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  1. Confirming problems with DELTRO'S CAGE Put it on Tekehu, game crashed. I gave it to Rekke but game still crashes. 100% of the time. If You need more data, please let me know!
  2. Same here. I noticed couple old achievements missing and new ones not adding properly. No cheats on this playthrough, finished game originally when it was 1.5ish. Uploaded latest save as well as "gamecomplete" and "noreturn" (if it can help). And screens of missing achievements. EDIT: I double checked and made some enchanting and cooking and a) CHEF worked! Maybe I didn't really meet the prerequisites before? I'm not sure anymore b) It seems along with Chef another achievement got unlocked SOULBINDER, so something works... c) enchanter and trappy still won't work (enchanter originally unlocked like 1.5ish, trappy should unlock when i killed Alpine Dragon so 2.1) d) missing Last 5 Old Nua levels (1.5) and White March story ach.s (2.0) My achievements. I'm uploading my latest save.
  3. Upped finally So let me introduce myself as the Mad Brrrain behind the Obsidian Order!!!
  4. Nothing really meanigfull to add (like "horns too loud at 440Hz freq" ) just gotta say music and Justin's attitude brings real joy to my heart ;]
  5. 402 is very good age for an elf I heard especially if he likes chillaxing. Happy B-day!
  6. It's Wayne Reynolds. I actually like his style remeber him from when he made some black and white works for Rolemaster . And it's a proof he can draw some good armour. Well guess DnD art direction sucks
  7. That's what i call believable. It pretty much ends the subject for me.
  8. Brian Snoddy FTW. IMHO this is the perfect example of good fantasy armour. EDIT: THIS really makes him the best armour artist evah
  9. I just hope there will be some complex critical hit system and enemies won't die from loss of hit points over vast periods of time ;]
  10. slashing swords video facepalm.jpg Can't say if you're ignorant or trolling.
  11. Again it's not about being historically accurate but BELIEVABLE. Ok then prepare to fight Komodo Dragons since they're the only believable species of dragons available. Strawman ;] @"I'm saying we should be open to fantastic or even outlandish designs IF it supports the fantasy setting." Been said in this topic couple of times. Agreed. @In addition to that, none of that realistic armor and arms posted above are obtained through legendary quests or anything. They are simple forged stuff. So was the legendary stuff you obtained through your quest, I mean nobody gave birth to them right? @Say, in later parts of the game, you're going after an optional quest to obtain the shards of an ancient artifact from millenia-dead ghost kings. Would it be more believable if that super-legendary sword looked like this sword fresh out of the town blacksmith? I'm okay with that ;] For example Arcanum and ToEE had really cool "realistic" feel to weapons it but those with very high magical properties look insanely weird. Thta's what I call "believable" - normal, moderately magical items must act in conjuction with physics higly magical ones don't give a f&^k about Newton's Laws.
  12. Oh You. Yes. me;] Most of weapons you posted was used with shield and fighting style didn't require blade binds hence lack of bigger crossguard. see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkhpqAGdZPc But this is MASSIVE off topic ;]
  13. Again it's not about being historically accurate but BELIEVABLE.
  14. non sequitur. Also - so if we cannot be 100% sure sure what would evolution of warfare look like in a fantasy world we should abandon all hope for even bit of sense? About your P.S.: What people meant when they posted this "eclectic mix" was to show that there are many examples (from many different cultures) of real historical (so practical and functional) types of armour that were ornamented looked cool and still clearly made sense for people that actually had to fight for their lives. So yes - you can make cool looking fantasy armour taht still is believable. EDIT: I like what's being said that this thread isn't about making arms and armour historically accurate but BELIEVABLE. Its fantasy of course but it doesen't mean we should just turn our brains off. P.S. I don't really see this kind of elfen weaponry in any setting taht isn't very VERY high-fantasy . Armour is comleteky useless and his sword hasn't got a proper crossguard so he would lose his fingers quicker than he could say Menzoberranzan. It was ridicoulous even for Forgotten Realms (<Greyhawk).
