisk recitation. For example something like the fire lash chant...that elapses so quickly that timing it to actually give a benefit when swinging a weapon seems rather difficult. On the other hand, something like ancient memory, or the skeleton summoning chant, is going to provide value no matter what. So when do you guys use the standard extra long linger with a Troubadour? I guess it would be valuable if I were not trying to spam invocations/cipher spells or if I really wanted to get extra long buff chants such as having a really long time to keep burning lash on my weapon. But it seems not so great for chants that give instant benefits like summoning skeletons. Unless I'm missing something. What do you guys think?
  7. If I'm using the medium shield modal on a caster, is that basically just free defense? The tooltip says that it gives 25% increased recovery with weapons. So if I used it on say my Psion/Troubadour (who casts 99% of the time) is there any drawback? I would still cast as fast as normal, right?
  8. So I have the medium shield modal on my Psion/Troubadour. This character rarely goes into melee and is almost always casting something. The modal says "25% increased recovery with weapons". Does this mean if I'm only casting spells that I will incur no penalty for having it up all the time?
  9. I can't speak to Vatnir but I was messing around with Tekehu as a single class chanter last playthrough and it was not bad. Some of the class only invocations he got were pretty nice and you can make a somewhat funny build of having Tekehu use dual mortars and use the free level 8 avenging storm invocation he gets to dish out pretty good dps. It's a really bizarre build for Tekehu to use thematically but it does work lol.
  10. Thanks, that's a lot of really good info to consider. Interesting that you favor the resistance chants so much. I actually hadn't thought to pick them up before since they seemed so situational but you make a compelling argument for them. I'll definitely give them a try this go-around. I wonder...does one dozen stack with a wild orlan's racial? My guy is a wild orlan and it'd be hilarious if having that chant + the racial made him really hard to fear.
  11. Yeah I've had so many playthroughs where I get pretty far and then reroll to something else. It's so hard to get myself to finish because there's always another fun build to try on the horizon lol.
  12. Currently working through Poe1 on a Cipher that I want to go Psion/Troubadour with in Deadfire (thanks Boeroer for that idea). What I'm curious about is what chants should I go for? I know for invocations the basic workable idea is killers + soul shock as a combo, but what chants do you guys like to focus on? Do you do a certain order with them? How many do you take? There's a lot of really good ones but I'm always at a loss with my chanters of how many chants to take and what order is good to put them in. There's just so many pretty useful ones!
  13. I think it's like he said: because the PL bonus applies to decay spells too, whereas Spine of Thicket Green only applies to plant/beast spells. I actually didn't know the Lance worked that way. The +pl to decay would be handy for touch of rot and maggots. I do agree with you that the crush damage is nice on the staff. I've actually been surprised how hard I can smack enemies with that thing, though meleeing is rare for me to need to do with all the aoe spells I can dish out.
  14. That Troubadour/Psion build sounds kind of fun. Might go for that next play. I'm torn between that and some kind of Paladin. How do you handle the Troubadour/Psion, Boeroer? Do you wear a shield with Sasha's Scimitar? I suppose that + the Blood Armor would probably make a decently tanky caster that can just spam invocations and cipher spells all day? Right now I'm playing a SC Ancient and it's really strong. With Spine of Thicket Green the dots are really powerful, and the summons are really useful too. It can also heal and dish out decent melee damage when needed with Spiritshift. It's pretty badass.
  15. I did at one point do a run with a Bleak Walker with Spearcaster and it was definitely pretty good. The Blackjacket idea is interesting and definitely one I will consider. It's going to take me a bit of time to finish Poe1 so I'll have some time to consider whether I want to go with that or the Ascendant. Both ideas sound pretty fun. I can definitely see the appeal of having multiple weapon types so that I can be effective depending on the enemy I face. Also I absolutely love using scrolls. I suppose that's a holdover from the many times I've played poe1 but I've always loved using scrolls and spell bindings. They were often quite powerful in poe1 and I know in poe2 they continue to be so. It's easy to forget about them sometimes because you get into a routine in combats of using your normal rotations but well placed consumables have often been able to win fights for me in these games when I remember to use them.
  16. Thanks guys. Arcane Archer/Ascendant does sound pretty intriguing. I think I might go with that. The super high accuracy you'd get from that build sounds like it would be ideal for Frostseeker what with all the crits. I'd guess that maybe even though the imbue only fires one shot that it might still be worth using given Frostseeker aoes sometimes.
