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  1. TV is pretty slow right now. All I've got is Manifest and basketball. But season 3 of Killing Eve is coming, as is a new SyFy show called the Vagrant Queen.
  2. As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But being able to switch on the fly is a nice innovation.
  3. Looks like cultural appropriation to me. Time to whip out the +2 SJW battlepen.
  4. CIA Secret Revealed: It Owned An Encryption Company For Decades to Spy on the World
  5. The Ballard area of Seattle has a bit of a scandinavian heritage, and its the location of the National Nordic Museum.
  6. I'd like a whole new story track. In fact, I'd enjoy starting off as a mundane: somebody with a fractured soul doesn't have soul-based powers. Instead the character is an animancer experiment that attempted to restore a soul to wholeness. What they end up with instead is a corporeal undead; a fampyr. The first chapter is your journey back to life as a normal person with a restored soul and the acquisition of soul-based powers. The animancers want to then recover your body to find out how you did it by performing various medical experiments. At first you only want to escape, but then you become resolved to seek out the top of the animancer cult and lop off its head.
  7. So many puns come to mind...
  8. Could be useful in clearing away the milfoil...
  9. Moles may not hibernate but, nothing moves slower than mole asses in January.
  10. 2019 IG Nobel Prize Pretty funny. Not sure I'd want to stick a live kid in that diaper changing apparatus though.
  11. Yes it's possible with a little work. Have a look at nwn2mdk; that tool lets you convert between mdb models and fbx, including armature and animation. You can then manipulate it in Blender.
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