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  1. Ok cool deal, thank you for the steps! Ill bug our system devs and see how they want to address it
  2. Hey smjjjames, Thanks for the post with the image! Ill get it in that the UI is hidden for some reason on latest patch. Best, -Caleb
  3. Hello kmbogd, Thank you for this post! Ill get Kapana Taga logged as having possibly too much accuracy gain. Best, -Caleb
  4. Thanks for the screenshot! Ill get this added to the bug. Best, -Caleb
  5. Hey EvilVik, Thanks for the post! Ill get this added for this SI that Xoti will trigger even if she isnt in party on Palleginas line. Best, -Caleb
  6. If I recall correctly, there is an alarm that can be disarmed with a mechanic check when breaking the wall. Might be, but I for sure set it off anyway xD Ill get this information added to the bug we have for the alarms. Thanks for the post! Best, -Caleb
  7. Hi Gary1986, I do see this issue as logged but pending investigation. Would you be able to send me a save game and output.log so I can add this into the issue? It would help us with investigation. Thanks! -Caleb
  8. Hi smjjames, Thanks for the post! I have multiple instances of this problem happening to users, so this information is greatly appreciated. Best, -Caleb
  9. Hi Tilki, Glad youre giving our game a go! Ill get your feature request over to the devs to look into. I appreciate the link to the mod too! Its good to showcase the communitys work, something we want to exhibit a bit more moving forward If you have any more, do not hesitate to post them. Best, -Caleb
  10. Ill ensure this is looked into if it hasnt been already and increase the priority if it has. Thank you for the information! Best, -Caleb
  11. Hello handsomenat, I love bugs like these. Thanks for bringing it to our attention! Ill have QA get this in if it is not already best, -Caleb
  12. Ok, I'll note that the old saves don't appear to work with the fix. I think this is my fault and was under the impression the fix would be retroactive. Thank you for letting me know! -Caleb
  13. I will check in with the devs for a console command fix on Monday. Would you mind pinging me with a reminder PM then to look into the matter? Have it in my schedule but it is quickly getting huge. Best, -Caleb
  14. I tried to install the game on another computer - used my save of the new game right before getting 7th companion. Still nothing. I didn't have the faintest idea what caused this, so I decided to reinstall the whole game for the 3rd time. Deleted everything everywhere regarding PoE II (so everything in AppData and Saved Games folders plus I got rid of the sync file made by steam and deactivated sync), downloaded the whole 45GB+ package, started another new game and got the achievement. Finally. Based on all this I have to think it might be a problem with Steam synchronization that was bugging my game. The case of installing the game on another computer and it still being broken has to mean either sync problem that the game uploaded to steam server and copied over different platforms, or my savegame files made on first platform were corrupted from the beginning for unknown reasons and synchronization just copied already faulty files. Thank you for noticing either way, wish I could help more. Hey Queeg, I agree, it may be something with the our upload to the steam server, I noticed we have had some odd achievement interactions. I'm glad it got worked out for you in the end, and really the information helps so I appreciate it! Best, -Caleb
  15. Hello All! If you are experiencing issues with the Scalawag Pack please try to verify the integrity of your files by Right-Clicking the PoE 2 game, going to Properties > Local Files > Verify... If the issue still occurs, please feel free to send a post to our Tech Forums here. Thanks! -Caleb
  16. Theres also some people talking about it in the dev update #50 thread: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/102735-update-50-new-patch-and-whats-coming-in-july/ , though you guys may have noticed already. Yep! I think we have a fix already in for it, but Ill post there just to be sure. Thanks for the reminder!
  17. Also, I am getting this in to look at the save attached
  18. Thank you very much Ombreloup. Can you do me a favor and try adjusting your settings as mentioned here?: https://support.obsidian.net/article/35-frame-rate-issues-and-constant-crashing-with-nvidia-gfx-cards If its still crashing please let me know via PM. I get notifications better that way.
  19. If I could get a reminder Monday, Someone please PM me to bug someone to go over this with a fine tooth comb. Id really appreciate it!
  20. Also I have my Switch so I'm pretty much good to go for work forever (Though Obsidian practices great California working laws and will only allow me to work reasonable hours )
  21. Ok, perfect, if you do think theres still an error anywhere with PoE 1 saves, feel free to hit me with a save game. I can reference the global states that tell us what choice are made in game, making it easy for the devs to look into any mismatches and fix. Best, -Caleb
  22. Honestly there's still a bit of a disconnect on the forums Id like to get fixed moving forward (Maybe a post to follow) and it really is very easy work with this community No rush as well! Ill try to get this looked into come Monday either way. best, -Caleb
  23. Thanks for bringing this up! Ill get it in that takedown is missing from Custom AI. best, -Caleb
  24. Heya AndreaColombo, I'll get this in and tested by QA. Im wondering if its just the dummy that does this? It sometimes has odd interactions with items. If you do happen to get it used on a creature in the wild before we get to it, please let me know Great link btw. Best, -Caleb
  25. Hi kalinus, Thanks for the post! Ill get this looked into for fixing on our end, see if its just Polish language. Best, -Caleb
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