  17. Thanks! That's a lot of great info. If you weren't going to go Arcane Archer with any of those combos, what would you do instead? Sharpshooter I suppose?
  18. I'm planning a full run of the series and am gonna do a Ranger. I have this weird desire to use Frostseeker. Is it viable? How would one build a Ranger with using that in mind? Arcane Archer/Helwalker maybe? Or Sharpshooter/Helwalker? Or I will be terribly disappointed and want to use another bow or dual mortars instead? lol
  19. Yeah it's a lot of fun. Versatile too. Sure you have your damaging spells and scrolls but you can also do things like charm enemies, paralyze them, etc. Godansthunyr + Badgradr's is definitely an awesome combo. You could go for that with this build if you wanted to have like a core set of weapons that you would use when you don't feel like casting spells. I opted to go slightly more spellheavy and setup my weapon sets such that I always had something with spellbindings on it but if you wanted to balance more towards melee then Godansthunyr + Badgradrs is awesome and you would still have plenty of other slots on this guy to use for spellbindings when you wanted them. This guy certainly should still be able to melee well, but it's got more of a caster bent to it. Also I just like being able to survive while I'm slinging my spells and not have to worry so much about Lagafueth and such gunning my Rogue down before he has a chance to unleash his spells. So the shield just works so well for that, and it's an added bonus that you can dps with it too :).
  20. Not sure if anyone is still playing Poe1, but whenever I get the itch to play this series I tend to do full runs. It just doesn't feel right for me starting in Poe2. I gotta get the whole experience. And so, one of the builds that caught my eye when replaying Poe1 recently was Boeroer's Sorcerer's Apprentice. Using scrolls plus deathblows is indeed a fun concept. but I thought...what if I took that concept, and applied it to making a Rogue focused not just on scrolls but on spellbinding items as well? The end result was a build that looks actually pretty similar to what he did, but altered in a few ways. But you may notice many of the talents/skills are similar to what Boeroer took. So first off, thanks Boeroer for the inspiration! So the idea behind this build is to pile on lots of spellbinding gear and sit in the back lines tossing around spells. So then, why use a shield and riposte? There's a few reasons for it. Number one, it makes you less likely to be the target of enemies which gives you more time to sit in the backlines and toss your spells around with impunity. As a Rogue and especially once you get Deathblows you can do tons of damage with your spellbinding items and spells. But you can't do that if you're constantly dead due to enemies bumrushing you. The shield helps there. However, it also gives you some flexibility. If you're out of spells or don't feel like using spells on a given encounter you can still flank and do lots of damage since Badgradr's Thrust procs benefit from Deathblows. So this guy should be a capable meleer and spellcaster both. You can use spells to soften enemies up and then wade in and clean up the remains with good melee ability. I also take enough lore to cast scrolls, and mechanics to handle most traps. This guy is a pretty good jack of all trades that way. You should have enough lore I think to cast most useful scrolls like Missiles and such (which benefit from deep wounds and death blows). Keep in mind though this guy carries 4 weapon slots. So you won't always sit there with a shield. When you run out of Fireballs with Flames of fair Rhian for example you might want to swap to Whitespire and toss some blizzards, or swap to Bittercut to use infestation of maggots. etc. You've got options. Basic strategy with this guy is use your companions to inflict afflictions (Painful Interdiction, Mental Binding and the like) and then blast the hell out of them with your spellbindings/scrolls. You can then flank and clean up the few still alive after. You can also use more clever strategies and charm enemies with Munacra Arret and Ring of Changing Heart. Eventually you can use Acuan Gimas to have some fun stealing spells from enemies too. I'm still in the process of playing this guy through and I don't have all the talents fully decided below but most of these should be the general idea. I'll try and revise this once I finish the play to make sure I have the exact talents figured out. But I think you get the idea. Anyways it's been a fun concept so far so I hope someone gets some inspiration from this. =================================== Spellbinding Rogue =================================== Difficulty: PotD v. 3.02 -------------------------------------------------------------- Class: Rogue -------------------------------------------------------------- Race: Aumaua -------------------------------------------------------------- Background: Deadfire Archipelago - Merchant -------------------------------------------------------------- Stats: MIG: 16 CON: 10 DEX: 13 PER: 10 INT: 18 RES: 08 -------------------------------------------------------------- Skills: Stealth 1, Athl. 3, Lore 8, Mech. 12, Surv. 4 -------------------------------------------------------------- Talents (a=auto, r=recommended, !