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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, Yesterday I noticed for the second time that enemies can become untargetable and keep you in combat, requiring a reload. Clip of this happening: https://clips.twitch.tv/PricklyStylishWebSmoocherZ Loving the game so far; thanks! poe2diag.zip
  2. So, until patchday I had only read about this bug as being rare occasions in other players games. Then, patchday happened... A little back story why this annoys be, alot. I haven't been playing since the game came out as I first got the "summoned-staff-persistent-in-weapon-set-bug" which is game breaking, so I had to start over 6-7 hours of gameplay. The sorrow wasn't huge as I thought I had a chance to do even better with some new characters. New set of characters and the world was set.... Right until my ranger's companion disappeared in level 2 of the endless labyrinth. Gamebreaking, again - that was an additional 7 hours of gameplay, only to find myself locked away inside a dungeon. Best of it, I couldn't start over as the bug spread to other saves. Four days later, today, patch finally arrived! Oh the joy when I logged in and my companion was there, and I was able to go to level 3 of the labyrinth! Right until I ran into the first pack of ogres.... I killed the ogres, only to see them remain standing and hitting everything that moved. Untargetable, without a healthbar, but still able to just wreck my party. Tried restarting the whole level again, only for it to happen again and again. Screw it I though and left the place, going to Anslög's Compass. 2nd group I encountered a Xaurip Priest which did exactly the same, killed, raised again and wrecked everything. Level over again, the same story... Screw it! I went to the cave in Anslög's Compass to find glory. Only to be met by 3 sporelings and a Dank Spore which again was killed, raised and then wrecked everything. 4 times I tried loading up the auto save to kill them, I haven't succeed yet. So, within 45min of the patchday I have to leave the game again and wait for another patch to come rescue me. I restarted levels 5-6 times already just to progress slightly - Im not going through an entire game having to save before each encounter. Here is a screenie of what is happening... Dear Obsidian, HELP PLEASE!
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