  15. You know an idea just popped into my head looking at that guy's axe and then thinking of the people that complain about oversized weapons. Look at that axe and tell me that that thing would do anything to this: Kinda doubt that a weapon made to fight against regular humans (though armored) will be any help against giant fantasy monsters. So yeah there is even a believable reason for giant weapons to exist in the fantasy genre. It doesen't matter how big your weapon is. Consider yourself in a place of this dragon - if you can fly and in the same time burn everything to the ground with a fiery breath why for GODS SAKE would you melee with some human bastards!? Any game that lets you fight ON GROUND with a dragon must be inherently stupid. Or that dragon is...I remeber Tower of Doom - thay made things in the right way:
  16. COMBAT: I hate "combat by the numbers". You hit for 25 enemy then hits you for 10 ...BOOOOOOOOOORRIIING! Combat should be won by crits not by some hit point loss - pending how well your hit connects with opponents body (and his armor rating) there should be lots of possible crit. hit effects. Your enemies should lose something more tahn virtual HPs - broken hands would render wawrriors useless and injured legs would immobilize tehm so you could escape and finish them from distance - hitting some hostile mage in the head would end his ability to concentrate - loss of eye/sight would end fight for archers (well everybody really;P) - lets not forget bleeding ;] Targeting system would be great so those effects (while not easy to deal) wouldnt be totally random. And that brings me to ranged combat ;] It totally sucked in DnD where it just "damaged" your opponents for d6 (plus occasional x2 when crit LOL) while in critical_hit_based Rolemaster EVERYBODY wanted to have at least one quiet and deadly (=well capable of critically hitting) ranged weapon. SRSLY if you can kill half-troll in plate armour with ONE silent shot from 50mteres THAT'S something! MAGIC: Magic should be not only for combat (as other ppl already said but it's really important) - it should help in whatever you can imagine when travelling doing quests, resting AND making conversations (charms etc)! INVENTORY: Honestly I dont have problem with differents coins/mints in game and all of them weighted considerably ;] Any person that played tabletop RPGs know It's managable (and it makes sense). At least from players viewpoint - don't know how time consuming would be to implement this... I like realism when it comes to arms and armor. You can't RUN fast in plate armor at least not as fast as people in NO armor and definitely not for long. Even walking should tire you over long period of time. And definitely you shouldn't be able to carry 5 other suits of armor and 20 other weapons unless you hire some muscle and supply train (why not?) If game makes you have to carry all that garbage around the world so you can feel safe and make some extra coin it means it suck anyway. You should be able to BUY/MAKE/GET as reward all magic items taht you really need and only very rare ARTIFACTS shoul be worth dragging around.
  17. I like mana system with cooldown for spells. And upgradeable magic. I never liked vancian system. I always felt like your team sucks until you have a mage at lvl X so you can memorize spell Y and use it in encounter. And then you just roll through your opponents because it was super easy.
  18. I started playing RPG as pencil and paper games, gold ALWAYS wieghted considerably and that was NEVER a problem. You just pick up GEMS because they were light (and very expensive) and magic items. I can't even begin to understand why nowadays people want gold to be wightless so they can pick up every little gold coin...(perhaps they are the same ppl taht want every little achievement..) Isnt it somewhat (LOL) more inteligent to NOT hoard 15 milion GOLD BARS in your already magically working inventory? If loot is interesting you wont mind that couple (hundred/tousands/millions) coins were still lying around when you finally left dragon's lair. But then again: why having only gold coins anyway? How many citiznes of neverland have even 1 GOLD coin as their savings? Villagers would only have copper coins and barter with you, some wealthier city merchants would operate with silver and gold coins should be really RARE - king's court and powerfull ppl rare. So even if you can only pick up 10 coins from a pile of 666milions you would still be very rich A'ight? You could have anything in abundance. Well almost anything Magic items are ussually worth hundreds if not thousands Gold coins so its better to have those than gold coins ;] That's what I call realistic ;] [/end rant] But realistically speaking its very time consuming to make such a financial system (f*&k its now a whole economy:p) to work properly and not being a huge pain in the rucksack... I guess dev team will probably have more important things on their hands than fighting silly cRPG conventions
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