=important) Weapon Focus Ruffian ® Weapon and Shield Style ® Deep Pockets ® Vicious Fighting Quick Switch ® Abilities Blinding Strike Crippling Strike Deathblows(!) Deep Wounds ® Dirty Fighting Second Wind (a) Sneak Attack (a) Withering Strike Riposte --------------------------------------------------------------- Items (*=additional echantments by me; !=important, r=recommended): Weapon set 1: Flames Of Fair Rhian (*Exceptional, *Corrosive Lash, *Durgan Refined), Badgradr's Barricade Weapon Set 2: Acuan Giamas (!) Weapon Set 3: Whitespire Weapon Set 4: Bittercut/duplicated Flames of Fair Rhian Boots: Animancer's Boots Head: Munacra Arret Armor: Sun-Touched Mail of Hyran Rath/ White Crest Armor Neck: Cloak of Minor Missiles/Amulet of Summer Solstice Belt: Coil of Resourcefulness/Belt of the Royal Deadfire Canoneer Rings: Ring of Searing Flames, Ring of Changing Heart Hands: Rotfinger Gloves Quick slots: Scrolls, e.g.: Binding Web, Paralyze, Missile Barrage, Concussive Missiles, Bounding Missiles, Crackling Bolt, Rolling Flame, Maelstrom
  21. Finished a playthrough of something else recently and wanted to give this a shot. Started an Aumaua with quick switch 12/10/16/16/16/10 might/dex/con/per/int/res. Gonna amass every last spellbinding item I can and greedily hoard them and blast enemies with them. Tossing enough points into lore to cast a few scrolls too. Should be fun! I'm actually questioning right now whether I even should put weapon focus into anything since I'll be carrying like four different weapons and relying mostly on spellbindings. I'd guess I will melee (or ranged attack) sometimes, but should eventually have enough spellbinding items and scrolls to mostly just do that on many encounters. Rogues have high natural accuracy anyways and I have high perception so maybe I don't even need weapon focus? I figure for most encounters I'm casting spells and maybe occasionally flanking around and hitting the backline once I'm done casting. Or I could just cast spells and then switch to a ranged weapon if I ran out or didn't feel the need to cast I guess.
  22. Doing pretty well with this build. Some fights are more challenging because of the slowness. Lagafueth are a bit of a pain because they like to sit at range so I can't easily get them into range to melt them and even with high armor you can take a beating from them quick if you don't get some CC off. I tend to mix it up a bit versus them and throw more insta cast spells like Shadowflame etc. And Durgan's Battery in general was not quite optimal for this guy since all those enemies are immune to poisons and such. But Wizards have other spells that are strong too so in there I just focused more on spells they werent immune to. And some of those like Necrotic Lance and Concelhaut's Touch still worked in there. Now that I recently got Woedwys and will soon have Diving Helmet (got the quest finally, just gotta pick it up at the stronghold) this build should really come together. Taking the game at a slow and steady pace but making progress. Gonna be fighting the White Dragon soon. This guy should be a good tank against that Dragon thanks to his high elemental resists. Still not sure where I'll take this in Poe2, but I have a while to decide still. Lots of game left. It's taking me longer than normal to finish these runs since I've been playing a lot of WoW lately too lol. But I always make sure to get some Poe in when I can.
  23. So I've been playing this and enjoying it so far. One thing that is tricky is getting the hang of party positioning. While my Dwarf is quite resistant to his acid baths, Eder is not, so it's taking some practice positioning him properly :). I've focused a lot of my party members on being more ranged focus. Pallegina for example is using a Blunderbuss and is basically there to defend my backline. Eder I try to position just behind my Dwarf to get some hits on while not getting hit himself. Maybe a reach weapon would have been a better idea for him, but right now I have him dual wielding hammers. One funny thing I've done as well is I gave Aloth a lot of the same type of spells Bilestomper likes to use because why not have Aloth tossing acid spells onto me too? I can take it. It's basically free aoe :). It's an interesting playstyle and I enjoy it a lot for that. It already feels decently strong at level 7 and I have none of the powerful equipment it's going to end up with yet so it should get stronger still.
  24. Well, gonna start with Bilestomper and I'll have to think about which of your class combos to pick when I get to poe2. But should be fun for now :). The marking Paladin will be next up after that but I'll have to give some more thought on how I want to build out that character given that style isn't possible in Poe2.
  25. That's a good point. I suppose the stats are a lot more forgiving in Poe2 if you have that blessing on. I usually do have it enabled on my runs.
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