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  1. In Deadfire, there's a good number of bounties put on targets that are not blatantly outlaws. Factions are especially fond of putting a bounty on members of an opposing group, like the VTC on Rautai ships. You don't have the option to ask for further details, nor can you talk to any of the targets before fighting with them. Companions aren't too helpful either in this regard - in one instance, a bounty giver asks a companion if they're okay with taking down a ship from their own faction, to which their response is something akin to, "if they can be defeated by this group, they deserve what's coming". I don't actually know if any/many of the bounty targets are innocent, so I'm wondering if anyone else does.
  2. After progressing to the point when the animancers in the Sacred Stairs tell you where to find Giacolo, I coincidentally found the spirit of the pirate that Giacolo killed in Delver's Row and skipped investigating his room in the inn. But after finishing the quest, going into his room in the inn still prompts dialogue related to the quest (Pallegina says something like "This doesn't bode well.")
  3. I.e. the one line excuse as to why they didn't put any extra effort into her. It's simply not believable that a char would not have an ounce of skeptism after being thrown out on the streets. Imho she is the worst written companion besides Serafen, who takes the cake for staying silent through the whole Furrante/slaving debacle. I would've agreed when I made this thread, but I think it does make more sense if you picture it as a parent-child sort of relationship. At least that way, her self-sacrificing behavior doesn't seem so bizarre. I can't answer how she came to love the VR so fiercely, but she says as much in the game.
  4. I think I found it! Just had this conversation between Aloth and Pallegina: A: Nothing seems to shake your faith in the Republics, Pallegina. P: Some people believe in gods. I believe in the Republics. They will endure long after I am gone. A: But do you ever wonder what they will become? P: Of course, but my place is to protect the Republics for those who will come in the future. I understand her devotion to the Republics better, but in her situation it sounds like blind faith (which I guess is appropriate for paladins). I do wonder what about her upbringing made her so fond of the VR. She's only mentioned some negative things so far, like how she was treated like a pet in her academy due to her godlike status (and in the same conversation, she says that those changes made her want to die). It's a shame that I can't bring myself to like the Republics... As far as I'm aware, they're essentially the East Indian Company in the 1800s.
  5. Whoops, I was writing my previous post when yours was submitted. (Can't edit it either because it's not approved yet). That's really damn interesting, and leaves me more than a little bit disappointed that she doesn't have a romance with a companion or protagonist. I hope we see more of her somehow, she's really one of my favorite characters now.
  6. Damn, I was under the impression that she saw a greater good outside of the Republics in PoE 1 when she changed the contract. My memory of what it took to convince her is hazy, though. If she changed the contract to benefit the VR, shouldn't she eventually be unbanished when the Dyrwood economy recovers? Did they just forget to unbanish her or does Dyrwood never recover in Pallegina's lifetime if you didn't side with Galawain? Either way, I'm glad to see that I underestimated the depth of her character.
  7. I posted a similar topic on the PoE subreddit and someone posted this: "They did the opposite of what you would think, she only holds reservations about Vallia, if she followed her orders." It sounds like she comes to regrets her decision regardless of her choice. I hope this was intentional, but I'm not sure why it's not made clearer through dialogue (or maybe I've yet to come across it).
  8. I started Deadfire with a history where Pallegina did not broker a trade deal with the Eir Glanfathans and was consequently exiled by her country. But when I recruited her in Queen's Berth, she seems to harbor no resentment at all towards the Valian Republics and is all too happy to work for them again. This is despite her detailing exactly how rough her life had been the past few years since her exile. I've yet to reach Ukaizo, so I'm wondering if there's something I've missed or if she's really so nonplussed by how badly she was treated by her country. I don't know if this is an oversight, or if it was meant to show how unconditionally loyal she is. What do you all think? ThoT
  9. I really, really like the option to level-scale in both directions in Deadfire - so much so that I made an account just so I could ask other people how they feel about it. For me, it seems like a great way to fix the immersion-breaking issue of being nonsensically overpowered or underpowered, while still allowing the player to progressively get stronger (through abilities, equipment, and food). I like level scaling in both directions because: - Level-ups are still meaningful on account of the extra skills and abilities you gain. - It attenuates the difficulty of every encounter so that you'll have fewer pubstomps in either direction. - Difficulty spikes feel less drastic to the player, even though they will still exist. - No more immersion issues where 10 bandits in the beginning area can't even hit a bandit from an endgame zone For those who think that the feature makes fights too easy, I think that's more of an issue with balancing POTD. I mean, you could even add a level scaling option to set enemies to your current level plus x. When they finally do balance the harder difficulties, I encourage everyone to give it a try; I've never tried to beat PoE on POTD/Trial of Iron with a solo party so I don't know how level scaling would affect the highest difficulties.
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