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  1. Russia literally has killed tens of thousands of Syrians. We bombed Iranian forces.
  2. The general implication being that is was not Russia and Syria that bombed the country into the stone age, but instead it was the USA? I believe that's in error.
  3. I think we're just fine. No need to be so maudlin.
  4. He was a far more successful businessman than the former President, yet somehow people have him doing all this evil conspiracy theory stuff. Hmm...
  5. What happens when you don't dust a surface for a few billion years....
  6. I wonder what "popular opinion" they are tracking, because it isn't Hong Kong, Tibet, or the Uyghurs.
  7. There's been at least one case: Israeli who recovered from COVID-19 reinfected with South African strain Are we entering a whack-a-mole contest on viral strains now?
  8. Correction coming in 5, 4, 3, ...
  9. Is it a fraud? Is it wrong? We don't know yet; Trumpies claim it is, but that's pure conjecture on their part rather than fact, and the Trump camp is hardly known for its honesty. The problem is that the Russian interference needed to be investigated for national security reasons, even if the actual likelihood is low. Trump turned it into a political battle by obstructing the investigation, thereby raising suspicions. It remains an open question that still needs to be answered.
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