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  1. Same problem here - i tried everything - changing PC who wears belt, not letting them be unconscius... Nothing works
  2. Where do I find Deck of Many Things? I got letter from Vatnir. Should I finish Beast of Winter to See this ship?
  3. I've just started Beast of Winter, and these problems aren's still solved: 1. Xoti permanent lantern buff: https://forums.obsid...i-lantern-buff/ 2. Missing Nungata: https://forums.obsid...-missing/page-2 (I know that you can fail Final Manouver quest to get her back, but I don't want to)
  4. The three things that were not adressed: Xoti permanent lantern buff: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/101591-11beta-xoti-lantern-buff/ AI Editor Wizard - no spells problem: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/101543-ai-editor-wizard-problem/ Missing Nungata: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/98944-nungata-is-missing/page-2 (I know that you can fail Final Manouver quest to get her back, but I don't want to)
  5. Here you go! I cannot upload this save, so grab a link... http://catshare.net/HQzZUgMnvmbAqE9i
  6. I cannot attach save file because of error: You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file... I tried to compress file with rar and got the same error messageā€¦ so i used rg http://catshare.net/HQzZUgMnvmbAqE9i
  7. I don't know if it helps in searching for answer but I noticed that are 2 auras which are provided by Xoti lantern: 1. Xoti Lantern - wchich gives wrong and permanent magic resistance (even without Xoti) 2. Light of the Dawnstar - it gives accurate magic resistance and as far as I notice not permanent It's easy to notice if you hover mouse over PC or companion portrait. Each character gets one. Maybe this will help.
  8. I've tried unity console, but I cannot find this ability on the list, although it appears in character sheet. I Itried to add it and then remove but this doesn't works - it simply didn't show. I think that waiting for patch and praying is all I can do.
  9. Xoti Lantern buff was nerfed. It's ok, but it still not works as intended. Without Xoti in team my main character and companions (not all) have permanent Xoti Lantern buff active - with minimal value 5 percent of magic resistance. When she is in the team only she has correct value of magic resistance.
  10. I've problem with AI Editor. I cnnot see any spells for wizard, so for this class is useless. Only options I got is set of weaopns or item. For other classes everything works perfectly well.
  11. After installing beta patch I've noticed that in my AI editor i cannot choose any spells for my wizards. For other classes everything works perfectly well - i see all abilities and so on. When I choose wizard - I see only 4 sets of weapons, items and nothing more... So I cannot make any scripts using spells...
  12. Cannot find sigil of Shield. Can someone give me exact location?
  13. Hello! I've found treasure map in Rosewood. It marks a location in White March, but I cannot find it. Anyone found this treasure?
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